Sådan understøtt er Mærsk sin strategi med sociale medier


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Hør, hvordan Maersk Drilling og andre dele af Maersk koncernen har skabt en digital strategi, der understøtter de
strategiske målsætninger. For eksempel at finde, tiltrække og ansætte 3.000 nye medarbejdere. Få også indblik i,
hvordan virksomhedens strategi lægger grundlaget for at vælge de rigtige kanaler, og hvordan sociale medier er
blevet et vigtigt værktøj til leadgenerering.

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Sådan understøtt er Mærsk sin strategi med sociale medier

  1. 1. Digital Strategy – The Maersk Drilling story Date 2013, presentation CMO presenter Fredrik Tukk, Microsoft name,Event, 10.12.2013
  2. 2. SITUATION • Unstructured website with outdated content – recruitment channel for applicants • 15,000 unique visitors/month spent 2 minutes each • No presence in social media OPPORTUNITIES • Growth strategy – need 3,000 new employees • No competitors have established social media presence • Launched our new website with recruitment as key focus • Developed a Social Media strategy and launched it in mid 2012
  3. 3. “You can’t recruit people via Facebook – it’s unprofessional and for private use only”
  4. 4. Challenges.. • • • • • Senior management resistant Getting HR on-board What to communicate? Where to post? Resources? - Website make-over - Facebook launched - Followed by • Linkedin • Youtube • Twitter • Instagram • Vimeo
  5. 5. “Using Facebook was totally new to us, but it soon turned out to be a wise decision. We managed to reach a broad target group in a fast and very cheap way compared to the usual fairs and ads we normally use for this purpose” Lisa Damon, Recruitment Manager, MD Houston. But seriously, does this really work? From: Mason, Peter Redford Sent: 5. december 2013 01:44 To: Worsaae, Nanna Christine Subject: RE: Your interviews from Houston Nanna, Well the video seems to be working. I’m getting contacted on Linkedin this morning by lots of people wanting to join the Dream Team! A lot of them are hoping to start new careers in starter positions and I’m generally recommending that they get onto the job portal on the internet and put in an application online. One of them has written back to say that he received a reply saying that his details were going to be kept on file, but that apart from that, he’d had no real feedback. From his linkedin profile he seems to be just the sort we might need in the future. His name is Jamie Lawrence and he’s been on active service in the British army with the Royal Engineers. You may like to pass this on to HR. Regards, Peter
  6. 6. Targeted campaign on Facebook • Geography • Gender • Age • Interests • • Recruitment campaign: Houston, US Ads + relevant content Number of applications received during a regular month? 100 • Number of applications after recruitment campaign? 700
  7. 7. Key to success: - Strategic initative – buy in from top management - Start with corporate strategy - All competence in one team – interconnectivity - Clear goals – find,attract,recruit 3000 new employees - Success is measured – engagement of key target groups Next Step - Digital Marketing People-2-People
  8. 8. Title of presentation | page 8 Contact details: fredrik.tukk@maersk.com LinkedIn: Fredriktukk Twitter: @fredriktukk Maersk Drilling www.maerskdrilling.com www.facebook.com/MaerskDrilling www.linkedin.com/company/maerskdrilling www.twitter.com/maerskdrilling www.vimeo.com/maerskdrilling www.youtube.com/user/Maerskcom www.instagram.com/maerskdrilling