A2 PE Short Term Technical Preparation 2


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A2 PE Short Term Technical Preparation 2

  1. 1. A2 PE – Short Term Technical Preparation The Use of Drugs and Supplements in Sport
  2. 2. Lesson/topic Objectives 1) To understand why elite athletes often „choose‟ to take legal and illegal drugs and supplements 2) Develop knowledge regarding the legalities of drugs in sport
  3. 3. Drugs and Supplements  Throughout history athletes have always manipulated their diet to improve performance!! Medieval knights used alcohol to prepare themselves  Ancient Greek Olympians ate ‘special mushrooms’ to give them speed and power in jousting And today athletes are still looking for ways to give themselves that competitive edge Caffeine has been used throughout history to give athletes endurance
  4. 4. Supplements   These are legal additions to the athletes diet as NGB‟s do not feel they have negative effects on health Research may change this however!  Eg‟s of supplements?  Dietary and nutritional supplements are very common and available on the high street  Vitamins and minerals are available to aid recovery ; e.g. from a heavy weights work out (also help to prevent illness)
  5. 5. What makes supplements illegal? 1) 2) 3) Physically enhance the performance of the athlete Be detrimental to the athletes health (or potentially lethal Conflict with the general spirit of sport If two of the above are present then the substance will be illegal in sport 5 main illegal drug categories in sport      Anabolic steroids Peptide hormones Strong analgesic painkillers Stimulants Diuretics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBBWMRRWOrM
  6. 6. Where to draw the line?  There is now a list of „banned substances‟ in sport  Many athletes have been tested positive to using these however they argue their innocence as they have for example taken a cough mixture bought over the counter  Should they be punished?
  7. 7. Gamesmanship  Definition…. “Using whatever means possible to overcome your opponent, without directly breaking the rules of the sport”  DRUG TAKING IS THE ULTIMATE IN GAMESMANSHIP  Due to increasing amount of rewards in sport the urge to win is larger than any underlying morals of the athlete.
  8. 8. Homework task!!  Rules regarding drug taking can often contradict themselves; Athletes are allowed to train at high altitude to develop efficiency however blood doping is illegal  Using any information we have discussed; Develop your own system of legalities regarding short term technical preparation and drugs in sport. It should:- 1) Outline the boundaries between legal/illegal supplements Give reasons behind your answers 2) THERE IS NO RIGHT AND WRONG!!! (1XA4 sheet) You may use the internet, your text book and other resources to support you