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Microsoft a palette for learning
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Microsoft a palette for learning


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An overwiew of the Microsoft solutions for education

An overwiew of the Microsoft solutions for education

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  • Windows® MultiPoint™ technologiesMicrosoft® MultiPoint™ Mouseallows up to 50 mice to be connected to a single computer and the applications can handle mouse clicks from different users. Each cursor has a different colour or shape, making it easy for students to recognize and control their own mouse.This technology enables you to give each student an opportunity to actively participate in class computing and develop skills while learning in innovative and enjoyable ways. There are already many excellent Microsoft® MultiPoint™ applications available for schools,Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010 enables you to connect multiple monitors, mice and keyboards to a single PC to create independent student stations.Students using the stations enjoy a personalised computing experience through the familiar, intuitive Windows® 7 interface. They can work independently using educational software, browsers, the Microsoft® Office suite and applications – just like a lab of computers.Microsoft® MultiPoint™ Mouse Software Development Kit enables developers to create software, such as Mouse Mischief, that students can use with multiple miceWindows Virtual Desktop InfrastructureRemote Desktop Connection allows you and your students to sit at your computer and connect to a remote (terminal) computer in a different location. For example, you can connect to your school computer from your home computer and have access to all of your programs, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at school. You can leave programs running at school, then when you get home you can see your school computer's desktop displayed on your home computer, with the same programs running. Only the user interface of an application is presented on your or your students’ computers. Any input to it is redirected over the network to the terminal computer where all application execution takes place. The terminal computer automates regular desktop management activities like installing software, patches and software packs to school computers, standardises the desktops by applying uniform configurations such as wallpapers, shortcuts, printer, etc., secures the school computers by restricting USB, applying security policies, etc., and enables auditing the network systems with complete hardware/software inventories license compliance details, detecting prohibited usage in network systems, etc. In essence, it helps administrators to automate, standardise, secure, and audit their windows network.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A palettefor learning
      Discover CreateCollaborate
    • 2. Every student is different.So is every school.
    • 3. Bringing learning to life.
    • 4. Microsoft’s palette for learning
      Microsoft®Cloud Services
      At school – or in the cloud
      Students can collaborate on the move. You can improve learning with infrastructure hosted by you, Microsoft or a mix
      Microsoft®Office Web Apps
      Add professional software
      Everything students need for schoolwork plus free tools to make learning more relevant
      Free learning software
      Microsoft® Office 2010
      It starts with the Windows platform
      Microsoft has many options
      to help you create the learning environment that’s right for your school
      Windows ®Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
      Windows®MultiPoint™ technologies
      Windows® 7
    • 5. A platform for the whole school.
      TeachersEngage students
      StudentsLearn their way
      IT coordinatorsHave safe and manageable IT
      PrincipalsPrepare students for work and study
    • 6. Many ways to support learning…
      In a computer lab
      At a shared PC with own mouse
      At a digital whiteboard
      On a laptop, netbook or Tablet PC
      In the cloud
    • 7. and many learning journeys
    • 8. Discover
      Dinosaur field trip
      A journey into prehistory
      • At the museum, students take photos and make notes and sketches on Tablet PCs, uploading them to SkyDrive™ for sharing.
      • 9. They create multimedia shows explaining the dinosaurs’ extinction using Windows Live™ Movie Maker, their notes and photos.
      • 10. On a shared MultiPoint™ PC, they use their mice to do a Mouse Mischief quiz about what they learned.
    • 11. Create
      Tell your story
      A journey into your family’s past
      • Students email relatives for more information and do research online.
      • 12. Students can tell their story – in words, pictures, music– however suits them best.
      • 13. Students draw their family tree with Microsoft® Paintor tell their story with blogs, slideshows and films. One records a family anthem with Songsmith™.
    • 14. Collaborate
      Analyse water quality
      A journey to protect your planet
      • Students in Thailand use Microsoft® OneNote® on Tablet PCs to collate research on water quality. Over four weeks, they add photos, observations and statistics.
      • 15. With Microsoft® Office, they analyse data and create compelling charts and an interactive presentation to share with students researching water quality in New Zealand.
      • 16. Storing their work online in Skydrive™, they use Microsoft® Office Web Apps to collaborate online to create an international perspective on water quality.
    • 17. It starts with the Windows®platform
      • Windows® 7
      • 18. Windows ®MultiPoint™ technologies
      • 19. Windows ®Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • 20. 12
      Your school – your choice
      PCs, netbooks, Tablet PCs, virtual desktops or shared resource computing – all with the familiar Windows® experience and support
      Exciting ways to learn
      Windows® 7 makes it easy and safe to connect and collaborate using keyboard, mouse, pen and touch across many devices.
      Your desktop – on any PC
      Windows® Virtual Desktop Infrastructurelets students use their personal settings on any internet-connected PC via a central server.
      Everyone gets a turn with shared monitors
      Microsoft® MultiPoint™ Mouse lets you connect up to 50 mice to a single PC and shared monitor.
      Give more students access affordably
      Windows® MultiPoint™ Server lets you connect multiple monitors, mice and keyboards to a single PC to create independent student stations.
    • 21. A smarter platform for learning
      Windows® 7 enables an effective learning environment that is safe and easy to manage
      • Familiar professional software that prepares students for the workplace
      • 22. A huge choice of PCs to suit any student and any budget
      • 23. Greatest compatibility with existing devices
      • 24. Run more applications – thousands available
      • 25. Can be used by one user – or shared among many
      • 26. A range of touch-enabled devices means students can interact more naturally
      • 27. Get students and teachers started quickly and resolve problems faster
      • 28. Safe, secure PCs with automatic updates
    • Learn your way
      Experience the excitement of learning with a modern visual experience
      Get straight to learning with Jump Lists, integrated search and previews of applications that are running
      Set up your desktop how you like to learn
    • 29. Interact more naturally
      PCs with multi-touch and stylus input let you write chemical formulas, take notes or edit images on screen – plus use a huge range of full-featured software
      Paint with your fingers.
      Write onto the screen.
      Or talk.
      Assistive technologies can start automatically
    • 30. 16
      Add professional
      • Microsoft® Office 2010
      • 31. Free learning software
    • Analyse. Create. Present.
      Microsoft® Office 2010 includes everything students need to develop projects, compose reports, present ideas and collaborate from many places.
      • A smart interface used worldwide helps students and teachers create great-looking documents with ease
      • 32. New features make it easier to take notes, type mathematical text and produce documents
      • 33. Work in groups more easily and manage email clutter with new tools
      • 34. Produce superb slideshows with new drawing and image editing tools right in PowerPoint® – broadcast in two clicks
      • 35. Now integrated with Microsoft ® Office Web Apps online so students can work in more places with complete document fidelity
    • Work easily with real-world skills
      The consistent Office interface features the Ribbon – context-sensitive navigation that makes it simple to find the right tools and commands
    • 36. Communicate clearly
      Microsoft® Office 2010 makes it easier for students to analyse data and present their ideas in multimedia slideshows, reports, brochures and posters.
      • Make amazing charts in minutes and visualise trends instantly
      • 37. Polish assignments with new effects and image editing tools
      • 38. Draw and edit videos and photos within slideshows
    • 39. Capture it in notes you can share
      With Microsoft® OneNote® 2010 students and staff can jot notes in digital notebooks – and store and share them easily online
      • Add text, images, videos, sound files and Web links
      • 40. Write, copy and paste or drag and drop items into notes
      • 41. Organise notes by subject, media type, lesson or project
      • 42. Find text in images or handwritten on a Tablet PC
      • 43. Edit and share notebooks online with the OneNote® Web App
    • 44. More effective group work
      Students and teachers can work more easily on group projects with new co-authoring tools in Microsoft®Office 2010 plus online access via Office Web Apps
      • Multiple students can edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets or notebooks at once
      • 45. Teams can brainstorm ideas and collaborate more easily
      • 46. Keep track of the latest version simply
    • 47. Inspire with free Windows® apps
      Enrich learning with engaging enquiry, revision and content creation tools for social sciences, music, languages, science, robotics, game design and more…
      Bring ideas to life
      Robotics Developer Studio
      Tell a story
      Windows Live™ Movie Maker
      Photo Story for Windows®
      Explore knowledge
      Worldwide Telescope
      Mouse Mischief
      Ribbon Hero
    • 48. Worldwide Telescope
      Show your students that outer space can be exciting, by letting them explore the night sky from multiple wavelengths and pan and zoom to stars, planets, comets and more
    • 49. Bing™
      Students can find information faster and use online translators and maps to learn about the world they live in and communicate with students globally
      Find information faster with Bing
    • 50. Chem4Word
      Easily type chemical formulas, find chemical names and draw molecular diagrams in Microsoft®Word
    • 51. Flashcards
      Create flashcards online to study and share with others. This application automatically sets up personalised sequences for effective revision.
    • 52. Mouse Mischief for MultiPoint™
      Create engaging quizzes and more using Microsoft® PowerPoint® – students can interact equally on a shared screen using their own individual mice
    • 53. Ribbon Hero
      Learning skills in Microsoft® Office is simple with this fun game where students take challenges, score points and compete with friends
    • 54. Robotics Developer Studio
      Students can create robotics applications using a simple drag-and-drop visual programming language, test them in 3D and control them via a PC
    • 55. Kodu™
      Develop logic and problem solving skills by creating video games with an Xbox® controller or keyboard and mouse – simple visual programming means there’s no need to learn coding
    • 56. Photosynth™
      Students can stitch photos together to build an interactive 3D environment to explore – plus share their synths and experience others online
    • 57. Songsmith™
      Students can generate a musical backing track to match any singer’s voice and adjust style, chords, tempo and mood
    • 58. Windows Live™ Movie Maker
      Explore any subject by turning videos and photos into great-looking movies and slideshows – and share them online
    • 59. Photo Story for Windows®
      Students can create slideshows of digital photos and add special effects, soundtracks, voice narration and captions
    • 60. Microsoft® Paint
      Spark creativity and help students master basic painting software with virtual brushes that let them create inspirational effects – just as if they were painting
    • 61. Microsoft®AutoCollage
      Pick a folder and press a button to generate a unique collage from photos – these can be used to start stories, discussions or as desktop wallpaper
    • 62. 37
      At school -or in the cloud
      • Microsoft® Live@edu
      • 63. Microsoft® Office Web Apps
      • 64. Microsoft® Cloud Services
    • Collaborative learning in the cloud
      Microsoft® Live@eduoffers a complimentary collaboration platform with contacts, calendars, email and instant messaging – plus online workspaces
      10GB email inbox, 20MB attachments
      25GB password- protected storage on SkyDrive™
      Online workspaces
      Windows Live™ applications
      Office Web Apps
    • 65. Blog – or say it in pictures
      Microsoft®Live@edu integrates with free Windows Live™tools to bring learning to life
      • Blog easily with text, photos and videos using Windows Live™ Writer
      • 66. Set up personal online project galleries – and control who can view
      • 67. Organise, share and print photos with Photo Gallery
      • 68. Edit and publish videos of drama class, history projects, sport and more using Windows Live™ Movie Maker
    • Collaborate in real time online
      Store and share class materials in Windows Live™ SkyDrive™ and edit them almost anywhere using Microsoft® Office Web Apps
      • Work in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®and OneNote®
      • 69. Save documents to a public folder or a password-protected space for sharing with your study group or teacher
      • 70. Share a single document, a calendar or an entire workspace
      • 71. File format preserved – works with popular browsers
    • Simple ICT for collaboration
      Microsoft® Cloud Services provides high quality and trusted learning infrastructure – on your school premises or in the cloud
      • Computing, storage and applications on demand
      • 72. Highly secure and available, backed by Microsoft data centres
      • 73. Rich user experience on PCs, on mobiles and in the cloud
      • 74. Powerful messaging platform based on Microsoft® Exchange
      • 75. You retain complete control of access and management
      • 76. Adjust your ICT easily as learners’ needs change
      • 77. Streamline management and reduce cost
      • 78. Peace of mind with Microsoft’s roadmap and ongoing investment in cloud services
      Microsoft hosted
      Microsoft® Live@edu
      Microsoft® Office Web Apps
      Microsoft® Cloud Services
      On premise
      Microsoft® Office
      Microsoft® Exchange
      Microsoft® SharePoint® Server
    • 79. A partner in education
      Microsoft has a holistic vision and platform for schools
    • 80. 43