Creative Tips for Using Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog


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Think video is for the experts? Don't know how to use video to drive traffic to your website or blog? Don't have any video content of your own? Not a problem! Michelle Quillin of New England Multimedia shared this presentation with Engage Marketing University on March 22, 2011. Creative tips for using video to drive traffic -- even if you don't have video content of your own!

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    On our Facebook Page today, we're taking questions about DIY videos, lighting, editing, etc., and I'm going to answer them in a blog post. I'll pop over here and share the link to the post! ~Michelle
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  • Short but very informative. Can you share some tips on how to create nice DIY videos?
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  • How many of you watch educational videos online – social media tips, do-it-yourself projects, anything at all?
  • How many of you will click on a link being shared on Twitter & Facebook if it says “funny” in the description?
  • How many of you have read or skimmed a transcript while watching – or in place of watching – a video?
  • How many of you do NOT have a YouTube channel yet? For those of you who don’t, I want to encourage you – this week – go to YouTube and create an account. You don’t need to have content yet, or do anything fancy. But I guarantee you, if you’re using social media for marketing anything at all, you’re going to need a YouTube channel to round out your efforts. Your YouTube Channel is like a video-enhanced website. There are people with YouTube channels who are using videos they haven’t even produced, by building Channels dedicated to a particular topic, like auto repair, music, or tourism.
  • I’m not going to talk to you today about setting up your Channel, filling out your profile, commenting on videos, or anything else about YouTube. You can hear about that next week at Newport Interactive Marketers when our own Scott Quillin will be speaking with Patrick Hughes on all things video. There’ll be a slide at the end of this presentation with information about that event! I do want to point out the Favorites here, though – on our YouTube Channel, these are videos we’ve produced under the Brand Name New England HD – but here’s where you can list videos that are on-topic with your Channel, even if you haven’t produced them. Make your Channel the place to go for videos that appeal to your target audience!
  • The statistics and personal experience of video content producers and users continues to bear out that video content is powerfully effective for getting the attention of your target audience, especially when combined with other forms, like images and text, and different ways of delivering text. Also, the search engines index video content and include videos in their results. You can learn more about that next week from Scott & Patrick.
  • Always embed your videos on your website, and write a post around them.
  • Always embed your videos on your website, and write a post around them. Here, we used a video of Shamrock Financial Corporations’ Open House, and the video testimonials guests gave for Shamrock. I wrote a post about creative ways to get video testimonials, and embedded the video.We contacted Shamrock to let them know, and they started sharing the post with their network. The people who were in the video started sharing it with theirs as well, and we ended up getting a lot of traffic to our website! You can do the same thing. Think about your target market, the people you want to come to your website so you can sell your products or services to them. What can you write about for THEM? Now, go to YouTube and find a video, using keywords, that you can use in your blog post. Best case? Go to the video owner’s website and see if they’re using social media. Click on their Twitter and Facebook profiles and see how active they are. If they’re not active on social media, find a video whose owner is, and whose target market includes people in your own target market – because they’ll likely share your blog post like crazy, and you’ll get their traffic.
  • Interview people your target market will be interested in! Here, Nikolas Allen, a small business consultant who specializes in branding, interviewed an Ace Hardware Store manager to talk about getting employees on the “Brand Wagon.” Over here, Bryan Stars, who runs a very popular website for music fans, interviews Avenged Sevenfold members backstage. Both of these videos were on YouTube, with the best categories chosen and the videos tagged with keywords their market will search for. They’ll get traffic on YouTube, and also on their websites, because the guys embedded them in their blogs as well. One of my favorite websites, Mixergy, uses nothing BUT interviews. Andrew Warner interviews entrepreneurs who’ve made it big, and uses Skype for the interviews, and records them. So you don’t have to do live interviews, either. Who would your target market be interested in hearing from?
  • For any video, especially interviews, transcripts of the video are a great way to appeal to people who have a hard time sitting through a video, who would rather read text, or who just want to look for specific information. The gravy is that Google and the other search engines can’t search audio – they search for keywords, tags, etcetera. Transcribing your videos takes care of that!! You can upload your transcripts right into your video descriptions on YouTube. It’s very simple. Scott will talk about that next week, or you can go to our blog and find instructions there.
  • Shoot video reviews of something your market will be interested in. For book reviews, best case is to find authors of those books on Twitter or Facebook, review their books, and let them know – give link to your post. We shot this video book review for Suzanne McDonald, who invited Priscilla Pilon In this case, we recorded Suzanne and Priscilla, but since we recorded it, I posted it on our website and let Rahn Shaw, the author of the book, know about it. He has a Twitter profile and he’s very active there, so hopefully he’ll watch it, read the post, and share it with his followers! Traffic to our website! What kinds of reviews would your target market be interested in?
  • Find videos that appeal to our audience and help your message. For example, I found this Inn with no videos on their website. They could ask permission of people who’ve posted videos of Cape Cod on YouTube to use their videos on the Inn’s website. Better yet – have a contest. Ask your followers for Cape Cod videos THEY’VE shot, and post them on your site. They’ll tweet and RT for you!! Have a video contest on Twitter & FB, with the winners having their videos featured on your website/blog.
  • Selling recording tips eBook or webinars?? Do video with “10 tips for…” and caption your video throughout with a link to your website. At the end of the video, instead of giving away the last few tips, send your viewers to your website to get them. I saw a great use of this tip wby a guy who was giving recording tips. When I clicked on the link he provided in the video, I was directed to his website, where a popup encouraged me to subscribe to his newsletter to get the tips! You can also use this tactic to direct people to your FB page, where you have a welcome page they have to “Like” to see the rest of the video or get the rest of the tips. What are some lists your target market would want to hear?
  • Creative Tips for Using Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

    1. 1. Tips and Tricks for Using Video to Drive Traffic Straight to Your Website or Blog<br />(Even if you don’t have any videos of your own)<br />
    2. 2. àla mode stuff<br />lcdemers on YouTube<br /><ul><li>Repairs
    3. 3. Crafts
    4. 4. Music lessons
    5. 5. Cooking
    6. 6. Makeup
    7. 7. Lighting</li></ul>DIY (Do It Yourself) Videos<br />
    8. 8. Funny Videos<br />WeberFamilyLaw<br />Funny video about #parents talking to their kids about #divorce. I probably would not follow this example:<br />Greg_Reibman<br />RT @universalhub: RT @BostonWeddingJP: Somerville made this funny video about rats running rampant.<br />
    9. 9. Video Transcripts<br />
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Jon Buscall:<br />Jontus Media<br />My podcast has actually made a big difference and I’ve seen this with a client I’ve been producing a show for. Her traffic is up 65% and sales almost double that. So I think it can also be about the content you create and throw into the “pond” you’re fishing in.<br />ComScore:<br />Recent Study: 83% watched Web video in January 2011<br />The average online video lasted about five minutes<br />Google’s YouTube led the way: more than 144 million unique viewers<br />Average Google user spent just over 283 minutes watching video content in January.<br />
    13. 13. 6 Tips & Tricks:Using Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog!<br />
    14. 14. Don’t leave videos on YouTube…embed them in your website or blog posts and use them!<br />Write a blog post with the video as center stage or an example.<br />Use other people’s videos to get more traffic. <br />Contact the owner of the video and send them a link to your post.<br />Traffic Tip #1: <br />Embed Video in Blog Posts<br />
    15. 15. Traffic Tip #2: <br />Interview People Your Target Market is Interested In<br />Nikolas Allen <br />BamConsulting on YouTube<br />Bryan Stars<br />BryanStars on YouTube<br />
    16. 16. Many won’t watch a video, but they’ll read the transcript<br />YouTube offers video transcript uploads in the dashboard of your Channel <br />Use a transcription service, or do your own<br />Traffic Tip #3: <br />Video Transcripts for Convenience and SEO Juice<br />
    17. 17. Traffic Tip #4: Video Reviews<br /><ul><li>Products
    18. 18. Books
    19. 19. Music
    20. 20. Video Games
    21. 21. Hotels
    22. 22. Restaurants
    23. 23. Films
    24. 24. Indy Films
    25. 25. Tools
    26. 26. …and whatever your target audience cares about!</li></ul>Suzanne McDonald and Priscilla Pilon review a book on Social Media by Rahn Shaw<br />
    27. 27. Traffic Tip #5: Video Contests to Reinforce Your Message<br />Captains House Inn<br />Cape Cod Videos<br />
    28. 28. Use Top 10 lists that appeal to your target audience<br />When you get to the halfway point, direct your viewers to your website for the rest of the tips. Point to a video caption, or to your video’s description, for the web address<br />Traffic Tip #6: Top 10 Lists<br />
    29. 29. Learn and Leverage Video for Your Brand’s Success with Newport Interactive Marketers<br />New England Multimedia’s Scott Quillin<br />and Visual Post’s Patrick Hughes<br /><br />Tue, March 29, 2011 6-9 pm at Christie’s in Newport<br />