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Produktchef Lars Bo Granath præsenterer de nyeste værktøjer i Microsoft BI løsning til at skabe forretningsindsigt med intern og ekstern data.

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Business Insight

  1. 1. Big Data. Small data. All data.
  2. 2. Mark Beyer, Gartner (Information Management in the 21st Century) ”By 2015 will organizations that has built a modern information system financially exceed it’s competitors with 20%"
  3. 3. Anticipatory shipping
  4. 4. Data Complexity: Variety and Velocity Terabytes Gigabytes Megabytes Petabytes
  5. 5. Machine-generated unstructured data: • Sensor data: This includes all kind of devices providing data. • Satellite images: This includes weather data or satellite surveillance imagery. Just think about BING MAPS or Google Earth, and you get the picture. • Scientific data: This includes seismic imagery, atmospheric data, and high energy physics. • Photographs and video: This includes security, surveillance, and traffic video. • Radar or sonar data: This includes vehicular, meteorological, and oceanographic seismic profiles. Human-generated unstructured data: • Text internal to your company: Think of all the text within documents, logs, survey results, and e-mails. Enterprise information represents a large percent of the text information in the world today. • Social media data: This data is generated from the social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr. • Mobile data: This includes data such as text messages and location information. • Website content: This comes from any site delivering unstructured content, like YouTube, Flickr, or Instagram.
  6. 6. Big Data is everywhere Recommenda-tion engines Smart meter monitoring Equipment monitoringAdvertising analysis Life sciences research Fraud detection Healthcare outcomes Weather forecasting for business planningOil & Gas exploration Social network analysis Churn analysis Traffic flow optimization IT infrastructure & Web App optimization Legal discovery and document archiving Intelligence Gathering Location-based tracking & services Pricing Analysis Personalized Insurance
  7. 7. Hvordan kan Microsoft så hjælpe dig med at få bedre indsigt ?
  8. 8. Self-Service BI Self-service BI with the familiarity of Office and the power of the cloud
  9. 9. Empower users with self-service in Excel
  10. 10. Connect and collaborate in Office 365 Q&A
  11. 11. 15 Data sources
  12. 12. 16 Data sourcesNon-Relational Data
  13. 13. • HDInsight er Microsoft implementering af Hadoop™ • HDInsight er en service til at håndterer store mængder ustruktureret data (og ustruktureret ) • Fuldt integreret til vores BI stak (f.eks. PowerQuery) • HDInsight anvendes på 2 måder gennem Microsoft – SQL Server Parallel DataWare House (on prem) – Azure HDInsight service (Cloud)
  14. 14. Parallel Data Warehouse • Shared-nothing parallel database system » Massively parallel processing (MPP) » A “Control” server that accepts user queries, generates a plan, and distributes operations in parallel to compute nodes » Multiple “Compute” servers running SQL Server » A “Management” server for administering the system » A “Data Movement Service” that facilitates parallel SQL operations • Delivered as an appliance » Balanced and pre-configured software and industry standard hardware from Dell and HP » Single Call Support » Fastest Time to Market » Scales from 2 to 56 Nodes
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Where should you start?
  17. 17. 8 April CrownPlaza, København sight2014
  18. 18. Resume • Demo senarier • 40 års aktiehandler (hurtig indsigt i industrier) • Chicago Narcotics (data visualisering) + Trick or Treat (Hvor skal vores børn hen og hente slik) • Power BI (Deling af rapporter, samt ASK) • Værktøjer • Excel ( PowerQuery, PowerMAP) • Power BI App – Windows 8 • Power BI med ASK i Office 365 • PDW eller Azure for HDInsight • Hvilke scenarier giver værdi for jer ? • Visualiser jeres data og gem nye data. • Bliver I ”Master of data” ? (BigData )
  19. 19. .