2012 Audi Q5 For Sale MI | Audi Dealer Near Detroit


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2012 Audi Q5 brochure provided by Fred Lavery Audi located in Birmingham, MI. Find the 2012 Audi Q5 for sale near Detroit. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (248) 686-2312. http://www.fredlaverycompany.com

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2012 Audi Q5 For Sale MI | Audi Dealer Near Detroit

  1. 1. Q5Audi Q5 Fred Lavery Audi 34602 Woodward Avenue Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 686-2312 http://www.fredlaverycompany.com
  2. 2. Luxury that’s had youin mind from the start.You got here because you know what you want. For those lucky enough to avoid indecision, the AudiQ5 is exactly what is needed. Just think of its unmistakable profile. Its sporty yet sophisticated style.Or the way its interior offers a progressive and luxurious escape from the outside world with ease.And then take in all the possibilities that the available advanced technologies on board can make areality, from helping avoid gridlock to providing almost limitless entertainment, to dialing in yourpersonal comfort. Because in your Q5, your satisfaction is always the goal. .0 1 - D e si g n L i n es ro o f l i n e Notice how the dynamic line of c a r fro n t the Q5 creates a dramatic lighting c a r re ar effect while also bringing the vehicle closer to the road. Its roof ~ f i g. 01 line creates a sporty, coupe-like silhouette, providing just the right shoulder line amount of visual muscle. d y n a mi c l i n e
  3. 3. Adding to the already striking exterior pres- ence are available 19" alloy wheels designed to show off the power- ful stance of the Q5..02 – 1 9 " A l l o y W h e e l s
  4. 4. Never shy away froma close-up. ~ fig. 02Anyone can make a big entrance. It’s the making it memo-rable part that really sets you apart. Take a walk aroundyour Q5 and you’ll quickly realize why this isn’t a vehicleanyone will easily forget. Its striking wheels are highlightedby the rising edges of the fenders, while the gracefully slop- . 0 3 – L ED D a y t i m e R u n n i n g L i g h ting roof line, accentuated by aluminum roof rails, evokes Te c h n o l o g ya coupe-like presence. From the front, the Singleframe® Stylish and iconic, the availablegrille takes center stage with an assertive, unmistakably LED daytime running lights enhance the unmistakable look and design ofAudi look, while available brilliant xenon plus headlights the Audi Q5, as well as its visibility toand signature LED daytime running lights let everyone other drivers, especially during theknow this is not your typical crossover. dawn/dusk hours. . 0 4 – A u d i A d a p t i v e Xe n o n P l u s H e a d l i g h t s Swiveling up to 15 degrees, the available Audi adaptive xenon plus headlights direct light based on steering wheel input so that you can easily track the road ahead. When driving straight, the headlights disperse light over a wide area while also casting light farther down the road on the passenger’s side to help provide better ~ fig. 0 3 long-range visibility.
  5. 5. There’s a reason we think losingweight is the smart move.Considering the racing DNA in every Audi, it should come as no surprise that we wentto great lengths to reduce weight when designing the Q5. But there is an even greaterbenefit to a reduction in weight beyond just improved handling. By using aluminum insuch components as the hood, tailgate, wheels and suspension, we shed a significantamount of unwanted weight, helping to diminish the load on the engine and thus in-creasing overall efficiency.11 See www.fueleconomy.gov for EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary.
  6. 6. Aluminum makes for a structurally sound vehicle with minimalgains in weight. And in no place is this more evident than in theall-aluminum tailgate. It weighs markedly less than a typical steeltailgate while helping provide exceptional structural integrity..0 5 – We i g h t- s a v i n g A l u mi n u m 13 Aluminum
  7. 7. In here, it’s all about you.
  8. 8. Speaking to the detail and craftsmanship of the Q5 are premium genuine wood inlays. They are selected, crafted and matched to the color of the instrument panel and leather seating surfaces to compensate for variations in texture and reflectivity. .0 6 – Wood Inl ay sStriking a perfect balance between luxury and style is no easytask, but the Q5 seems to do it with relative ease. The interiorlayout is driver-oriented, with every control, button and gaugeplaced with convenience in mind. Look around and you’ll alsonotice the high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship that en-velop every square inch. From the standard Walnut Wood inlaysto the carefully stitched leather seating surfaces, to the avail-able Brushed Aluminum inlays, it all comes together to create aninterior that exudes character. And when it comes time to findyour favorite song or next destination, count on the availableAudi MMI® Navigation plus to put it all right at your fingertips.11 See Infotainment/Technology section of Specifications for important information regarding the Audi MMI® Navigation plus system.
  9. 9. Affording options even when youthink you’re out of them.Think of it this way, you may never run out of ways to enjoy your Q5. Twelve-way, power-adjustablefront seats give you almost unlimited options when it comes to personal comfort, while slidingand reclining rear seats make sure your passengers are included in this luxurious experience.And just try to exhaust the possible configurations afforded by the 40/20/40 split folding rearseats. We’ll go out on a limb and say you can’t.~ fig . 04 .0 7 – Adjus ta b l e Re a r S e a t s 10° An adjustable rear bench enables the rear seats to recline 10°, move forward or back 3.9 inches and fold completely flat, allowing for flexible cargo configurations and additional rear leg room when needed. 3.9"
  10. 10. .08 – 1 2 - w a y P o w e r F ro n t S e a t s Perfect comfort for both the driver and front passenger are just a touch of a button away with the standard 12-way power front seats.
  11. 11. 7 2 °F. 0 9 – Pa noram ic Sunroof .10 – T h re e - z o n e A u t o ma t ic 7 5 °F 6 8 °F C l i ma t e Co nt ro l The available two-panel panoramic sunroof offers both the front and rear passengers an With three distinct climate zones, unobstructed view overhead while flooding the the driver, front passenger and rear cabin with natural light. And when you decide passenger can set their perfect level you need to say goodbye to the sun, a power ~ fig. 05 of heating or cooling with a simple sunshade is there to make it an easy task. twist of a dial on the center console.
  12. 12. ~ fig. 06 .11 – P o w e r Ta i l g a t e Seamlessly integrated into the rear design, the available power tailgate on the Q5 gives you programmable end points so you can adjust the opening to the height you choose—a big help in tight spaces.There are times you knowthe world is yours.For us, the perfect drive is when we feel a cool breeze as the sunlight fillsthe cabin. To Audi, it’s about enjoying every last mile. That’s why, in theQ5, we’ve created things like the available panoramic sunroof. It creates aunique, light-filled interior that warms while it calms. We’ve also includeda three-zone automatic climate control system that helps deliver personal-ized comfort to the driver as well as to both the front and rear passengers.And when it comes time to pick up that new armoire, you’ll rest easy know-ing you have plenty of space to work with.
  13. 13. That’s my road and I’m sticking to it.Just choose the road, then let the legendary Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system worry about therest. With the ability to send power to either the front or rear axles, depending on the conditions, youcan count on solid grip in almost any condition Mother Nature might throw at you. And even whenall-weather confidence isn’t required, Audi quattro® helps deliver spirited handling by providing asports car-like 40:60 rear-biased torque split for better steering feel and balance through corners. ~ fig . 07 .12 – A u d i q u a t t ro® A l l - w h e e l Driv e The engineering behind the signature Audi quattro® all-wheel drive is based around a torque-sensing, self-locking, center differential that shifts torque to where it’s needed. For the driver, that means Audi quattro® is adjusting power between the front and rear axles more than 100 times a second, from 40:60 rear-bi- ased in most conditions to other ratio variations in more challenging ones, helping to ensure that torque is delivered to the wheels where traction exists for improved control.
  14. 14. Easily stays ahead You have better things to think about than what the road is doing underneath you. So go ahead. Trust in the ad-of the curve. vanced driving systems your Q5 offers and get back to enjoying what really counts: the drive. With advanced 60 % .13 – A s y mme t r i c To rq u e S p lit The torque-sensing system pro- vides 40:60 split rear-biased torque distribution in most driving condi- tions, resulting in agile handling 40 and enhanced driving stability. %
  15. 15. features like asymmetric torque split, you’ll benefit from improved tractionand handling in most situations. Add in your ability to adjust the handling .14 – A u d i Dr i v e S e l e ctcharacteristics with the available Audi drive select system, and it starts to With a number of potential vehicleseem like an unfair match. And we’re sure you’re OK with that. handling and performance com- binations, the available advanced ma c h i n e Audi drive select system lets you tailor the ride of the Q5 to your liking. Each mode manages the s te e r ing e ng i n e dynamic steering, suspension, transmission shift characteristics and throttle response for near susp ens io n seamless control. – c o mf o r t mo d e ( pea cefu l ) Perfect for city streets, this setting adds optimized steering and suspension to help provide a smoother drive. – a u t o mo d e ( b a l a n ced ) The best of both worlds dialed to the optimal settings for a nearly perfect combination of comfort and responsiveness. – d y n a mi c mo d e ( fu n) More direct steering, tighter suspension and a more sensitive t ra n s mi s s i o n throttle give this setting an ag- gressive tilt. – i n d i v i d u a l mo d e (cu st o mized ) Take the turn your way—this mode allows you to adjust the suspension, steering, throttle and transmission upshifts to your style. You may feel particularly close to your drive. – p ea cefu l – b a la n ce you – fu n – cu st o mized
  16. 16. A smooth transition shouldnever be in question.A lot can be said about making a smooth transition.But nowhere is this more apparent than in an auto-mobile. A rough transition between gears is anunpleasant experience that hurts both per-formance and efficiency. Cue the Tiptronic®transmission. Engineered to make seamless gears gearand seemingly instantaneous gear shifts, ratiosit says goodbye to shift shock andwelcomes a new level of smooth 01 _ 4.714acceleration and control. 02 _ 3.143 03 _ 2.106 04 _ 1.667 05 _ 1.285 .15 – E i g h t- s p e e d Tip t ro n ic® 06 _ 1.000 Tra n s mi s s i o n (2.0T ) Whether you choose manual mode for nimble shifting or automatic mode for smoother acceleration, this inno- 07 _ 0.839 vative transmission is optimized for power and, in the upper range, fuel economy.1 .16 – S i x- s p e e d T i p t ro n i c ® 08 _ 0.667 Tra n s mi s s i o n ( 3 .2 ) The refined six-speed Tiptronic® transmission helps deliver smooth acceleration and excellent power while still providing impressive efficiency.1
  17. 17. It’s as much about yourpulse rate as our power.If your Q5 had a beating heart this would be it. Whether you choosethe acclaimed 2.0 TFSI® engine that delivers impressive torque andpunchy off-the-line acceleration while still returning respectable fueleconomy or the potent 3.2 FSI® engine that maintains the Audi com-mitment to performance with its 270 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque, yourpulse will surely race.1,2 0 – 60 mp h 7. 1 _ seco n d s 9.6 :1 _ c o mp re s s i o n ra ti o . 1 8 – 2 . 0 TF SI Tur boc harge d Engine Years ahead of the competition, the 2.0 TFSI engine gains all its power and efficiency from advanced technologies like direct injection and variable valve timing. Add in a turbocharger, and you get six-cylinder-like performance with four-cylinder efficiency.1 2 7 0 hp / 2 4 3 1 b-ft.17 – 3. 2 FSI E ngine torque Maintaining the Audi com- 6 .7 _ s e c o nds mitment to performance, the silky-smooth, fuel-efficient and responsive 3.2-liter V6 engine helps deliver impressive 2 1 1 h p / 2 5 8 1 b - ft t o rq u e performance through a com- bination of FSI direct injection and the valvelift system.1 .19 – Va l v e l i ft S y s t e m By intelligently varying the valvelift duration 0 – 60 m ph in response to engine load and power needs, the valvelift system results in smooth power buildup, quicker throttle response and sig- nificant fuel-efficiency gains.11 20 city/27 highway/22 combined mpg (2012 Q5 2.0T with eight-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission); 18 city/23 highway/20 combined mpg (2012 Q5 3.2 with six-speed Tiptronic® automatictransmission). EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary. 2 Always obey local speed and traffic laws.
  18. 18. Not afraid to flash a little muscle.If it’s the performance you really want to play up, show them a Q5 in the available Audi S line® plus Package.It features powerful exterior additions, like more aggressive front and rear valances, black-optic exteriorappearance and titanium-finish 20" alloy wheels, that hint at its sports car DNA, as well as an Audi S linethree-spoke multifunction steering wheel with shift paddles that helps you attack every curve.. 20 – Au di Si ngle f ram e ® Gr il l e Leaving no doubt as to who is coming at them in the rearview mirror, the Audi Singleframe grille is all about making a statement. And that statement is made even bolder in the available Audi S line plus Package’s gloss-black grille surround.
  19. 19. ~ S l in e.21 – B r u s h e d A l u mi n um In l a y When you are in a Q5 equipped with the Audi S line Package, you know it. Glance around, and you’ll notice the standard Brushed Aluminum inlays that grace the instrument panel and beltline for a modern, sporty look.
  20. 20. + +Consider it your passport to a more 38˚ 57 8.1" N 77˚ 23 41.1" Wconnected existence.With the fast-paced nature of today’s world, you’ll be glad to know that when you getin your Q5, it doesn’t have to stop—or even slow down. The available intuitive Audi MultiMedia Interface gives you easy access to everything from your phone book to the audiosystem, to the available navigation system, so you can focus more on driving and lesson distractions. Ensuring that your time on the road is always time well spent. .22 – A u d i MMI ® Na v i g a t i on Plu s It’s really the nerve center of your vehicle. The available Audi MMI® Navigation plus features simple, intuitive inputs—via voice, buttons or center controller—to connect you to your destination.1 33˚ 46 03.09" N + + 118˚ 11 26.52" W
  21. 21. .23 – S i r i u s X M Tra ff i c Access traffic information on your route to help navigate around congestion. .24 – B L u E T o o T H ® P h o n e Prep a ra t io n3 D g ra p h i c s Helping you stay connected while allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel. .25 – Me d i a Access SiriusXM Satellite Radio, your iPod® or the CD player with a quick scroll through a menu. .26 – C a r S e t u p Personalize your vehicle’s settings, from the audio system to individual mode within the available Audi drive select. 1 See Infotainment/Technology section of Specifications for important information regarding the Audi MMI® Navigation plus system.
  22. 22. How to engineerharmony. .28 – S i r i u s X M S a t e l l i t e Ra d io With over 180 channels and coast-to-coast coverage, you could drive for days and never come close to running out of entertainment.1 What could be better than seeing your favorite band play live? Listening to your favorite band playing live while you enjoy all the luxurious comforts of your Q5. And to make sure you never run out of listening options, HD Radio™ and SiriusXM Satellite Radio are available to keep you entertained mile after mile. Basically, if it’s going to make your experience more pleasurable, we’ve made a point to include it. . 2 7 – HD Radio™ Te c hnol ogy Get crystal-clear digital sound with avail- able HD Radio™ Technology, featuring more than 1,000 stations and seemingly endless music, sports and talk options. .30 – Mu lt i c h a n n e l A mp l i f i c a t i o n It may have taken hundreds of hours of sound tuning, but Bang & Olufsen® transformed the Q5 into a personal sound stage that is supported by proprietary True Image™ technology. The multichannel amplification turns 2-channel stereo signals into perfect 7.1-channel surround sound,. 29 – Se cure D i gital ( SD) C ard Sl ots distributing both channels to all loudspeakers in the car— each with its own particular delay and level—to surround In addition to the 10 GB of reserved music you with pure sound. space on the hard drive, the Audi MMI® Navigation plus system features two SD card slots, for even greater storage capacity. 1 See back cover for important information regarding required SiriusXM subscriptions.
  23. 23. t h e h u ma n e a r Think of your ear as the sound collector. While the brain processes the auditory data in the way you think of as “hear- ing,” the ear is where the sound waves and pressure enter before being passed on by nerve impulses to the brain. Audi and Bang & Olufsen® design their soundstage with this vital gateway in mind—and work tirelessly to discover the best ways to engage it.It’s time you hear the truth.Dedicated to the idea of “honest music reproduction, the available Bang & ”Olufsen® Sound System is a sound engineer’s dream. Through a 505-watt,14-speaker system, Bang & Olufsen® is set on music reaching your earsby transcending the limits of audio technology and designing systems forthe human heart as much as for the human ear.
  24. 24. . 3 1 – A udi Si de As s is t Active at speeds over 19 mph, available Audi side assist helps monitor blind spots and fast-approaching vehicles at a range of 150 ft from the rear. When a vehicle is present within the monitored area, the system aids in alerting you via LED lights in the exterior mirrors.Keeping an eye out,even when you’re not.It doesn’t take much for a little mistake to turn into a muchbigger one. Good thing we’ve come up with a suite of availabledriver assistance technologies that can help you avoid a collisionlong before it ever comes to fruition. Whether it’s Audi side as-sist that uses sensors to help warn you of approaching cars inyour blind spot or Audi adaptive cruise control that helps keepyou at a comfortable distance from the car in front of you, it’s allabout helping you and your passengers negotiate the road. Andif a collision is unavoidable, you can be confident that the sixstandard airbags will help shield you from harm.1
  25. 25. Dramatization2.32 – ES C and A BS .33 – S i x S t a n d a rd A i r b a g s Computerized technology that works in perfect sync With six standard airbags that include front-impact, with the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Sta- front side and side curtain airbags for both driver and bility Control (ESC) helps minimize any loss of stability passengers and available rear side airbags for an avail- by applying brake pressure to individual wheels and able airbag total of up to eight, you’ll feel practically reducing throttle input to counter oversteer or under- surrounded.1 And that’s a good thing. steer when the vehicle needs it. .34 – A u d i A d a p t i v e C r u i s e Co n t ro l Available adaptive cruise control on the Audi Q5 helps the driver maintain a safe distance between vehicles, as its long- range radar measures the distance to the vehicle ahead, sends its data to a comput- er that weighs the information against ve- locity and other road variables, and applies the brakes as necessary. Once the road is clear to cruise, the Q5 effortlessly acceler- ates back to its desired speed.1 Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for theirsize and age. 2 This is a dramatization and does not depict what will happen in a collision. All bags will not inflate in real-world collisions, and if multiple bags do deploy they will be in variousstages of inflating/deflating and will never all be inflated at the same time.
  26. 26. Proving an exit can be just as dramatic as an entrance. Just in case someone didn’t catch a glimpse of its striking front end or graceful side profile, the Q5 offers one last powerful takeaway: the signature LED taillight technol- ogy that is as brilliant as it is unmistakably Audi. It all adds up to a truly memorable combination that puts this crossover in a class of its own..35 – L E D Ta i l l i g h t ~ fig. 08 Te c h n o l o g y Bright and sleek, these light-emitting diode rear lights help convey crucial in- formation—that you are braking—faster then traditional taillights, giving the drivers behind you more time to react.
  27. 27. Accessories Imagine a cherry on top of your sundae. Sweet, right? Now imagine a cherry that helps protect your Q5 from the elements. Or carries your bikes for a serious weekend on the trails. Or makes heads turn as you drive by. Audi Genuine Accessories are the little extras that make your Audi even sweeter. Designed by the same visionaries who de-20" Mu lti-s po ke 2 0 " D inara Al l oy off-road S t y l i n g K i t To w i n g H i t c hAlloy W he e l and Whe e l s Give your Q5 a more rugged appearance. This towing hitch is approved for the maximumTire Package Split-spoke style says Includes door guards, wheel arch protectors, load-carrying capacity of 4,400 lb for a properlyClassic Audi wheels performance, even front fascia and rear valance. (Small cargo equipped Audi Q5. For more information onwith tires designed to when at a standstill. carrier sold separately.) towing, see your Owner’s Manual.meet our strict per-formance standards. 19" Pikes Peak A l l - w e a t h e r F l o o r Ma t s Alloy Wheels Deep-ribbed, channeled design helps protect20" Nevi s A llo y A bold and powerful the floor and carpeting from water, mud, sandW h eels design that lives up to and snow. Rubber mats feature vehicle logo.Unique overlaid design its famous namesake. Set of four mats.adds to the sporty flairof the Q5. ot he r acce sso ries not s hown Var ious Tra n s p o r t S o l u t i o n s Co mf o r t a n d P ro t e c t i o n S o lu t io n s The open road is calling—so bring all the right Audi Genuine Accessories offer a wealth of gear to enjoy the ride. The Audi line of storage practical aids for more space, tidiness and safety accessories helps protect your possessions on board, with functional items to help keep with a variety of intelligent and innovative your Audi in pristine condition. Use them all to solutions. Choose from bike racks, ski racks help reduce wear and tear on your Audi and help and a variety of cargo carriers. keep it looking like new—inside and out.1 See dealer for details.
  28. 28. signed your vehicle, all accessories feature a tailored fit and the expert craftsmanship you’dexpect from Audi. They are also backed by the 4-year/50,000-mile Audi New Vehicle Limit-ed Warranty or the accessory’s 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty, whichever extendslonger from the accessory purchase date.1Ca rg o Tra y Re ar Sea t Co v e r S ma l l C a rg o C a r r i e rThe high sides of this heavy-duty tray help protect Durable seat cover that protects the interior Secure your gear with confidence, as thisthe cargo area when carrying items like mulch, soil, from dirt and pet hair. A tough nylon surface trim, aerodynamic design offers extrafirewood and more. stands up to abuse while contoured carrying capacity (13 cu ft) in a smart size: construction and headrest straps help hold 55" long, 35" wide, 14" high. it in place. (Not shown in Q5.) C argo N e t P a r t i t i o n Helps secure your cargo and separates the passenger compartment from the cargo area.Ca r Ca re L ic e ns e P l a t e F ra me s E l e c t ro n i c A c c e s s o r i e sUse the only car care line specifically designed with Choose from “Audi Sport” in carbon fiber, The many electronic accessories in your Audiyour Audi vehicle in mind. Audi Guard car care prod- black powder-coat, polished and brushed are renowned for design that emphasizes useructs provide gentle cleansing formulas and special finishes or “Truth in Engineering®” in pol- experience. All products are tested to help en-tools to help give interior and exterior surfaces the ished and carbon fiber finishes. (Check local sure compatibility with your vehicle’s electricalfinest in cleaning and protection. laws and regulations regarding use.) systems so that you can easily enjoy what Audi technology has to offer.
  29. 29. Colors exterior interior Ibis White Glacier White metallic Ice Silver metallic Black leather Monsoon Gray metallic Daytona Gray pearl1 Brilliant Black Cinnamon Brown leather Phantom Black pearl Moonlight Blue metallic Teak Brown metallic Light Gray leather Cardamom Beige leather 1 Q5 3.2 exclusive.
  30. 30. Color Combinations Ibis White Glacier White metallic Ice Silver metallic Monsoon Gray metallic exterior Daytona Gray pearl1 Brilliant Black Phantom Black pearl Moonlight Blue metallic Teak Brown metallic interior Black Cinnamon Brown Light Gray Cardamom Beige Available combination
  31. 31. Decorative Inlays Cinnamon Brown Natural Fine Grain Ash Wood inlay optional
  32. 32. Cardamom Beige Black Light GrayNatural Brown Walnut Wood inlay Natural Brown Walnut Wood inlay Natural Brown Walnut Wood inlayBlack Cinnamon BrownBrushed Aluminum inlay S line® only Brushed Aluminum inlay S line® only
  33. 33. Wheels 18" 10-spoke V design 19" 5-arm structure design 235/60 all-season tires 235/55 all-season tires 2.0T Premium 3.2 Premium Plus 2.0T Premium Plus 3.2 Prestige Optional on 2.0T Premium Plus 20" 5-segment-spoke design 20" titanium 5-segment-spoke design summer performance tires1 summer performance tires1 3.2 S line® Package 3.2 S line® plus Package1 Tires are supplied and warranted by their manufacturer. High-performance tires are designed for optimum performance and handling in warm climates. They are not suitable for cold, snowy, or icy weatherconditions. If you drive under those circumstances, you should equip your vehicle with all-season or winter tires, which offer better traction under those conditions. We suggest you use the recommended winteror all-season tire specified for your car or its equivalent. These high-performance tires also have a lower aspect ratio that aids performance and handling; however, in order to avoid tire, rim or vehicle damage, it isimportant that the inflation pressure is regularly checked and maintained at optimum levels. Please also remember in making your selection that, while these tires deliver responsive handling, they may ride lesscomfortably and make more noise than other choices. Finally, these tires may wear more quickly than other choices. 2 Always obey local speed and traffic laws.
  34. 34. Configurations | Dimensions Q5 2.0T Premium Plus Q5 3.2 Premium Plus Q5 2.0T Premium Q5 3.2 PrestigeQ5 Models Exterior DimensionsQ5 2.0T with eight-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission and Audi quattro® all-wheel drive — — Length: 182.2" Track, front: 63.7" Width: 82.2" Track, rear: 63.5"Q5 3.2 with six-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission and Audi quattro® all-wheel drive — — Height: 65.1" Wheelbase: 110.5" Interior DimensionsQ5 Engine Specifications Head room (front/rear): Shoulder room (front/ 39.4"/39.0" rear): 57.7"/56.4"2.0-liter turbocharged: Intercooled, DOHC four-cylinder gasoline engine with Audi TFSI® Head room with pan- EPA cargo volume:direct injection, variable valve timing and valvelift system. Horsepower: 211 hp @ 4,300 rpm / — — oramic sunroof (front/ 29.1 cu ft/57.3 cu ftTorque: 258 lb-ft @ 1,500 rpm rear): 38.1"/37.7" with 2nd row folded3.2-liter: DOHC V6 gasoline engine with Audi FSI® direct injection, variable valve timing and Leg room (front/rear): EPA interior volume — — 41.0"/37.4" (front/rear):valvelift system. Horsepower: 270 hp @ 6,500 rpm / Torque: 243 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm 53.9 cu ft/47.6 cu ft Top Speed2 (electronically Fuel Economy Estimates,Q5 Performance Specifications 0 – 60 mph2 limited) City/Highway/CombinedQ5 2.0T with eight-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission and Audi Q5 2.0T with Tiptronic® Q5 3.2 with Tiptronic® 7.1 seconds 130 mph automatic transmission: automatic transmission:quattro® all-wheel drive 20/27/22 18/23/20Q5 3.2 with six-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission and Audi EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary. 6.7 seconds 130 mph See www.fueleconomy.gov for details.quattro® all-wheel drive Weights and Capacities Curb weight: N/A Engine oil capacity (2.0T/3.2): 4.8 qt /6.6 qt Fuel tank capacity: 19.8 gal Standard — N/A
  35. 35. Specifications Q5 2.0T Premium Plus Q5 3.2 Premium Plus Q5 2.0T Premium Q5 3.2 Prestige Chassis | Technical Fully galvanized steel unibody with multistep anti-corrosion protection—aluminum hood and tailgate Five-link front suspension Trapezoidal-link rear suspension Audi servotronic® speed-sensitive power steering—varies assistance based on vehicle speed Dynamic steering and chassis — — — Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system utilizing self-locking center differential—40:60 rear-biased torque split Eight-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission — — Six-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission — — Trailer hitch provision with 4,400 lb maximum towing capacity and 440 lb tongue weight Safety | Security Driver and front passenger dual-stage airbags, thorax side airbags and Sideguard® head curtain airbags1 Rear-passenger thorax side airbags1 Front passenger occupant detection—for airbags Safety belt reminder for driver and front passenger Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) in rear seats Power central locking system with safety unlock feature if airbags deploy Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with traction control (ASR) Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution (EBD) and brake assist Hill descent control Front ventilated disc brakes Rear disc brakes Electromechanical parking brake Standard Optional — N/A
  36. 36. Q5 2.0T Premium Plus Q5 3.2 Premium Plus Q5 2.0T Premium Q5 3.2 Prestige Infotainment | Technology Audi MMI® Navigation plus with voice control system2 — Color driver information system — Audi premium sound system with 10 speakers and single CD player with MP3 playback capability — Bang & Olufsen® Sound System with 14 speakers and 505 watts — HD Radio™ technology3 — SiriusXM Traffic with 90-day trial subscription3 — SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 90-day trial subscription3 Audi music interface with iPod® integration BLUETOOTH® wireless technology preparation for mobile phone Homelink® remote transmitter Advanced key—keyless start, stop and entry — Cruise control with coast, resume and accelerate features Audi adaptive cruise control — — — Audi side assist — — — Audi drive select — — — Parking system with front and rear sensors — Rain/light sensors for automatic windshield wipers and headlights1 Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size andage. 2 Audi Navigation plus depends on signals from the worldwide Global Positioning Satellite network. The vehicle’s electrical system and existing wireless and satellite technologies must be availableand operating properly for the system to function. The system is designed to provide you with suggested routes in locating addresses, destinations and other points of interest. Changes in street names,construction zones, traffic flow, points of interest and other road system changes are beyond the control of Audi of America, Inc. Complete detailed mapping of lanes, roads, streets, toll roads, highways,etc., is not possible, therefore you may encounter discrepancies between the mapping and your actual location. Please rely on your individual judgment in determining whether or not to follow a suggestedAudi Navigation plus route. Periodically mapping updates will be available for purchase at an additional cost. Consult your dealer or call 1-800-FOR-AUDI for details. 3 See back cover for importantinformation regarding required SiriusXM subscriptions.
  37. 37. Specifications Q5 2.0T Premium Plus Q5 2.0T Premium Plus Q5 3.2 Premium Plus Q5 3.2 Premium Plus Q5 2.0T Premium Q5 2.0T Premium Q5 3.2 Prestige Q5 3.2 PrestigeExterior InteriorAudi Singleframe® grille Three-zone automatic climate controlHalogen headlights with daytime running lights — — — Four-spoke multifunction steering wheelXenon plus headlights with LED daytime running light Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with shift paddles — — — —technology Tilt and telescopic manually adjustable steering columnAdaptive xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running — — — Black cloth headlinerlight technologyAutomatic headlights Leather seating surfacesHeadlight washers — — Full Milano leather seats and trim — — —Front and rear fog lights Twelve-way power front seats (includes four-way power lumbar adjustment)LED taillight technology Heated front seatsPower-adjustable heated side mirrors — — — Ventilated front seats — — —Power-adjustable, power-folding, auto-dimming, heated — Driver seat memory —side mirrors with memory Thermo cupholder — — —LED indicator light technology integrated in the side mirrors Sliding 40/20/40 split folding second-row seats withAluminum roof rails adjustable reclineAluminum trim around exterior windows Dual front sun visors with lighted vanity mirrorDual exhaust pipes (chrome tips on 3.2 models) Power windows with one-touch up/down operation andPower rear tailgate — pinch protectionAudi S line® exterior appearance — — Manual rear side sunshades — — — Panoramic sunroof Standard Optional — N/A
  38. 38. Packages | Options Q5 2.0T Premium Plus Q5 3.2 Premium Plus Q5 2.0T Premium Q5 3.2 Prestige Audi MMI® Navigation plus Package Highlights Packages Convenience Package: Audi music interface with iPod® integration, BLUETOOTH® wireless technology preparation for mobile phone, and Homelink® remote transmitter Audi MMI® Navigation plus Package: Audi MMI® Navigation plus1 with voice control system, color driver information system, HD Radio™ technology, and parking system with — front and rear sensors Luxury Package: Full Milano leather seats and trim (upper instrument panel and door — — — arm rests in Fine Nappa leather), and ventilated front seats S line® Package: 20" 5-segment-spoke design alloy wheels, summer performance tires, 2 three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with shift paddles, S line® shift knob, Brushed — — Aluminum inlays, and black cloth headliner S line® Package S line® plus Package: 20" titanium 5-segment-spoke design alloy wheels, summer — — performance tires, and black-optic exterior appearance 2 Audi Drive Select Package: Dynamic steering and Audi drive select — — Individual Options 19" 5-arm-structure design alloy wheels — Bang & Olufsen® Sound System with 14 speakers and 505 watts — Audi advanced key — Audi adaptive cruise control — — Individual Options Highlights Heated front seats Natural Brown Fine Grain Ash Wood inlay — — Rear-passenger thorax side airbags Panoramic sunroof Panoramic sunroof deletion —1 See Infotainment/Technology section of Specifications for important information regarding the Audi MMI® Navigation plus system.2 See Wheels page of this brochure for important safety information regarding summer performance tires.
  39. 39. Audi Truth in Engineering Note: A word about this brochure. Audi of America, Inc., believes the specifications in this brochure to be correct at the time of printing. However, specifications, standard equipment, options, fabrics, and colors are subject to change without notice. Some equipment may be unavailable when your vehicle is built. Please ask your dealer for advice concerning current availability of standard and optional equipment, and your dealer will verify that your vehicle will include the equipment you ordered. Vehicles in this brochure are shown with optional equipment. See your dealer for complete details on the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, twelve-year limited warranty against corrosion perforation, and Audi 24/7 Roadside Assistance. (Roadside assistance coverage provided by Road America in the U.S. Certain conditions apply; see your dealer for details.) Tires supplied by various manufacturers. “Audi,” all model names, “FSI,” “MMI,” “quattro,” “Sideguard,” “Singleframe” and the Singleframe grille design, “S line,” “TFSI,” “Truth in Engineering,” and the four rings logo are registered trademarks of AUDI AG. “Bang & Olufsen” is a registered trademark of Bang & Olufsen. The BLUETOOTH word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and use of any such marks by AUDI AG is under license. “HD Radio” and the HD Radio logo are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corporation. “Homelink” is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls Technology Company. “iPod” is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. “Servotronic” is a registered trademark of the AM General Corporation. “Sirius” and all related marks and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM2012 | Q5 Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries. SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Traffic subscriptions sold separately or as a package after trial expires. SiriusXM Traffic service available in select markets. Subscriptions are governed by SiriusXM Customer Agreement (see www.siriusxm.com) and are continuous until you call SiriusXM to cancel. Sirius U.S. Satellite Service available only to those 18 and older in the 48 contiguous U.S.A., D.C. and Puerto Rico (with coverage limitations). “Tiptronic” is a registered trademarkAudi of America of Dr. Ing h.c. F. Porsche AG. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Some European models shown.Audiusa.comFacebook.com/Audi © 2011 Audi of America, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A.