DUP's Belfast Manifesto


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DUP's Belfast Manifesto

  1. 1. LET’S MAKE BELFAST GREATAGAIN vision lower tax growing working family safer new heart education healthier cleaner cultural relationships Belfast Local Government Manifesto 2014 DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 1
  2. 2. Our vision for Belfast AlreadyconstructioncranesareontheBelfast skylineagain. Ourcityhassucceededinattracting moreforeigndirectinvestmentthananywhereelse intheUnitedKingdomexceptLondon. Thelargest developmentofanewUniversitycomplexinallof EuropeisabouttocommenceinCathedralQuarter. TheknowledgeeconomyisgrowingfasterinBelfast thananywhereelseinEurope. However,jobs,developmentandregenerationare onlypartofwhatweneed. ToooftenBelfasthas beentheplacewherepeoplecometowork,shop orbeentertainedbutnotwheretheychoosetolive. Belfastneedstogrowagainbacktothebustling metropolisitoncewas.Acitythatisillateasewith itselforisdividedarenotfirmfoundationsfor Belfast’srebirth. Thelastfewyearshaveshownus alltheconsequencesofunnecessaryandunwanted aggressiontoBritishnessinthecity. BelfastisthecapitalcityofNorthernIreland. NorthernIrelandisoneofthefourconstituentparts oftheUnitedKingdom. Properrecognitionofthat islegitimateandthreatensnoone. Therefusalto acceptthisbasicfacthasbeendeeplyharmfulfor ourcity. Ifwecannotsharethingsasbasicasroads thenwearecondemningfuturegenerationsto moredivisionandholdingourcityback. WiththeexpansionofitspowersyourCouncil candomorethaneverforourcityanditspeople. WheretheCouncildoesnotholdthepowersit mustbetheadvocateanddriverforchange. Belfast was once an educational, social and economic powerhouse. Our city was a major player in the global market before the term was commonly used. It was a city which provided jobs for its people, the opportunity to progress and hope for the future. Global recessions and shifts, slowness to change and decades of terrorist violence undermined that powerful legacy. The DUP believe Belfast can be great again by utilising all the talents of its people. We want a striving capital city as part of a thriving region contributing to a successful United Kingdom. The DUP believes Belfast can be great again. This is our plan to help make our vision a reality >>> LET’S MAKE BELFAST GREATAGAIN DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 2
  3. 3. 2 | Belfast, a growing city Thedropinhousepricesandthegrowingcostsofrunning acarismakingpropertypricesinthecitymorecompetitive thanforageneration. InthelasttermtheDUPsecured newCouncilresearchintotheissuesofde-populationand attitudestowardslivinginthecity. In Council, the DUP will: •Makere-populationofourcityacorporateaimwithour citymarketingcampaignexpandingtoencouragepeople toliveinourcity. •Establishingawelcomeservicefornewresidentsbased ontheCanadianvolunteerprogramme. •ThecreationofanewRegionalAuthorityinpartnership withsurroundingCouncilstotakeforwardmajorcapital investmentsforthegoodofall. •UtilisethenewCommunityPlanningpowers,andwhere appropriatethenewpowerofgeneralwell-being,topush forwardinter-agencyandcommunitypartnershipsto regenerateourcommunities. •BackanewfundingmodelforVisitBelfasttoexpandits promotionalworkacrosstheworldtoattractmore touristsandconferences. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •Theprioritisationofaffordablehousingschemesinthe city. •Themainstreamingandexpansionofthe‘Buildingto Regenerate’pilotprogrammethatisalreadyprovinga successinareaslikeLowerOldpark. Successful cities are growing cities. For too long the story of Belfast’s population has been one of decline. In recent years that trend has begun to be reversed but still lags far behind other parts of Northern Ireland. The DUP wants to see people moving back to our capital. More people in our city would mean more money to be spent in local businesses, help maintain or expand local services such as schools and reduce pollution from commuter traffic. 1 | Belfast, a lower tax city Forthelastfiveyearsinflationandwagefreezeshave hurteveryone’sincomes. Themoneysimplydoesnot stretchasfarasitusedtoo. Thegoodnewsisthatthe shootsofrecoveryandgrowthcanbeseenagaininour citybutitwillbeanumberofyearsbeforewewillnotice itinourpurses,walletsorbankaccounts. Thisiswhythe Councilneedstoaskyouforless. Belfastisexpandingandournewresidentsareusedto lowerratesbills. Themorewecontrolspendingand increasealternativeincomeinthenextCounciltermthe easiertheirtransitionwillbe.InthisCounciltermwehave startedonthispathbutweneedtocontinue. The Council needs to help you feel the benefits of renewed growth first. To help you: •TheDUPwillsupportfreezingthedistrictratein2015-16. TheDUPwantstomakeitahattrickofratesfreezesfor Belfast. •TheDUPwill,fortheremainderoftheCouncilterm,keep totalrateincreasesbelowthecorrespondingrateof inflation. Thiswillbearealtermscut,asmallershareof yourmoneywillgotothecouncil. •TheDUP’sformulaforcontrollingyourratesis: (BuildRatesBaseplusBoostRatesIncomeplus EfficiencySavings) MinusGrowthincosts= RatesPromiseKept. In Council, the DUP will: •Supportarolloutoftheproactiveandsuccessfulpolicyin identifyingnewpropertiesandrateavoiderstomaximise revenues. ThispolicywasvitalintheCouncildeliveringits zerorate. TheDUPwillhavethatprogrammerolledoutto thenewareasbeingbroughtintoBelfast. •Promotecommercialopportunitiestoincreasecouncil incomesuchasdevelopingcitycentrecarparkingsites andsellingourservicestootherCouncils. •UsetheCouncil’smulti-millionpoundBelfastInvestment Fundtosupportcapitalprojectsthatwillexpandtherates incomeofthecity,regenerateareasofdeprivationand haveanequitabledistributionacrossthecity. •Continueourefficiencyprogrammethathasdelivered £20mininternalsavings. •Showyouwhereyourmoneygoes. Newtransparency measuresonCouncilspendingpublishingall expenditureabove£500andanyexpenditureoncredit andpurchasecards. Belfast has been a high rates city for too long. It acts as a barrier to growth in a city and makes our city more expensive to live in or build a business. When the economic downturn came the harm it was doing became clear to all and cost Belfast jobs. 4 5 DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 4
  4. 4. 4 | Belfast, a family city In Council, the DUP will: •Developafamilyfriendlycitypolicy. •Supporta3yearfreezeonsummerschemecharges andexaminetheopportunityofexpandingthenumber ofplaces. •CreatefamilydesignatedspacesinCouncilcarparks. •Promoteadviceservicesthathelpthemostvulnerable inourcityandtodealwithWelfareReform. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •Theexpansionoftheintegratedservicesapproachfor childrenandyoungpeople. The Council has already led the way on making Belfast an age friendly city. The DUP wants to build on this achievement and lead the world in writing the first family friendly city policy and delivering it. 3 | Belfast, a working city In Council the DUP will: •SupportSocialclausesinmajorconstructioncontracts. •ExpandtheapprenticeshipprogrammeinCouncil. •ExaminethecreationofaSmallBusinessserviceforthecity. •TaketheleadincreatingaBelfastWorksScheme.This intermediateLabourMarketwillbetargetedatthelong-term unemployedandyoungpeople. Itisbasedonsuccessful modelsfromotherUKcitiessuchasGlasgow. •DevelopourInternationalRelationsProgrammetobuild relationshipswithsixworldcitiesandmaximisethelevelsof fundinggainedfromtheEuropeanUnion. •Supporttheroll-outofthedigitalbroadbandprogramme providingbusinesseswithsuper-fastbroadbandandcitizens betteraccesstotheinternet. •SupportthedevelopmentoftheInnovationcentreatSpringvale. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •Anewpartnershipapproachtocarparkingalongourarterial routesusingthelikesofchurchcarparksduringweekdays. •Collaborationbetweenanchorinstitutionsinmajorcapital schemesonsocialclausestocreatejobsandtrainingand ensureapprenticesfullycompletetheirtraining. The social programme which produces the best economic, health and social outcomes for an adult is a job. The job market is improving but our high rates of long-term and youth unemployment is a legacy of the downturn that must be addressed. It is the market which creates jobs but politics can create a positive or negative environment for businesses 6 7 DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 6
  5. 5. 6 | Belfast, a new heart for our city In Council, the DUP will: •Supportnewregenerationplanforthecitycentrewitha focusonconnectivitytosurroundingcommunities. •AregenerationfundtoconvertcitycentreBgradeoffice spaceintolivingspace. •Developnewcarparkingspaceandbicyclerackson Councilcitycentresites. •SupportthenewdigitalhubinCathedralQuarter. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •ThedevelopmentoftheRoyalExchangesite. •Sharedpublichousingschemesinthecitycentre. •TheestablishmentofBusinessImprovementDistricts. The city centre is the shop window of our city. Without a thriving heart our city will have lost part of its soul. The Council finances and services it delivers across the city are inextricably linked to the success of the city centre. Thus a new dynamic heart to our city is what we and Northern Ireland needs. 5 | Belfast, a safer city In Council and Policing Community Safety Partnerships the DUP will: •Usealllegalpowerstotacklesocalled‘headshops’and thesupplyofdangerous‘legalhighs’. •Supportthenextphaseofthealley-gatesprogramme withanareafocusedapproach. •Backprogrammesfocusedonprotectingolderand vulnerablepeopleandtacklinghatecrime. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •Mandatoryminimumsentencesforcrimesagainstolder people. •Theutilisationoffullpowersbypublicbodiestotackle anti-socialbehaviour. •OpposeBelfastbeingusedasadumpinggroundfor highrisksexoffenders. •ThecitybeingattheforefrontofrollingoutLEDstreet lighting. •Improvingpolicerecruitmentandrelationshipsfrom workingclasscommunities. •Abetterfloodpreventioninfrastructureplantoprotect morehomesandanindividualpropertyprotection schemeforareaspronetoflooding. •Aprogrammetoaddressinterfaceswithalldecisionsin thehandsofthosethattheyprotect. The DUP wishes to tackle the issues of anti-social behaviour, crime and drugs that harm people’s lives and drag our city back. 8 9 DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 8
  6. 6. 8 | Belfast, a healthier city In Council, the DUP will: •Invest£105millioninleisurefacilities. Thiswillfinance thereplacementofexistingcentresandbuildingnew facilitiesmuchneededacrossthecityespeciallyinthe areasbeingaddedtoBelfast. •SupporttheestablishmentofaLeisureTrust. Thismodel ofdeliverywillhaveaccesstoadditionalfundingsources anddevelopnewengagementprogrammes. Thiswill ensuremorepeopleuseourcentresandbenefitfromthe newcapitalinvestment. •Introducefluvaccinationsforallcouncilstaff.Thisshould produceacostsavingandprovideapositiverolemodelto otheremployers. •Supportthedeliveryofsuicideawarenessprogrammes. •DevelopingtherelationshipwithandworkoftheBelfast StrategicPartnershipforHealthInequalities. Sadly the health of our citizens is not as good as it should be and within the city health inequalities are stark. A few miles can affect someone’s life expectancy by as much as a decade. If we are serious about tackling the inequalities in our city, health must be a key priority. 7 | Belfast, an education city In Council, the DUP will: •BetterpromotetheCouncil’sBelfastBursariesScheme tohelppeoplestayineducationorgainatrade. •ContinuetosupportthenewUniversityofUlster development. •Supportthedevelopmentofanewandagreed exhibitionspaceinsidetheCityHallandthe implementationoftheCouncil’sDecadeofCentenaries programme. •Workwithallthirdleveleducationbodiesontheir linkageswithlocalcommunities. •Promotecodingeventstoboostinterestinsoftware development. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •EducationalActionZonestargetedatareasof educationalunderachievement. The shifts in the global economy have made a good education, whether academic or vocational, even more important. The Council’s role is limited but it must do what it can to improve the education and life chances of its people. The new University of Ulster in Belfast has the opportunity to redefine the city and its relationship with education. 10 11 DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 10
  7. 7. 10 | Belfast, a cultural city In Council, the DUP will: •Supporttheeventsprogrammeinsecuringmajor internationalculturaleventsforBelfast.Thiswillbuild onourtrackrecordofsuccesswiththeMTVawardsand theGiro. •TheDUPwillsupportthepositiveexpressionof BritishnessandrecognitionforourArmedForcesaswell assupportthepositivedevelopmentsofOrangefest,the BonfiresProgrammeandbandculture. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •DevelopmentoftheculturalcorridorfromCliftonStreet totheCrumlinRoad. •ThedevelopmentofaModernArtGalleryforBelfast. •TheDUPwillsupportandencouragelocaldialogueand agreementsonthedisplayofflagsfromstreetfurniture andopposeparamilitaryflags. •Newstructurestodealwithparadesandprotestsbased onhumanrightsprinciples. The growth in the cultural life of our city has been one of the best examples of how our city has moved forward. Our ability to attract and deliver world class events and major television and film projects have built our city’s and Northern Ireland’s reputation across the world. The MTV awards and Giro event prove what Belfast can do in partnership with the Assembly. 9 | Belfast, a cleaner and greener city In Council, the DUP will support: •TheintroductionoftheBelfastBikeHireSchemesimilar totheBorisBikesinLondon. •Newassetstoimprovetheclearingofdogmesswith Councilparksthepriority. •Actionteamstargetingareaswithhighestlevelsofdog mess. •OnlinerealtimeenergymonitoringofallCouncil facilitiestoencourageenergyconservationandleadby example. •Developingthe NorthForeshoreasagreenenergyhub. For Belfast, the DUP will be advocates for: •Theroll-outoftherapidtransitschemeacrossthe differentpartsofthecityfromthewestandeastofthe cityintothenorthandsouth. •ThecreationofanewpublictransporthubfortheCity. The first impression of a city is how clean its streets look and the air a person breathes. The DUP want that first impression to be as positive as possible. 12 13 DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 12
  8. 8. Relationships in our City •TheDUPwillnotshyfromtheuseofthenewveto powerstothwartanycontinuationofapolicyofcultural aggression. •TheDUPwantstorestoretheUnionflagtotheCityHall 365daysayear. •TheDUPwillsupporttheintegrationofthenew communitiesthathavebeenestablishedorare developinginourcity. The DUP will be a willing partner in making our city great again but it will never accept a secondary or subservient position. Sadly community relationships in the city have been adversely affected by the aggressive policy of anti-Britishness and this damage must be repaired if our city is to be a shared city. If we cannot begin to share something as basic as a road then we will be dragged back into a dark past that those who lived through never want to see again and those who did not, never want to have to suffer. 14 LET’S MAKE BELFAST GREATAGAIN DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 14
  9. 9. Find DUP on Facebook PUBLISHED BY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX • PRINTED BY JC PRINT LTD,THE MOUNT,2WOODSTOCK LINK,BELFAST BT6 8DD. vision lower tax growing working family safer new heart education healthier cleaner cultural relationships @duponline 91 Dundela Avenue, Belfast BT4 3BU T: 028 9047 1155 LET’S MAKE BELFAST GREATAGAIN DUP Belfast A5 AW5 1/5/14 14:05 Page 16