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2011 Porsche Panamera For Sale MI | Porsche Dealer Near Detroit
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2011 Porsche Panamera For Sale MI | Porsche Dealer Near Detroit


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2011 Porsche Panamera brochure provided by Fred Lavery Porsche located near Detroit. Find the 2011 Porsche Panamera for sale in Michigan. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (248) …

2011 Porsche Panamera brochure provided by Fred Lavery Porsche located near Detroit. Find the 2011 Porsche Panamera for sale in Michigan. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (248) 686-2312.

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  • 1. Fred Lavery Porsche 34602 Woodward Avenue Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 686-2312Porsche Cars North America, Inc.980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1000 http://www.fredlaverycompany.comAtlanta, Georgia 30328Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG is the owner of numerous trademarks, both registered and unregistered, including without limitation the Porsche Crest®,Porsche®, Boxster®, Carrera®, Cayenne®, Cayman®, Panamera®, Tiptronic®, VarioCam®, PCM®, 911®, 4S®, FOUR, UNCOMPROMISED.® and the modelnumbers and distinctive shapes of the Porsche automobiles, such as the federally registered 911 and Boxster automobiles. The third-party trademarkscontained herein are the properties of their respective owners. Specifications, performance standards, standard equipment, options, and other elementsshown are subject to change without notice. Some options may be unavailable when a car is built. Some vehicles may be shown with non-U.S. equipment.Please ask your dealer for advice concerning the current availability of options and verify the optional equipment that you ordered. Porsche recommendsseat-belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times. Exclusive Panamera Ultimate personalization©2009 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. MKT 001 169 09 1-800-PORSCHE
  • 2. ContentsPhilosophy 3Exclusive examples 5Materials 21Exclusive options 23Designing your Porsche 29Service 301  I  Contents
  • 3. PhilosophyExclusivity, individuality, craftsmanship.Concepts which have always been associated with Porsche.The Porsche Exclusive program stands for the individual personalizationof your vehicle, direct from the factory. The possibilities are as diverseas your ideas. You tell us what you want and we will do our utmost togive it to you—provided, of course, that it is technically feasible anddoes not compromise quality.When customizing a car, it is not enough just to use the best availablematerials. Our overriding principle has always been to make full useof the traditional skills of our craftsmen, carrying out the work byhand. Our specialists also have years of experience in the handcraftingof decorative hardwoods, enabling us to bring out the individualcharacter of this superb material.And what about Carbon Fiber? Lightweight and extremely durable.Expressing all the excitement of the racetrack. Or Aluminum? Brushedor high-gloss, this lightweight alloy accentuates the finer details ofyour Panamera.Would you like to personalize the interior or exterior of your car?Your wish is our command.3  I  Philosophy
  • 4. Exclusive examplesVehicle: Porsche.Details: Porsche Exclusive.A Porsche is more than just a car. It is also an expression of thepersonal freedom, taste and lifestyle of its driver.Porsche Exclusive offers you a wide range of individual extras soyou can personalize your car to your own unique requirements.Straight from the factory. Visual and technical enhancements,for the interior and exterior. And always just as you want them.The most important extra, though, is time. For it is only by takingthe utmost care during the consultancy, planning and processingphases that it is possible to create something really special.Something which is exactly tailor-made to your requirements—down to the finest detail. Something unique. With its own uniquecharacter. A Porsche which is as special as its driver.The following pages will show you three examples of Exclusivepersonalizations which are sure to inspire you.5  I  Exclusive examples
  • 5. Panamera TurboPlatinum Silver MetallicIndependent, strong, sporty The exterior details are enhanced Everything exactly accordingand yours. by the Platinum Silver Metallic to your requirements. Down to finish. The interior includes the the finest detail. The highest Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) quality and workmanship gear selector in Aluminum, the at your command. interior package painted and several features in Espresso Contact your authorized Porsche leather—including the air vent slats. dealer for further information.7  I  Panamera Turbo
  • 6. Panamera 4SYachting Blue MetallicExplore twisting curves and The adventure continues with compartment in the rear anda passion for driving. the Panamera 4S in Yachting Blue the Porsche Rear Seat Metallic. The exterior is enhanced Entertainment system. by the air-intake grilles in exterior color. The interior package in Find out more about the Yachting Mahogany provides a equipment details from your touch of maritime flair. Other authorized Porsche dealership. highlights include a cooling13  I  Panamera 4S
  • 7. 16  I  XXXXX XXXXXX
  • 8. Panamera SCarbon Grey MetallicSome personalities captivate Extremely charismatic—the to the Sport Chrono stop-clockyou immediately. Panamera S in Carbon Grey dial face in Luxor Beige.Here is one of them. Metallic. Thanks to the interior package painted in a Carbon Grey Find out more about the Metallic finish. All the finishing equipment details from your touches according to your authorized Porsche dealer. personal request. Right down19  I  Panamera S Panamera S  I  20
  • 9. MaterialsExceptional, elegant, We offer an exclusive range of You can find out what is Tineo1)excellent, exact. materials for you to choose possible at your authorized This light, reddish-brown hardwood from the South American Andes from. Natural leather, fine- Porsche dealer. creates a very elegant look, thanks to its striking horizontal grain.In a word: Exclusive. grained woods,1) Carbon Fiber and Aluminum can be selected to enhance the Walnut1) interior of your Porsche. A classic, high-quality dark wood with a unique and appealing grain. Leather Anthracite Birch1) Leather is a traditional natural material—a true classic. Items made This anthracite-colored birch wood has an attractive wavy grain, of leather are both timeless and hard-wearing. an impressive dual-tone effect and a silky sheen. Carbon Fiber Natural Olive1) Carbon Fiber is a light but highly durable material with motorsport A high-quality ash wood with an olive grain and a silky matte sheen, origins. Its high-tech look gives a sporty feel to the interior. giving a combination of elegance, individuality and luxury. Aluminum Yachting Mahogany1) Aluminum—brushed or high-gloss—is a lightweight alloy that Inspired by the use in yacht design, the Yachting Mahogany option accentuates the finer details of your Panamera. features a fine dark wood combined with stylish light maple inserts.1)  ood W is a natural product; difference in color and texture is possible.21  I  Materials Materials   I  22
  • 10. Air-intake grilles painted Rear apron and diffuser painted Interior package painted, air vent slats painted, instrument dials in Luxor Beige, Sport Chrono stop-clock dial face in Luxor BeigeExclusive options Panamera Turbo Panamera Turbo Panamera 4S Panamera 4SExterior. Interior. Panamera S Panamera SOption Code Page Option Code Page • Air-intake grilles painted1) • • • CNF 6, 23 • Interior package painted1) 2) • • • CZY 12 • Air vents painted1) • • • CNZ 7 • Air vent slats painted1) 2) • • • CDN 24 • Rear apron painted1) • • • CNG 8, 23 • Seat belts in: • Diffuser painted1) • • • CNR 8, 23 Guards Red • • • XSX – • Exterior mirrors painted1) • • • CNL 5 Silver Grey • • • XSH 25 • Headlight washer covers painted1) • • • CGA 13 • Instrument dials in3): Luxor Beige • • • XFL 24 Carrara White • • • XFJ – Guards Red • • • XFG – 1) P ainted in exterior color. 2) Available from 12/2009 at the earliest.– ot available n extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option 3) Available from 10/2009 at the earliest.23  I  Exclusive options Exclusive options  I  24
  • 11. Porsche Crest embossed on front headrests; Steering-wheel column casing in leather Roofliner grab handles in leather Sun visors in leather seat belts in Silver Grey Panamera Turbo Panamera Turbo Panamera 4S Panamera 4SInterior. Interior: leather. Panamera S Panamera SOption Code Page Option Code Page • Sport Chrono stop-clock dial face in: • Air vent slats in leather2) 3) • • • CZV 10, 11 Luxor Beige • • • CZT 20, 24 • Dashboard trim package in leather2) 3) • • • CZW – Carrara White • • • CGJ – • Dashboard cover in leather2) 3) • • • CDV – Guards Red • • • CGG – • Steering-wheel column casing in leather • • • CDY 25 • Refrigerator in the rear1) • • • CZK 17 • Rearview mirror in leather3) • • • CVW Front cover • Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment system2) • • • CEM 18 • Sun visors in leather2) 3) • • • CMB 26 1) Available from 02/2010 at the earliest. 2) Available from 12/2009 at the earliest.– n ot available extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option 3) L eather in interior color. For more information, please contact your authorized Porsche dealer.25  I  Exclusive options Exclusive options  I  26
  • 12. Personalized floor mats with leather edging Personalized luggage space mats with leather edging Roofliner grab handles in Yachting Mahogany Door-entry guards in Carbon Fiber, illuminated Panamera Turbo Panamera Turbo Panamera 4S Panamera 4SInterior: leather. Interior: wood, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum. Panamera S Panamera SOption Code Page Option Code Page • Porsche Crest embossed on front headrests • • • XYV 25 • Interior package in Yachting Mahogany • • • XZY 13, 15 • Porsche Crest embossed on front and rear headrests • • • XYW – • Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in Yachting Mahogany • • • XZZ 13 • Front center console in leather • • • CZL Front cover • Door-entry guards in Carbon Fiber • • • X69 – • Front and rear center consoles in leather • • • CZP – • Door-entry guards in Carbon Fiber, illuminated • • • XXD 28 • Personalized floor mats with leather edging • • • CFX 27 • Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) gear selector in Aluminum • • • XYA 12 • Personalized luggage space mats with leather edging • • • CZU 27 • Door-entry guards in Brushed Aluminum, illuminated • • • XXC – • Key pouch in leather1) • • • CPU – • Roof grab handles in Burr Walnut • • • CZE – • Roof grab handles in Tineo • • • CZF – • Roof grab handles in Anthracite Birch • • • CZB – • Roof grab handles in Natural Olive • • • CZG – • Roof grab handles in Carbon Fiber • • • CZC – 1) L eather in interior color. For more information, please contact your authorized Porsche dealer.– n ot available extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option 2) T his option is available in Walnut, Tineo, Anthracite Birch, Natural Olive, Yachting Mahogany and Carbon Fiber.27  I  Exclusive options Exclusive options  I  28
  • 13. Designing your Porsche Porsche Financial Services Porsche Approved Pre-Owned Porsche TequipmentHow do we build the Ultimately, it’s a question each authorized Porsche dealer Competitive, convenient and Porsche Approved is the simple Personalize your Porsche atperfect Porsche? owner must answer. Which is and ask to speak with a sales carefully crafted financing way to find the perfect pre-owned any time after purchase with theWe’ll leave that up to you. why Porsche Exclusive offers consultant. The possibilities options can be customized to Porsche, anywhere in the world. Tequipment range of approved such a wide variety of options are limited only by your meet your needs. Ask your Every car is rigorously tested accessories. Designed exclusivelyThose who build a Porsche for celebrating the pure joy of imagination—and are covered by certified Porsche Sales and comes with a 2-year for your Porsche, every product isshare something in common driving with a heightened sense your standard vehicle warranty. Consultant for details. or 50,000-mile limited fully guaranteed.with those who purchase one: of style and luxury. It’s an vehicle opportunity to create the experience for which there is, A philosophy of relentlessautomobile of their dreams. quite literally, no substitute. improvement has driven everyA Porsche is a unique breed, Porsche for more than a halfdesigned by inquisitive minds For more information on our century. With Porsche Exclusive, Service Porsche Online For all the latest news andat Weissach in response entire range of Exclusive the process of improvement information from Porsche,to one incessant question: options, pricing and delivery has never been easier. Or go to“How can we make it perfect?” timetables, please contact your more rewarding. Porsche Design Porsche Clubs Porsche Driving Experience Driver’s Selection With more than 120,000 members Develop your skill and explore Our distinctive collection of worldwide in 60 countries, know your Porsche with the Porsche clothing and accessories you are not alone in your passion Sport Driving School. Learn first- combines timeless elegance with for Porsche. Learn more about the hand from famed Porsche Racing unmistakable quality. Visit your brand and meet other Porsche drivers while they teach you at local Porsche dealer or shop enthusiasts just like yourself. Visit a world-class racing facility. online at for more information. Visit for more information. Ask your Porsche dealer for the latest brochures from Porsche Exclusive, Porsche Tequipment and Porsche Design Driver’s Selection.29  I  Designing your Porsche Service  I  30