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SaaS Benchmarking Study

  1. 1. SaaS Benchmarking Study Actionable insights for your 2012 sales strategy Paul Vinogradov Jeff Hersh Vice President Principal© 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® Atlanta | Chicago | San Francisco | Scottsdale | Stamford
  2. 2. Does Your SaaS Sales Model Support Profitable Growth? CUSTOMER CUSTOMER CUSTOMER $ ACQUISITION ADOPTION RENEWALSALESMODEL • Low renewal ratesCHALLENGES • Contract shrinkage • High cost service models • Difficulty driving product adoption • High customer acquisition cost • Low customer growth rate © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 2
  3. 3. Now Open: AGI SaaS Benchmarking Study The goal of this study is to provide executives at leading SaaS companies with actionable data to inform their 2012 sales strategies. Sales Coverage: What sales roles are SaaS companies deploying at different stages of the sales process? Revenue and Cost: What are the most profitable sales channels? Where are the key areas of investment in the industry? Sales Compensation: What are the trends in pay practices and compensation strategy? WHO SHOULD PARTCIPATE? Leaders at SaaS companies looking for a detailed set of sales-focused metrics to confirm their 2012 strategy.© 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 3
  4. 4. Study Includes Three Focus AreasThe SaaS Benchmarking Study collects data in three categories: 1) sales coverageand strategy, 2) revenue and costs, and 3) sales compensation. Coverage and Revenue and Sales1 Sales Process 2 Sales Cost 3 Compensation Segmentation Model  Customer Acquisition  Average Quota Size Cost  Average Attainment Sales Organization Structure  Monthly Recurring  % of Reps at Quota Revenue Coverage Models  Revenue / Sales Rep  Monthly Sales & Sales Headcount Ratios  Bookings / Sales Rep Marketing Expense Manager Span of Control  Base Pay  Annual Contract Value Channel Mix  SPIFFs, Bonuses and  Average Contract Length Sales Process Stages Variable Pay  Customer Service Cost Sales Cycle Length  Pay Mix  Average Renewal Rates Average Close Rate  Plan Mechanics  Sales Enablement Costs  Performance Measures © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 4
  5. 5. 1 Coverage Models and Sales Process COMMON SaaS COVERAGE MODELS See how other companies Customer define their sales JOB Contract Acquisition Expansion & Adoption Renewal ROLES and how these jobs align to their FARMER Model A HUNTER RENEWAL SALES PROCESS. SPECIALIST Learn how your coverage model productivity and Model B RENEWAL HUNTER / FARMER SPECIALIST resource deployment compare to peer HUNTER companies. Model C RENEWAL Adoption SPECIALIST Manager © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 5
  6. 6. 2 Revenue and Sales Cost % OF REVENUE BY ROUTE TO MARKET1 Understand the IMPACT that your sales organization structure and cost have on key customer metrics. Benchmarking will help identify opportunities to improve productivity Majority of SaaS revenue and utilize lower cost is field driven, but other channels may provide a channels. better ROI1.1AGI Cloud Coverage and Compensation Study, 2010 © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 6
  7. 7. 3 Sales Compensation Trends SaaS COMPENSATION PAY PRACTICES Sales compensation can enable or hinder SALES BEHAVIORS and plays a pivotal role in enhancing sales strategy. See if your sales comp plan is competitive with industry pay levels and pay practices. Majority of SaaS companies use booked revenue as a compensation metric1.1AGI Cloud Coverage and Compensation Study, 2010 © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 7
  8. 8. Study Participation: 4 Step Process1 2 3 4 Executive Data Participant Data Request Interviews Validation Call ReportAGI will conduct Data collection Dedicate a Upon study 2-3 interviews with includes: resource for a completion, AGI senior Sales and Financial metrics data validation call will provide a Marketing submitted via before finalizing participant report Executives to standardized submissions for (no company- capture your go to template report specific data is market strategy Compensation shared). Optional and productivity plan documents report readout by inhibitors Organization AGI charts © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 8
  9. 9. Targeted Participants in Pure SaaSAGI is leveraging existing client relationships and is actively recruiting from a list of over 50additional Pure-Play SaaS companies for this study. Targeted companies include:Target Companies © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 9
  10. 10. Participant Report Detail Sample Report Analyses: DATA CONFIDENTIALITY: All data provided by participant companies will be held in strict confidence • AGI will provide participant report that includes ONLY aggregated information. • AGI will strictly adhere to rules of Safe Harbor Act regarding data confidentiality • NDA is available for any company that would like to complete prior to study participation.© 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 10
  11. 11. Study Rationale • Why Cloud Practices? • Why AGI?
  12. 12. Why Study Cloud Sales Practices?  Definition Of Cloud Computing Evolving Enterprises, governments, and consumers are embracing and consuming emerging technologies at a rapid pace.  Relationship Paradigms Are Eroding Customer / Vendor relationships changing as firms focus on flexibility, adaptability, and choice.  Innovation Fed By Co-Creation Global pace of technical innovation is being fed more and more through co- creation versus traditional product development lifecycle.  Customers Are Driving Adoption They are quick to identify trends, test and deploy technologies, and evolve or dispose of them.  Go-To-Market Model Impacted Everything from strategy to coverage to licensing will be altered by addition of cloud solutions when paired or competing with on-premise offerings.© 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 12
  13. 13. Why Alexander Group? Extensive Sales Strategy & Comp SaaS Knowledge Benchmark Data Expertise • 27 years experience in• Microsoft-sponsored Cloud sales strategy and AGI benchmark services Coverage & Comp Study effectiveness compare detailed• AGI-sponsored Cloud analytics from • Industry leader in Sales Practice and proprietary database of: providing compensation Incentives Study solutions • Over 100,000 incumbents • More than 200 companies • ~20 research projects per• Cloud Practices White Paper year for up-to-date sales and comp trends SaaS Benchmarking StudyAlexander Group’s up-to-date understanding of SaaS best practices coupled withAGI’s extensive benchmark database and leading compensation design expertisewill ensure relevant and valuable findings © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 13
  14. 14. About Alexander Group• Company Overview• AGI Services• Executive Bios
  15. 15. Why Alexander Group? Preferred consultants to premier sales organizationsWe know Sales. Our 26-year focus on helping sales organizations accelerate growth gives us unmatched depth and extensive client experience – we tackle sales issues every day, and drive changes in strategy and execution to impact sales ROI.We work with a range of companies in various stages of maturity. Our client list is diverse – ranging from large Global 2000 companies to smaller growth-oriented firms with rapidly evolving sales model needs in dynamic market environments. We understand the unique challenges for companies in different stages of business maturity, and help companies navigate through various phases of business growth.Our people are passionate about Sales. Our consultants understand how sales organizations work and know the importance of sales to an organization’s success. We hire, develop, and train our consultants to leverage their cross-industry experience to tackle the diverse range of sales challenges facing sales leaders today.Our approach is collaborative and execution-oriented. Our engagements focus on delivering near-term value to our clients, often incorporating implementation phases to ensure effective translation of designed solutions into real-world situations where people need to drive and execute change.© 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 15
  16. 16. Alexander Group Services Business The Alexander Group, Inc. specializes exclusively in go-to-market consulting Mission by helping Global 1000 sales and marketing executives accelerate revenue growth and improve business results. Sales Strategy and Execution  Sales growth specialists  Over 1000 clients in 26 years  Serving >70% of the Fortune 500 ConsultingSales Benchmarks Sales Leadership Events Proprietary database  Compelling keynotes Cross-industry  Big picture strategy +250 companies  Tactical insights +100,000 sales  Top level connections personnel Research Events Preferred consultants to premier sales organizations.© 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® 16
  17. 17. © 2011 The Alexander Group, Inc.® Atlanta | Chicago | San Francisco | Scottsdale | Stamford 17