Reimagining Human Resources


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The challenges facing human resources (HR) executives have changed significantly over the past 10 years. Today, HR is an important part of overall corporate performance. This is driven by several factors, including the growing needs to: attract and retain talent; implement strategic succession planning; access and analyze workforce data; and manage a culture that enables multi-generational workforce expectations. Microsoft has a technology platform that HR decision makers can use to address these challenges and deliver business impact.

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Reimagining Human Resources

  1. 1. Gaining a people advantage Companies voted “best companies” perform 2x better more than than the general marketplace. Your people are your most competitive asset It all adds up to cumulative 3x better success than the market average. Companies typically have 1/2 the voluntary turnover of their competitors.
  2. 2. Driving the business of the business How we think about HR These must be engaged… Great hires Great company Loyal customers Great job Great leaders Sustainable growth Great employees Great managers Real profit increase …to reliably influence these
  3. 3. At Microsoft, we know that great people drive our business success So we strive to create an environment where employees feel empowered and inspired Culture Talent Defined and vibrant culture identified by high level of engagement by employees, flexibility, and an inclusive work environment Global and diverse workforce that supports the expanding needs of our businesses Leadership Management Leaders who define and drive the next generation of opportunity for the company Managers who deliver on our people and business agenda Fortune’s 100 Best Companies 2013 Best Workplace in Europe 2012 World's Best Multinational Workplaces 2012 Best Large Company in Ireland 2012 India’s Most Attractive Employer 2013 Great Place to Work Austria 2012 Top 50 Employers for 2012 Equal Opportunity Magazine Top 3 Best Corporate Citizens for 2012 Corporate Responsibility Magazine 4
  4. 4. Building the modern HR … HR plays a more strategic role in business performance. Competition for talent drives a more analytical approach. Globalization requires a more innovative approach to HR. Multigenerational workforce demands more flexible workstyles. Employee collaboration becomes even more critical to corporate effectiveness. ... requires embracing today‘s transformational trends
  5. 5. Transformational trends “HR should respect its heritage, but shape a future.” Today’s trends have changed the way in which everyone, including HR professionals, think and do their work Source: The RBL Group, 2012 HR Competency Model Mobility Social Data Cloud, Apps, Devices
  6. 6. Modern HR Build a modern corporate culture Unlock HR potential for business impact • Increase productivity with self-service portal • Give employees skills they need to compete • Modernize your communications to improve reach • Tie talent strategies to corporate strategies • Translate workforce data into insight business leaders can act on • Optimize your human capital investments Embrace innovation • Make workplace innovation “business as usual” “HR should sit at the table … helping the business leaders do things that will help their companies be successful.” David Ulrich, Forbes 7
  7. 7. Build a modern corporate culture • Increase productivity with self-service portal • Give employees the new skills they need to compete • Modernize your communications to improve reach
  8. 8. Increase productivity with a self-service portal Create smooth and efficient human resources processes that give employees easy to use tools Your industry requires safety and skill-based certifications for a large percentage of your field employees. Traditionally, a lot of time was spent tracking and maintaining the certification status of individual employees. By using a SharePoint self-service HR portal, employees and managers can view certification, license, and training requirements and renewals assigned to them. Employees increasingly expect more integrated digital interactions with HR. Society for Human Resource Management, “Future Insights”
  9. 9. Retailer uses SharePoint internal portal to engage diverse workforce Objectives Tactics Results • Engage a diverse workforce and business units more efficiently and for less cost. • Improve key performance indicators. • Comply with new legislation around benefits. Deploy SharePoint collaboration platform to improve processes and communications among 8,000 staff in the United Kingdom. Harrods expects to save around £75,000 a year because fewer document and information updates need distribution using print media. “The system offers robust security for regulatory compliance, enhances communication, and is saving £75,000 (US $120,000) a year in print costs.” – Harrods case study
  10. 10. Give employees the skills they need to compete Build an inclusive, service-oriented human resources organization that provides learning to a diverse, multi-generational workforce Globalization has increased the percentage of your employees that are dispersed across multiple geographies, time zones, and languages. Traditional classroom and online training has become increasingly less effective and harder to administer. A unified SharePoint learning management portal can enable flexible distance learning with personalized study plans, learning through search, and on-demand learning. Only 18% of workforce training programs raise skills from “deficient” to “adequate.” Future Work Skills 2020
  11. 11. Modernize your communications to improve reach Extend workforce productivity to everyone in your organization Your HR department supports a community of employees based in the field. Traditionally, this has meant sending paperbased benefits and healthcare packages via printed mail. With the rising costs of printing and shipping, you want to deliver this information via the existing company portal. The Office 365 collaboration and messaging tools can extend your HR portal’s reach to workers who don’t regularly have access to a company computer. The Hay Group found that offices with more engaged employees were up to 43% more productive.
  12. 12. Global retailer empowers employees across entire organization with Office 365 store portal Objective Tactics Results Empower employees across this multinational organization—from head office to stores—to connect and work together. Deploy Office 365 as a portal for collaboration and social engagement. • • • Improved information flow to support decision-making. Increased employee engagement. Improved working practices to create value for shoppers. “[Office 365] will allow our colleagues to engage with each other and deliver an optimal shopping experience on any channel, as well as encouraging colleagues to share, re-use, and reward ideas and expertise.” –Mike McNamara, CIO, Tesco
  13. 13. Unlock HR potential for a deeper contribution to the business • Tie talent strategies to corporate strategies • Translate workforce data into insight business leaders can act on • Optimize your human capital investments
  14. 14. Tie talent strategies to corporate strategies Attract and hire the right people for the right jobs, with diversity and inclusion Due to a competitive threat, your organization has decided to expand into a new market and you need to recruit for a multitude of new positions with specialized skills. The HR team uses an automated Microsoft Dynamics CRM lead and prospect management system to source candidates and identify specialized talent inside or outside the organization. Hiring managers can use these tools for their integrated interview scheduling and candidate portal to quickly capture, summarize, and exchange feedback and accelerate the hiring decision. In 2012, 69% of employers reported being adversely affected by a bad hire. Source: CareerBuilder, 2012
  15. 15. Architecture firm expands collaboration capabilities to support global workforce Objectives Tactics Results • Retain and motivate talented young workers. • Provide an attractive workspace and workstyle. • Work and collaborate remotely. Deploy SharePoint 2013 to take advantage of cloud, mobility, and social features. “Being able to have social conversations in a specific context, within a site, within a community, is key for boosting productivity.” Felicity McNish Global Knowledge Manager “You will work in collaborative, diverse teams that are not afraid to take risks. We share ideas, develop and inspire each other and together drive the direction and approach to our work.” – Woods Bagot Career Guide
  16. 16. Translate workforce data into insight Use data to drive strategic planning and go beyond “what happened” to predicting “what will be” Your self-service Excel analysis shows that over the last several years, your company has experienced a significant increase in undesirable turnover. You evaluate the factors associated with this turnover and generate a report that shows how salary, educational level, skills, or length of service contribute to the turnover. Using this information, you can accurately anticipate changes and adopt plans to prevent them from leaving, and/or proactively mitigate the impact of those departures. HR is clamoring for help with actionable HR metrics, both operational and strategic. IDC Marketscape: WW HR BOP 2012 Analysis
  17. 17. Talent service hosts web application globally on highly scalable Windows Azure platform Objectives Tactics Results • Help customers identify most common success attributes. • Access data on 30 million individual career profiles. • Deploy service quickly around the world. Build a unique search engine that is hosted on highly scalable but cost-effective Windows Azure server infrastructure. With no hardware costs, minimal support, and easy scalability, PageUp People rapidly launched its service in Australia and abroad. “We simply didn’t have the resources to create and support new IT infrastructure at our many client locations around the world,” he says. “We needed an easy-to-scale, low-maintenance solution in Australia that we could replicate abroad.” – Robert Hill, Vice President, Solutions Engineering
  18. 18. Optimize your human capital investments Find the right employees in the right markets around the world with specialized skills needed for your business After analyzing attrition and demographics using Microsoft Dynamics tools, you discover that a significant percentage of workers with specialized skills would retire in the next few years. With this knowledge, you quickly identify "skill gaps" between the current and future workforce and initiate proper workforce planning. The insight from this skills forecast can help you proactively shift the human capital strategies, preventing future operational risk. 43% of respondents said human capital will be the biggest investment over the next 10 years. IDC, WW Human Capital Management Applications, 2012-16 Forecast
  19. 19. Embrace human resources innovation Make innovation “business as usual”
  20. 20. Make innovation “business as usual” Meet today’s high expectations for seamless mobile, social, self-service experiences A recent acquisition has more than doubled your employee count. The human resources department is faced with the daunting task of quickly merging the two cultures. Your IT department delivers a Yammer social collaboration platform that transcends organizational and geographical silos―and embraces mobile workers. Within weeks, instead of months, employees can not only find one another, but also start asking questions and sharing ideas, improving coordination and alignment. As the economy continues to improve, companies will push harder for more innovation. Susan R. Meisinger, Innovation by HR, Human Resources Executive Online
  21. 21. Global conglomerate becomes unified enterprise through social intranet Objectives Tactics Results • Transform from a conglomerate to a united global enterprise. • Inform employees about the new structure and brand. • Engage employees in the process. Use Yammer to create a central place for employees to learn, connect, and collaborate, saving time and money. “Yammer is changing the way Tyco works, and keeping us ahead of the game.” Clare Singleton, Director of Internal Communications “To stay a leader in our industry, we give our employees the tools they need to be as productive as possible. Yammer lets them connect and innovate with each other.” – Ira Gottlieb, Vice President of Global Communications
  22. 22. Reimagining the world of work Microsoft’s story
  23. 23. Reimagining with Microsoft Consumers + Business Culture of reliability, security and privacy Enabling you with seamless, differentiated business solutions Personal focus | Consistent experience | Global excellence
  24. 24. Next steps Build a self-service employee portal with SharePoint. Consider building apps to extend your self-service strategy and meet multigenerational expectations. Develop an enterprise social collaboration strategy that will capitalize on products you already own. Learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Capital Management solution. Harness the power of data insight—build a self-service analytics solution.