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Overview of a management philosophy, covering managing, quality, collaboration

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Mgt philosophy ppt 16 9

  2. 2. My Philosophy in Summary • In a few words Simplicity, Transparency, Inclusion. • Whilst it may sound like "Motherhood & Apple Pie", Whenever I have had the opportunity to apply these, I have always had success in growth & profitability. Often companies publish their Values but they are more for external "PR" consumption. • It takes a high level of involvement, and confidence, and I have found that it can be too threatening, particularly for those who have had their management experience in large Head office environments. • It is sometimes easier to stay focused on the goals, the closer an employee is to the field operations, that is where, after all, the products are sold, installed and repaired. It is the function of Head Office to help that process, and in some cases, ensure legal and ethical compliance. Mick Jones 2
  3. 3. MANAGEMENT APPROACH• One of the simplest, and most effective approaches I have used has been based on the original One Minute Manager. it was co-written by Kenneth H. Blanchard & Spencer Johnson in the early eighties, and I would encourage you to invest in a copy. It works because is it easily understood by the people who work for you. You should share your approach with them, even to the point of encouraging them to read the book. It is not a secret, plus your employees will keep you honest. It is also easy to train new supervisors and entry-level managers in a growing team. – People Who Feel Good About Themselves - Produce Good Results – Philosophy of no surprises – Help people reach their full potential, Catch them doing something right – Create an Environment to succeed – Regular two way communications 1 on1 – Clear Goals & Directions Mick Jones 3
  4. 4. One Minute Manager - principle elements • One Minute Goal – A written goal that can be initially communicated in a minute • One Minute Praising – Specific and deserved, once again it should be delivered succinctly • One Minute Reprimand – A private and very focused discussion, dealing with behavior, not the individual. • Meet with Key people once a week – Make binding Decisions and commitments, as a team Mick Jones 4
  5. 5. THE CREATIVE ENTERPRISE • Encourage creative suggestions • Encourage contributors to do homework • Inclusive - all Staff can & should contribute • No recrimination if an idea is not successful • No turf-protection • Collaborate, test ideas to validate and refine • It takes strength, self confidence and an open minded attitude. The CEO should be ready to listen to criticism and ideas from the janitor up, and should encourage all levels of management to do the same. Mick Jones 5
  6. 6. THE CREATIVE ENTERPRISE : How will Enterprise take advantage.. • How does a corporation or Enterprise "cash-in" or benefit from creative thinking?? – You will embed quality & continuous improvement, every employee will be reviewing their processes on an ongoing basis. – You will take advantage of a much wider pool of intellect & experience – Buy-in for process changes and developments will to some extent be intrinsic, since often the stakeholders will be the authors of the change. Mick Jones 6
  7. 7. THE CREATIVE ENTERPRISE : Culture Of Openness - DO – BE OPEN ; • to new ideas • to modifications/refinements to current programs • if someone raises a shortcoming or challenges the status quo, encourage them to propose an alternative or a solution – Management trained and rewarded to recognize good ideas, to encourage and develop them – Encourage "brainstorming" sessions, dont be constrained by reporting structures or "turf wars" – Take all input - focus on direction then COMMIT – Give Appropriate Tools to succeed, training/time/resources/support – Use "One Page Management" • Refining/focusing Information • +ve and -ve personnel and performance issues • Passing good ideas and creative thinking up/down the management chain • every meeting should have a "creative" element Mick Jones 7
  8. 8. THE CREATIVE ENTERPRISE :Culture Of Openness - DONT – Create "culture of fear" – Challenge/reprimand original thought – Jealously guard turf or fight for control – label individuals who question as • Disloyal • troublemakers • Negative – Confuse Openness with Consensus Management • Responsibilities dont change, cannot be abdicated Mick Jones 8
  9. 9. THE CREATIVE ENTERPRISE : IDEAS & TEAMS • Thoughts – Everyone has thoughts, ideas and abstract concepts, "flashes of brilliance".....What makes a genius? – A genius records ideas, then makes them available to share or communicate – Supportive management.... management is there to give the creators, the "doers" the skills, tools, knowledge and will • Virtual teams – Project based – problem resolution • no "finger-pointing" • give people the courage to admit mistakes – if you didnt make a mistake, you didnt do anything Mick Jones 9
  10. 10. PROCESS & QUALITY : PROCESS DEVELOPMENT APPROACH • I have broadly used the principles outlined by William Edwards Deming, in his publication, Out of the Crisis (1986). There has been much development in thinking about Quality, but the broad concepts stand the test of time. • If I were to Summarize such a comprehensive approach it would probably be: – Simplify the Processes – Embed Quality within the process, dont rely on QA at the back end – Avoid spurious or arbitrary goals – Corporate view.. no fences, all levels of the Corporation must be committed Mick Jones 10
  11. 11. Mick Jones • Philosophy – SUMMARY – MANAGEMENT – THE CREATIVE ENTERPRISE – PROCESS & QUALITY Mick Jones 11