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Students to Business Day 2012: Joe Wilson
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Students to Business Day 2012: Joe Wilson


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • Welcome to TechDays!
    First of all: a big thank you for joining TD 2012!
    Thank you to your management, and yourself for making the time investment and the budget investment to join us.
  • TechDays 2012 is about you: the developer
    (or the it pro, or enterpreneur, or Dynamics)
    So in 2012, what does my developer life look like / how am I impacted.
    We know 2012 is going to be an important year with lots of new stuff coming upon us.
    For Microsoft: this translates into 3 big areas.
  • Windows 8 Apps and Visual Studio 11
    Metro applications, .NET 4.5, concepts like async and parallel –
    At TechDays this year: you’ll see this is a big focus.
    And we also make sure all local events and go to information is ready for you once techDays is finished: one single URL.
  • Also in the expo corner, we have a fantastic group of community experts and community leads.
    They are part of the MEET group. > Connect to them because they are also the experts at TechDays + join the communities and user groups.
    This year the MEET corner is your way to a great latte.
  • But it’s also a special edition this year: the double edition falls on Valentines day: we have not forgotten your partner at home.
    Check out the partners at the expo and join the Tour d’Amour to win some romantic gifts to make up for the late arrival at home tonight.
    Have a non-WP7 device? Make sure you participate / Smoked by windows phone >
  • Thor Bjørklund
  • Thor Bjørklund
  • <before Microsoft>
    <after microsoft>
    roles – WW Academic (??)
    WE DPE Lead
  • Simple talk about metro as design language.
    no specific focus on windows8
    just the picture
    <windows 8> go to
  • Transcript

    • 1. Coffee Corner Are you facing a complex problem, but don’t have the required knowledge to solve it? The Microsoft Extended Experts Team will help you solve your problem
    • 2. Joe Wilson
    • 3. Me Power of Students MS Pitch IT Today
    • 4. about me fixit! Princeton Masters Int’l Inc. Tactical Marketing Ventures 5xPyramid Logistics Inc.
    • 5. Apps vs. Applications
    • 6. s
    • 7. Azure/ServerDynamics