Examen ingles nivel 2 27 feb2012


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Examen ingles nivel 2 27 feb2012

  1. 1. Universidad IparamedicaSede: Edificio Juan Pablo IICurso: Inglés II Prueba EscritaProfesor: Enrique RamosValor: 25 puntos Porcentaje: 25%Tiempo Probable: 80 Minutos Fecha: 3/23/2012Porcentaje Obtenido: Nota: ___________Nombres: _________________________________________Cédula: __________________________________________ Read the text and choose the correct option to complete each idea. What is Anthrax? Anthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium bacillus anthacis. There are three main types of anthrax: coetaneous, respiratory, and intestinal. This rod-shaped microbe grows in soil, where it can be ingested by sheep, cows, horses and goats. Anthrax most commonly occurs in warm-blooded animals, and can also infect humans. Anthrax spores can be produced in a dry form (for biological warfare) which may be stored and ground into particles. When inhaled by humans, these particles cause respiratory failure and death within a week. Transmission to humans normally occurs through contact with infected animals but can also occur through breathing air that contains the spores of the bacillus. The disease is usually restricted to individuals who handle hides of animals (farmers, butchers, and veterinarians) or sort wool. Answers these questions 1 pts.Each one. 1. Anthrax mostly affects the __________________________________________. 2. The contagion of anthrax in humans’ occurs____________________________. 3. Some animals get infected when they _________________________________. 4. What do you think about Anthrax_____________________________________. 5. Find 3 verbs in present (3 pts.) 1_________________2________________3________________. 6. Find 3 adjectives (3 pts.) 1_________________2________________3________________.
  2. 2. Read the text and make the continue process.Hurricanes Benefit Caribbean 1- Because of a phenomenon that seems to happen every few years. 2- A Caribbean hurricane on a distant side of this sea sucked all the humidity away 3- Leaving cloudless blue skies and sea last October. 4- The resulting speed of high-pressure air to the low-pressure center of the hurricane 5- Also caused massive rains on the Pacific slope of mountain ranges. 6- As moisture-laden air rushed over high peaks of Costa Rica towards the hurricane. 7- During disaster conditions of extremely heavy rains on the Pacific. 8- The south Caribbean has with a fresh. 9- Dry breeze blowing down a really nice weather, from the Talamancas. 1- Translate the sentences number (7- 9)4ptos. 2- Make the sentences number (1-8) to negative 4ptos. 3- Make 1 sentence for each word 1 pts. 7ptos. Sea October Skies Disaster During South Dry 1