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Micro Focus and CSC - Gartner
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Micro Focus and CSC - Gartner


Learn about the 4 Key Steps to Application Modernization with Kevin Brearley Product Management Director, joined with our customer Troy Sheeley Senior Project Manager at CSC. This presentation took …

Learn about the 4 Key Steps to Application Modernization with Kevin Brearley Product Management Director, joined with our customer Troy Sheeley Senior Project Manager at CSC. This presentation took place at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando on 23rd October 2012.”

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Micro Focus Mainframe SolutionGartner Symposium ITxpo 2012 October 2012
  • 2. > Mainframe ValueRobustScalableHigh-performancePlatform choiceImproved TCO
  • 3. Mainframe IT Challenges Vary by Role Head of Service Strategy Chief Technical IT Ops Mgr Ops Mgr CTO QA Manager CIODevelopment Delivery Mgr Manager Architect Analyst
  • 4. We are running short “Talent management processing of batch Our mainframe environment can’t rd party suppliers won’t time is the #1 priority for and soon enough the new testing we need to do. supportMy 3 We are stifled on 3270 and We know what be ableAll run composite applications need corporate leaders, up we needto our to we won’t to try can’t meet demand because itchange their pricing so we My Java guys cut it is difficult their to decide from third butend-of-month in time – front ends to test against do,need to find a more cost- Our production system on the list takes too long to get application Which is the quickest takes priority and year” - PWC don’t have budget last we where to start. Everything code well enough but the back-end – but our mainframe My developerseffective way of running the changes delivered. way to build new for the upgrade plus access orknow nothing is costly they environmentbusiness frequently impacts ourrelates to everything else and test don’t have the knowledge. about our business experts We have no test cases to services – what run schedules. We never everything else our testing isprocesses now. there’s no easy way of managing All because I need manual rightrun the applicationsWe need to stop spendinghit test milestones. system atlas. our just to We needand use copies of speak of first to identifynearly Myour Op Ex on just all teams just aren’t should we use? environment. the applications that production data – but there’s no productivekeeping the lights onenough to meet All studies we do are immediately are costing us the most it automation or process behind out of date. We need to find ways to the backlog of business and it I have a complex set of money takes forever to set up. meet our Service We are stifledaon applications – across variety of mainframe 3270 and requirements Exhibiting common themes commitments which are indicators – these are the can’t meet demand because nothing else would We need to find ways to meet harder than ever ones we need to assess first! it takes too long to deliver I can’t track changes I want to know how provide the same Testing is hugely applicationsI only have a couple of our Service commitments Which any application function business changes expensive hardermaking us the applications that 20% more made back to our which arein human are than ever I have needs this we can overtake service delivery original change request our competition with We won’t collaborate most money – do RAS but I’m paying a lot– there is simply no costs but also because it for superior IT properly unless we can all we of it projects to complete consumes over 50%have the skills toeach year. We need to fix joined up process functionality this year than last use Eclipse mainframe resources them forward? take this. Head of Service Strategy Chief Technical IT Ops Mgr Ops Mgr CTO QA Manager CIO Development Delivery Mgr Manager Architect Analyst
  • 5. > Common themesWhich of our applications We must solve our Our mainframe testing We are running shortshould we take forward? skills shortage is hugely expensive of processing timeWe need factual insight We are stifled using We never hit our test We need to budget forto shape our IT strategy 3270 software and QA milestones the mainframe upgradeWhat is the impact of My teams aren’t We need 20% more We need to replicatethis system change? collaborating enough capacity for testing core systems quickly Knowledge Development Quality Deployment Head of Service Strategy Chief Technical IT Ops Mgr Ops Mgr CTO QA Manager CIODevelopment Delivery Mgr Manager Architect Analyst
  • 6. > Your Modernization Journey Unified Mainframe Test Environment, Portfolio Knowledge Application Test Data Application Service and Management Development Management Deployment Knowledge Development Quality Deployment Enterprise Test Enterprise Analyzer Enterprise Developer Enterprise Server Server Micro Focus Enterprise product set
  • 7. Micro Focus Enterprise product set Client Objectives Key Requirements Micro Focus Solutions Prioritization and cost containment of Understand the application landscape. Application Service Delivery Modernization projects Simplify complexity Enterprise Analyzer Modernization Reduce cost of maintenance Cut through traditional development improving development group Enterprise Developer processes and log jams efficiency and quality Aligned and Effective Improved Service Delivery Cycles Enterprise Test Server Application Service Delivery Exploit contemporary technology for accelerated and Rapid, Cost-Effective Enterprise Enterprise Server agile workload delivery Application Deployment
  • 8. > Modernization: sound practice Package 10x costCOST Rewrite 4x cost Modernize 1x cost Lowest cost Package Medium riskRISK Rewrite High risk Modernize Low risk Lowest risk Package 2-3 yearsTIME TOVALUE Rewrite 3-5 years Modernize 4 months Shortest time PackageCOMPETITIVE 0/10 competitive advantageADVANTAGE Rewrite 6/10 competitive advantage(0 – 10) Modernize 10/10 competitive Greatest advantage advantage
  • 9. Thank you
  • 10. zLinux: Move to a New Frontier John Hancock Case Study Troy Sheeley, Sr. Project Manager October 2012CSC Proprietary and Confidential
  • 11. Market Context VansonBourne – Research• Almost nine in ten plan to upgrade at least one of their key applications as a result of a recent portfolio review 13% • 43% - HR application • 42% - BPM application • 42% - PPM application Planning to modernise at • 41% - CRM application least one key • 39% - finance/account application application • 34% - ERP application• Reasons why modernisation is likely to take 87% Not planning to place are: modernise any • Reducing licensing costs (48%) key applications • Increasing reliability/speed (44%) • Future growth (44%) Summary of those intending to modernize at least one of their key applications which run on the mainframeCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 11
  • 12. John Hancock • 150 years old and major player in Financial Services Market • Millions of clients across 22 countries and worldwide territories • Ranked 14th largest public life insurer in the world – 6th largest in North America! • QTR end June 30 2012, US Operations reported shareholder earnings at $174M and $8.6B total premiums and deposits • Funds under management $284.4BCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 12
  • 13. Project Definition – Objectives “John Hancock seeks to move their current zOS production mainframe environment for VANTAGE-ONE to a lower-cost operating environment. The new environment should provide similar or better performance characteristics and security features. The new operating environment should be able to meet current Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service Level Agreements.” Project Definition, April 2011 Other Project Goals: • No interruption to business operations or processes • Must produce equal values in zLinux under ASCII • Maintain compatibility with existing JH systems • Batch cycle performance equal to or better than zOS • Allow for a potential future upgrade to wmA, csA, and/or Performance Plus “The primary business driver is to achieve significantly lower processing costs. Project ROI should be no more than 12-18 months.” “Effective October 12, 2012 this becomes a “closed block of business”.CSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 13
  • 14. Requirements – The Customer’s View • Respond to current market conditions [in the annuity market] by moving to a cost effective technological platform offering • zLinux architecture will provide efficiencies during periods of intense processing (month / quarter end). zLinux under Integrated Facilities for Linux (IFL) is most efficient when fully loaded • Additional Test Regions can be spun off easily as needed and can support more contracts at no additional cost • Positions John Hancock for future strategic enterprise technology upgrades • Target of 40% cost reduction per year in policy processing costs • 18 month project (March 2011 – August 2012) • Actual ROI = 12 monthsCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 14
  • 15. The Solution - Overview • Exploit Micro Focus Enterprise Product Set to address IT strategy and application modernization needs for CSC’s client base • Speed/Time-to-Productivity - faster application service delivery • Solution Capabilities - Holistic comprehension of applications, business processes and IP - Development process - expedite application updates and development - Testing cycles - quality assured applications minimize risk to the business - Production - optimize applications, on and off the mainframeCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 15
  • 16. Approach - Why Linux on z/OS?• Keeping it simple – do more with less: Linux on System z adds the IBM System z core strengths that distinguish the System z from the other platforms to the Linux applications. These IT strengths manifest as business advantages, helping your organization to: – Reduce cost through operational and energy efficiency – Improve service with simplified service management and business integration – Manage risk with resiliency and security features• Leverage investment in existing mainframe processor Other alternatives prove to be more complex and costly (i.e.. p Series) zLinux running on z/VM is the most cost effective and secure platform available to move your mainframe applications to a distributed platform. This is especially true if you own your mainframe. Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 16
  • 17. CSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 17
  • 18. Project Results • Operating Cost Reduction – Actual reduction is approximately 42% after ROI – Met budget for hardware and software costs • Project Timeline & Cost – Project completed from inception to production in 18 months – (Target implementation was originally set at 17 month mark) – Project came in on budget, balanced onshore/offshore resource spend, and maintained cost containment on vendor hardware/softwareCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 18
  • 19. Project Results cont’d • User Satisfaction – Client is pleased with ease of implementation after initial delay of 1 month – Client has had no major outages and very few defects opened since go- live date • Performance – Performance metrics for batch cycle and CICS are on par or better than zOS – No major “gotcha” on system design or performance since launch – Meeting all major Service Level Agreements – Several efficiencies were identified toward the end of the project and have already been implemented post launch – CSC best practices will monitor performance for additional efficienciesCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 19
  • 20. Time to Implement NOTE: Depending on the project scope, the time to implement can be greatly reduced in future implementations.CSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 20
  • 21. Return on Investment Project Go Live – 8/13/2012 ROI Realized – 2013Q4CSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 21
  • 22. Lessons Learned • Project Phases – Use of CSC Global Project Management Framework (GPMF) and Delivery Assurance/PMO processes helped keep the project on schedule and budget – More time needed in the project planning and initiation phases will ensure well documented requirements (LTM/PTM) for cross functional use – Resource needs in key areas (DBA, SuSE Linux, etc.) are key to the success of the project. Subject Matter Experts and Architect oversight is required – Project was successfully broken down into key sub projects – Managed scope creep through change control procedure documented in Project DefinitionCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 22
  • 23. Lessons Learned • Technology – Micro Focus partnership played key role in the project’s success – The number of required IFL’s was understated initially (5 were planned, but only 2 were purchased for FY12). 4 was optimum and will be planned for comparable installations going forward. Note: # of IFLs vary by processor size – Key technology and hardware/software decisions made throughout the project will allow for more efficient use of time in subsequent installations/projects – Several key decisions such as use of existing DASD allowed for reuse of existing processes such as Disaster Recovery. Use of distributed version of existing job scheduling tool eliminated hours of work planned for the build of the schedule. Security solution still leverages mainframe process software. – There were many different ways to solve for technological needs (i.e.. SuSE vs. Red Hat), however a template now exists that can be used for future work, therefore eliminating time spent on software evaluation and proof of concept – Learning is ongoing. For example, benefits of moving to EXT4 file system was realized when working with a copy of the database used for month end processing. This shaved three hours off our run time at month end!CSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 23
  • 24. Lessons Learned • Testing – Testing approach allowed for significant time in CSC and client testing – Flexibility of the zLinux solution allowed for CSC to quickly create testing environments when needed (i.e.. Certification, Model Office, etc.) – A lot of time was spent in CSC performance testing, but time was built into the schedule to allow for it – Parallel testing activities allowed for CSC performance testing and more than 40 client Model Office test cycles – Project went live in production with no outstanding defects – Recommend testing process and sufficient environments/servers to do system level testing for enhancements and efficienciesCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 24
  • 25. Summary – A New Frontier• A CSC zLinux/Micro Focus Offering: – Will solve for customers’ long term technology needs on a distributed platform – Will greatly reduce operating costs at a time when profits are at all time lows for investment products – Will create greater flexibility for development and testing – Can be tailored to any CSC product offering• CSC can get you there by leveraging: – CSC resources across the globe – CSC program and project management capabilities – CSC project oversight – CSC partnerships and global alliances with key suppliers and vendors – Proven tools, applications, and processes – Experienced delivery team with technical, business, and Micro Focus expertise• A CSC zLinux and Micro Focus Solution: – Can be expanded to most Cobol application currently on an IBM mainframe – Can be part of an in-house or hosted solutionCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 25
  • 26. Thank YouCSC Proprietary and Confidential December 4, 2012 26
  • 27. QUESTIONS?
  • 28. Thank you