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Developer Conference 2.1 - (Cloud) First Steps to the Cloud
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Developer Conference 2.1 - (Cloud) First Steps to the Cloud


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  • 1. First Steps to the CloudSteve Steuart | .IDEAJim Lane | Micro Focus
  • 2.  AppDevelopment Geo Spatial WebDevelopment PortalDevelopment EnterpriseArchitecture SystemsIntegration PortfolioAssessment PortfolioManagement PortfolioModernization PortfolioTransformation ProcessModernization ApplicationTesting DeviceTesting TestAutomation QualityAssurance Web Security PCICompliance ApplicationSecurity DecisionSupport BusinessDashboards Data Migration DataTransformation BrandExperience ProductLaunch &Promotion Content &SearchStrategy Visual, Video& MotionDesign Social &MobileApplicationDevelopment &IntegrationApplicationManagement &ModernizationQualityManagement& SecurityBI & DataManagementDigital Strategy,Marketing &Designsolutions.idea.idea provides consulting services that drives business valueService Desk &Help DeskInfrastructure ServiceDeskOperations CustomerSupport ServiceDeskAssessment Multi-lingualcapabilities Desktop,Network , &ServerSupport RemoteMonitoring &Maintenance Network &SystemAdmin SpecializedServicessolutions.delivered2
  • 3. Seasoned Veterans ~200 years Micro Focus collective experience ~25-30 years average industry experience ~10-15 years average Idea tenure ~30 ex-MF staff or client resources Multi-platform expertise− IBM z/OS, VSE, z/Linux− Unisys− UNIX/Linux− Windows− .NET− JavaStrategic Partners & Clients Software vendor utilizing MF MF sales, training and product experience MF Resellers On call staff augmentation for MF projectsMicro Focus Solutions Enterprise Team Developer / Server Enterprise Analyzer Visual COBOL Studio / Server Enterprise Edition Server Express Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition− MFE− APS− SOA Express− MFA Revolve Enterprise Edition− Enterprise Analysis− REQL scripting Enterprise Link / OnWeb Data Express Enterprise View Modernization WorkbenchMicro Focus Global SIpartner.up3
  • 4. Leverage Available Tools, Platform Vendors and Service Providers…Finally, a growing ecosystem of service providers has developed practices forlegacy modernization. These include …, Idea Integration, …. These vendors havespecialized experience in a wide variety of technologies associated with legacymainframe systems. Take advantage of that experience.key.differentiatorsIndustry Recognition:Idea is recognized by industry pundits and referred often.4
  • 5. contacts.ideaSteve SteuartVice President10201 Centurion Pkwy NorthSuite 400, 4th FloorJacksonville, FL 32256T: 904-360-2433C: 904-704-3465Steve.Steuart@idea.comTo expedite the Modernization team, email ROI@idea.com5
  • 7. IT modernization is not an option!By 2015, 70% of application modernization projectswill entail fundamental and complete shifts in technologiesand infrastructure.Reasons why:• Cost pressures, generational changes in IT staff and increaseddemand for IT responsiveness to the business• Failure will push many commercial organizations or governmentagencies to more reactive, dramatic and expensive decisionswhen the existing applications no longer can be maintained• Customers and constituents will demand more personalized and convenientaccess to services7IT modernization is not an option… it’s mandatory!
  • 8. Technology everywhere turns business inside out8Access tothe Web &NetworksPersonalBusinessGovernment2015 C2B2009 B2C2015 C2G2009 G2C@ home@ work@ transit@ recreation
  • 9. Change in workforce demographics9Baby Boomersnear retirementBy 2050, more thanone-fifth of the worldpopulation will bemore than 60 yearsold, for the firsttime outnumberingpeople less than15 years old.Source: Population Division,United NationsDigital nativesenter workforce48% of teens visitsocial networkingsites at least daily,and 55% havecreated a personalprofile online.Source: Pew Internet& American Life
  • 10. Cloud Computing10Cloud Computing isthe platform of tomorrowright?Will solve all ourproblems?Is it right for us?Yes and No.
  • 11. What is Cloud Computing?11
  • 12. Cloud Computing Taxonomy The WindowsAzure platformfits hereTraditionalITStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeYoumanageIaaSStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeManagedbyvendorYoumanageYoumanagePaaSManagedbyvendorStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeDataSaaSManagedbyvendorStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeDataAzureVM Role
  • 13. Deploying Legacy Applications To TheCloud13
  • 14. The Windows Azureplatform fits hereTraditional ITStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeYoumanageIaaSStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeManagedbyvendorYoumanageYoumanagePaaSManagedbyvendorStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeDataSaaSManagedbyvendorStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeDataCloud Computing TaxonomyAzureVM Role
  • 15. • Deploy COBOL applications As-Is• Leverage existing virtualization assets• Relieve in-house infrastructure and processing• Exploit cloud high-availability• Minimize rehost risk and investment15Azure VM Role Benefits
  • 16. • Self-contained Virtual Machine running within Azure• OS and application infrastructure pre-loaded• Hardware (e.g. NIC, CPU, memory) is virtualized• Multiple instances of same VM can run simultaneously• Attach external data storage as local disks16Azure VM Role
  • 17. • A Disk is synonymous with a VHD– Base OS– Complete VM– External storage• An Image is captured from a configured VM– Analogous to a snapshot– Allows you create multiple VM’s from the same disk17About Disks and Images
  • 18. 18WebRoleIISAgentLoadBalancerVirtual MachinesAgentVirtual MachinesQueueServiceWorkerRoleWindows Azure Fabric Fabric ControllerHTTP(S) Your ApplicationAzure PaaS Design Pattern
  • 19. 19COBOLAppMFRuntimeAzureAgentSCOMVirtual Machine(s)Windows Azure Fabric Fabric ControllerYour ApplicationAzure IaaS Design PatternExternallyAttachedDiskRDTelnetAzureCloudBasedStorageInternalDiskHTTPSQLAzure
  • 20. • Create base OS virtual hard-disk (VHD)• Add desired operating system customizations• Add Windows Azure Integration Components• Layer on application infrastructure• Create desired additional external disks• Configure VM for desired external disks20VM Role Deployment Tasks
  • 21. • A Disk is synonymous with a VHD– Base OS– Complete VM– External storage• An Image is captured from a configured VM– Analogous to a snapshot– Allows you create multiple VM’s from the same disk21About Disks and Images
  • 22. Demonstration
  • 23. @microfocus or hashtag #devcon2013Follow us on LinkedIn or join the groupConnect with your peers on the Community