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Jamila kl book

  1. 1. Kuala LumpurMont’Kiara International SchoolMs. Brady’s 3rd Grade Class, 2011-2012Jamila
  2. 2. All about KL Batu CavesKL is the capital of Malaysia. It has Now I would like to tell you about the place withmany tourists attractions and has one of 272 steps to reach the cave which is the Batuthe biggest buildings in the world. If you Caves. Once a year they have a festival called Thaipusam where they pierce themselves, walklook through this book you might be able on fire, and do other rituals. Also if you look upto go home with a few more interesting you can see millions of bats.facts about our host city.
  3. 3. Chinatown DevelopmentNow here are one of the tourist In KL we have developed from living inattractions KL. It is called a jungle to a beautiful city! People usedChinatown. In Chinatown there are to live in wooden houses and now theytwo temples. People enjoy riding have one of the biggest buildings in thebikes and walking around buying world!!!!items in shops, stalls, and going toeat in restaurants.
  4. 4. Food EnvironmentHere in KL in our environment we havelots of trees, plants and and a few areas In KL we have many different kinds of food. For example, Nasi Lemak, a verywhere you can hike in the rain forest. fantastic dish and is very popular inThe rainforest is quite big and has many KL. Here in KL we have many differentanimals, but mostly it is a concrete foods because all of the ethnic groupsjungle! living in KL.
  5. 5. Gombak River HistoryIf the Gombak and the Klang river In 1857, 87 Chinese citizens in search ofweren’t made KL wouldnt have become tin. They sailed from China to KL. Theya city. Raja Abdullah named the area landed at the meeting point where theKuala Lumpur because the two rivers Klang and Gombak rivers meet. Then they(the Klang and Gombak rivers) were started to be cooks and tailors and soonmuddy and KL means in Malay means they became a community.‘muddy confluence’.
  6. 6. International Schools Jungle In KL we have many international schools Here in KL the jungles are beautiful. It issuch as Alice Smith, MKIS, ISKL, and fantastic because you walk, hike, trek, andmore. At the schools here the children’s much more. Also you can hike in F.R.I.Meducation is fantastic and they becomevery smart. and in a few national park there are jungle treks you can trek.
  7. 7. KLCC Lake GardenKLCC was a huge success! It used to In Lake Gardens there are many hills andbe the biggest building in the the whole gardens. A few of the tourists enjoy goingworld! Also two companies had to make to Lake Gardens because of the Bird Park,the towers. The two towers are 88 Hibiscus Garden, National Monument,storeys tall!!!! Orchid Garden, and the Parliament House!
  8. 8. Merdeka National MonumentToday we have had 54 Merdeka days. National Monument is in Lake GardensMerdeka means independence. Merdeka and is one of the tourists attractions inis a celebration because along time ago KL. It was made by an Americanthe British ruled Malaysia. Finally in 1957 sculptor. It was made in 1966.they got their independence!
  9. 9. Orang Asli Palace The Orang Asli are the indigenous people of Here in KL the king lives in a beautifulMalaysia. They live traditionally in the palace which sort of looks like arainforest. There are three groups of the mosque. The palace is called IstanaOrang Asli: the Negrito, Senoi, and the ProtoMalay. Negara.
  10. 10. Q’uran Ramadan Ramadan happens during every month. It is a The Q’uran is a holy book for all movable celebration and so a different month inMuslims. In the Q’uran it tells, in Arabic, the western calendar. In 2011 Ramadan was inthe stories of the Muslim prophets. Some August. During Ramadan for a month almost allof the Muslims keep the Q’uran under the Muslims will fast. Fasting is when you waketheir pillow while they sleep at night. up before dawn to eat breakfast and then youAlso, you can hear the mosque at night can’t eat or drink till after dusk.or in the morning.They are reading fromthe Q’uran. QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  11. 11. Selangor TraditionsSelangor is west of the Klang Valley Here in KL we have many differentwhere the tin mines were. In Selangor traditions because of all the ethnic groupsthere are many tourist attractions like that are living in KL. For example eatingBatu Caves, Hutan Kanching, Shah with chopsticks or eating with your handsAlam, and Malaysia Agriculture Park. are traditional Chinese and Malay ways of eating.
  12. 12. Unity Vitamin B (Beri-Beri)Here in KL we have great unity. When KL was first discovered they didn’tPeople from different races can be know what to do to help people from getting Beri-Beri. The people got Beri-Beri bytogether in different ways. eating white polished rice. The white polished rice gave them Beri-Beri because it had a lack of thamine or vitamin B1.
  13. 13. Weather Experts in KL Here in KL the weather is about 35 C or Experts in KL come from all around95 F. In KL it rains quite a bit, but it is the world. They come to share theiralso very sunny. Often there is a lot of unique skills with the people in KL,lightning. Malaysia, and beyond.
  14. 14. Yap Ah Loy Zoo NegaraYap Ah Loy was the Chinese caption and In Zoo Negara there are animals from Asiagoverned Kuala Lumpur. He helped and Africa. There you can see the Tapir,develop the city during the early days. Milky Stork, Sun bear, Tiger, False Gharial.During the years he became rich and You get to watch some amazing animalpowerful. shows there. Also you can adopt animals.
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