Hvordan Kunde 2.0 forandrede marketing, som vi kendte det


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Den nye tids kunde har med sin digitale adfærd og glæde over at være online været årsag til både nye marketingstrategier
og nye måder at eksekvere dem på. For at lave kampagner, der for alvor giver genlyd, har dit marketingteam
brug for at omsætte social indlevelse, online adfærd og digitale fodspor på tværs af kanaler til operationel

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Hvordan Kunde 2.0 forandrede marketing, som vi kendte det

  1. 1. How the customer 2.0 changed marketing
  2. 2. More than 4,5 billion people are empowered to share their opinions, wants, and needs like never before. 44% of consumers complain via social media.
  3. 3. The social customer also expects an unparalleled level of service. 20% expect a response within 1 hour via social media.
  4. 4. Everyone is connected, everywhere, all the time >4.5 billion >400 million people on social tweets per day about product, services, and brands >6.8 billion on mobile 150 average number of times a person checks their phone each day
  5. 5. Every touch point matters Reputation… Search… Shopping… References… Reviews… Ads… Engagement… Likes… Service…
  6. 6. Customers 2.0 know everything products customers competitors service employees brand
  7. 7. Decisions are made before you can even engage Customers are 57% through the sales cycle before they talk to you 70% Of Buying process complete without sales * * http://partnersinexcellenceblog.com/70-of-buying-process-completed-without-sales-invovlement/
  8. 8. Companies must adapt to the new customer journey
  9. 9. A New Paradigm for Delivering Amazing Experiences
  10. 10. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built to help you meet customer 2.0 needs People-first experience designed to bring you closer to your customers Pervasive connections and communications inside and outside the organization Personal experiences delivered across every interaction and engagement
  11. 11. Marketing Spend Allocations Traditional + Digital/Social Excludes display and search ads Traditional Advertising Marketing Spend Allocations Digital/Social View Only Display ads Search ads Digital Marketing Email Marketing Digital Events Direct Marketing Search engine optimization 25% & growing Excludes digital events Company Websites Events Other areas: PR, MI, AR, marketing support and sales tools, collateral Excludes email marketing Source: IDC 2012 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study Social Marketing
  12. 12. Aligning to the customer experience The complexity of marketing Awareness Engagement Customer Excellence Conversion Retention Programs Conversion Point Optimization Lead Management Cross-channel Experience Consistency Content / Nurture Social Listening Campaign Marketing Mgmt Web Content Mgmt E-commerce Platform Revenue Performance Analytics CRM Database Creative Design Ad Networks / PPC Web Analytics Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Marketing Automation Cross- / up-sell Campaigns Mobile Marketing
  13. 13. Complexity can disturb a great customer experiences Ad Networks SEM / PPC CRM Database Revenue Performance Analytics Social Listening Retention Programs eCommerce Platform Email Marketing Community Manager Cross-channel Experience Consistency Conversion Point Optimization Social Marketer Campaign Management Web Analytics Email Marketer Creative Design CMO Social Media Marketing SEO/SEM Agency Business Analyst Marketing Automation Mobile Marketing Cross- / up-sell Campaigns Ad Agency Web Content Mgmt Content / Nurture Marketing Lead Management
  14. 14. Making sense of it all... EFFECTIVE MARKETING MGMT MULTI-CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT DATA DRIVEN, CUSTOMER FOCUSED Collaborative tools that make it easy to: • Share information • Foster creativity • Automate processes Execute and monitor campaigns across all channels, including : • Traditional • Online • Social media Gain powerful insights by having a single source of truth with: • Real-time data • Behavioral analysis across leads, prospects and customers • Campaign budget management
  15. 15. Built for customer experience