Top 4 Marketing Must-Haves for IT and Engineering Staffing Firms in 2014


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The top 4 marketing must-haves for IT and engineering staffing firms in 2014 which include messaging, online expereince

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  • Let’s first level-set on the ballpark we’re playing in…
    Alexandria, VA, February 14, 2014 – The number of IT jobs grew 0.40 percent sequentially
    last month to 4,587,500, according to TechServe Alliance, the national trade association of
    the IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions industry. On a year-over-year basis, IT
    employment has grown by 2.83% since January 2013 adding 126,200 IT workers.
    Engineering jobs grew once again in January, up 0.13 percent sequentially last month to
    2,483,200. On a year-over-year basis, engineering employment has grown by 1.61% since
    January 2013 adding 39,400 engineering workers. Both indices reflected the Bureau of
    Labor Statistics’ annual rebenchmarking of employment data this month.
  • Apparently, the way to illustrate multi-tasking is through adding more arms if you want to try googling an image for multi-tasking.
  • So not only do people have a limited attention span, but with the competition for IT candidates – and demand on the employers side – you don’t have many chances to get their attention.
    From TechServe and Inavero’s recent 360-degree industry study.
    With more than 80 percent of IT/engineering professionals accepting positions within 3 months and nearly a third within 2 weeks, talent has a very short ‘shelf-life.’
  • According to TechServe, this is the approximate number of IT staffing firms operating in the US – so there is stiff competition.
  • Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, The Associated Press
  • From 360 degree report from TechServe:
    IT and engineering professionals cited assistance finding employment and a consistent income among the top benefits of working with an IT and engineering staffing firm.
  • People hate too much jargon – how can you keep your message as simple as possible.
    There’s even a jargon madness tournament that Forbes has done in the past – in the final four, you can see that drinking the kool aid beat out “empower” to eventually beat leverage as the most hated jargon word in business.
    Your message should be so simple that someone outside the industry could understand it.
    Forbes Jargon Madness:
  • People shouldn't’t be hearing different things if they talk to different people in the industry – or at your company. Once you have a simple message nailed down – you should test that everyone knows and is sharing that same message. With 2500 firms in the industry and not huge investments in marketing or branding, there is definitely an opportunity for you to breakthrough – but you first have to speaking the same language internally.
  • It’s hard to tell everyone apart – the main things that people focus on are relationships, making matches and industry expertise. Nothing really stands out when you look at them side by side.
    I did a quick audit of some of 5 national IT staffing players and the first thing that you approach on their website. As a potential buyer
    or candidate, you need to understand how you stack up. Of course, what you say is one thing and the real test is how you executive, but getting everyone on the same page is important to build your brand and educate the industry.
  • There’s a conference focused exclusively on mobile recruiting and technology – called MREC
    Bottom line? Mobile is where you need to be to find and convert candidates and clients. (Add stats about growth of mobile use overall.)
  • More on Michelin guide origins:
    In 1900 the tire manufacturers André Michelin and his brother Édouard published the first edition of a guide for French motorists. At the time there were fewer than 3,000 cars in France, and the Michelin guide was intended to boost the demand for cars, and thus for car tires. For the first edition of the Michelin Guide the brothers had nearly 35,000 copies printed. It was given away free of charge, and contained useful information for motorists, including maps, instructions for repairing and changing tires, and lists of car mechanics, hotels and petrol stations. In 1904 the brothers published a similar guide to Belgium.[2]
    Most companies in this space are using content marketing to drive traffic back to their website – and some of the correlated goals are for brand awareness, customer acquisition, lead gen and customer retention.
    Your goals might be different – you might create content solely to drive candidates, or solely to provide material for sales rep to provide industry expertise to clients.
  • Think about it like you’re in sales or recruiting – If you don’t know anything about them, it’s hard to motivate them
    You need to understand who you’re creating content for, try to figure out what they care about and THEN start creating that content through unique ways that will get them to act.
    Demographic information, including:
    Job title, role, and responsibilities
    Company size
    Behavioral information, including:
    Motivating factors
    Concerns and pain points
    Role in the purchasing process
    Understanding of your products and services
    Needs met to ensure a purchase
  • This is another chart you might have seen before from the 360 degree study from Inavero and TechServe. This shows what hiring managers worry about. This is a clue to help you build an editorial calendar. You should be building content that your client might be searching for in Google – answers to questions that keep them up at night.
    Have you produced content on retaining internal employees OR how contract work ties to staying on budget?
  • Similar to what was shared on the last slide – understanding what your clients care about is the key to developing a content strategy that will resonate with your main client and candidate audiences.
  • You’re not the first firm to share interview questions or how to build your resume? What about how to build your resume if you’re a java developer.
    Again, from the 360-degree report.
    While both staffing firms and hiring managers agree that having the proper skills for a position is critical to a successful placement, staffing firms underestimate the importance of industry expertise to clients.
    Have you ever interviewed one of your clients about an industry issue and put that on a blog? Strengthen your relationship with clients by giving them more opportunities for exposure as well.
  • Again, let’s go back to last example and take a lesson from how TechServe use the 360 degree study as a piece of content – this is most likely not the first time you’re seeing this content.
    TechServe does a great job to understand what their members want – and that is usually data. They decided to create a report that would answer many of the questions they’re typically getting. This strategy has turned into a substantial data set that turns into content through webinars, articles, speaking opportunities, slides you can use, etc.
  • What’s performing to help drive your strategy going forward – what are the keywords that are driving traffic to your site? Write content around those topics
    People get overwhelmed and don’t know what they would write about – there is a lot to help you guide that and make that conversation – example, you can write a video blog, podcast
  • Social media is more than knowing how to use Instagram or Facebook.
    Requires knowledge about the business, about PR, communications, etc. No class can replace on-the-job training.
    Posts need to reflect your brand
    Need to be looking at metrics that impact your business – it’s not just about the # of likes your FB page has or the # of Twitter followers you have.
    In order for social media marketing activity to generate real results for your business, a solid understanding of your business is required.
    Activity on social media tends to yield the best results when it works in concert with other business functions such as marketing, advertising, sales, human resources, operations, customer service, and more. Simply put, for interns or junior employees to be able to draw connections between all of these functions and correlate them to appropriate efforts on social media will be all but impossible for them to pull off with any level of effectiveness.
    Will your intern know which social media platforms are best for conveying your business’s marketing message? Will an intern understand your company’s goals and commitments enough to properly pass that message on to your customers?
  • Social media can quickly turn into crisis communications – are you ready to trust your intern with that?
  • Top 4 Marketing Must-Haves for IT and Engineering Staffing Firms in 2014

    1. 1. Top 4 Marketing Must-Haves for IT and Engineering Staffing Firms in 2014 Presented by: Michelle Krier,VP Marketing & Digital Services Leah McKelvey, Senior Director of Marketing & Partnerships
    2. 2. Your Presenters 2
    3. 3. Q&A on Twitter • We want to hear from you during this webinar and after  Send us a tweet with the following in front of the message: @clearedgemktg  It will show up on our Twitter profile, open for the public to view  We will reply during the webinar or after • Follow us at 3 Also follow us on… Facebook: LinkedIn: marketing
    4. 4. Today’s Agenda • State of the Industry • 4 Marketing Must-Haves  Messages that Resonate  Engaging Online Experiences  Content That Converts  Creating 2-way Conversations • Q&A 4
    5. 5. State of the Industry 5
    7. 7. What’s the average attention span of an adult? A. 4 seconds B. 8 seconds C. 12 seconds D. 16 seconds 7 ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ??...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. Tell Us…
    8. 8. 8 Seconds: Average Attention Span in 2013 8 Source: US National Library of Medicine
    9. 9. Timeframe is Short to Connect 9 à Amount of time it took 84% of Talent to find their most recent position Amount of time it took 32% of Talent à to find their most recent position 3 Months or Less 2 Weeks or Less SOURCE:
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. Understanding Your Key Differentiators Your homework: Put your elevator pitch to the test •Relevancy: Ask 2 candidates and clients why they chose to work with you to see if those messages are represented on your website •Simplicity & Consistency: Randomly ask 3 people internally for your elevator pitch •Differentiation: Review 3 top competitors’ websites and see how your existing message compares 11
    12. 12. Candidates Share: Pros of Working with Staffing Firms 12 0% 20% 40% 60% Access to otherwise unreachable positions Consistent income Assistance finding employment Top Benefits of Working for an IT/Engineering Staffing Firm Top Ranked 2nd & 3rd Ranked SOURCE:
    13. 13. Candidates Share: Cons of Working with Staffing Firms 13 0% 20% 40% 60% Pay compared to working with a company directly Difficulty in finding proper fit for the position Lack of positions that fit my skills Top Drawbacks of Working for an IT/Engineering Staffing Firm Top Ranked 2nd & 3rd Ranked SOURCE:
    14. 14. Keep it Simple 14
    15. 15. Is Everyone Saying the Same Thing? 15
    16. 16. Know Why You’re Different – Then Execute 16 We know our clients intimately, provide the right placements and establish long term relationships. Our deep insights into human capital management enable us to help our clients achieve their business goals – while optimizing their IT workforce strategies. …with a strong reputation for delivering exceptional technology professionals while maintaining the highest ethical standards. …revolutionizing the industry with our personal touch. …excels at bringing together the brightest technical professionals and the top companies.
    18. 18. How engaging is your online experience for candidates? A. Very engaging – we’ve conducted U/X studies to ensure the best possible experience B. So-so – we’ve tried to make it easy for candidates to apply C. Not at all – it takes 5 clicks just to get to the apply screen D. No idea – marketing controls the website and I’ve never checked it 18 ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ??...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. Tell Us…
    19. 19. The Stats • 43% of job seekers have used their mobile device to engage in job-seeking activity • 27% of job seekers expect to be able to apply for a job from their mobile device 19 Source: 2014 Job Seeker Nation Report by Jobvite
    20. 20. The Stats • 1 BILLION job searches are done per MONTH on a mobile device • Mobile-friendly recruitment has a conversion rate 5 – 10X better than traditional PC recruitment 20
    21. 21. An Engaging Website Is a MUST Your homework: • Try applying – how long does it take, how many clicks? Now try it on your mobile device! • Look at your site on your mobile device and on a tablet – is it easy to navigate/use? • Analyze your Google Analytics to see how much traffic is coming from mobile devices and what pages are most frequently visited 21
    22. 22. Create a Great Experience Across Platforms 22
    23. 23. Create a Great Experience Across All Platforms 23
    24. 24. Tips for Creating an Engaging Online Experience 24 Make it easy!
    25. 25. Tips for Creating an Engaging Online Experience 25 Speak their language. Give visitors options for engaging.
    26. 26. Tips for Creating an Engaging Online Experience 26 Give visitors the tools and resources they need.
    28. 28. Do you create original content tailored to candidates and/or clients? A. No, we only share content developed by others B. We produce a handful of original blog posts or articles a year. C. There is at least one article or blog published a month D. We’re a content-producing machine! 28 ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ??...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. Tell Us…
    29. 29. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? Your customers don’t care about you, your products, your services…they care about themselves, their wants and their needs. Content marketing is about creating interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you. 29 “ ”
    30. 30. Growth of Content Marketing 30
    31. 31. Why Do You Need Original Content? • Typically, IT and Engineering staffing firms are using content marketing to drive traffic to their website and promote the following goals: 31 Source: Content Marketing Institute
    32. 32. First Content Strategy, Then Content Development Your Homework: Take the first steps to developing a content strategy •Start to develop personas for your two main audiences: candidates and clients •Make of a list of topics that each of these personas care about or impacts them •Develop three unique content ideas based on what you know about the personas 32 Source of Example Persona: HubSpot
    33. 33. Best Practices in Persona Building Demographic information, including: •Job title, role, and responsibilities •Department •Company size •Industry •Location •Budget 33 Behavioral information, including: •Motivating factors •Expectations •Concerns and pain points •Role in the purchasing process •Understanding of your products and services •Needs met to ensure a purchase Source: Kevin Cain, Convince & Convert Who are you and why should I care?
    34. 34. Are You Creating Content that Hiring Managers Care About? 34 28% 32% 33% 43% 46% 0% 40% 80% Attracting highly-qualified talent Meeting your department deadlines with the talent you have available Staying within budget Finding highly-qualified talent Retaining top-performing talent Top 5 Things That Keep Hiring Managers Up At Night SOURCE:
    35. 35. Are You Creating Content that Candidates Care About? 35 22% 24% 30% 0% 25% 50% Meeting deadlines Lack of clear career direction/path Staying professionally relevant and employable Top Concerns of IT and Engineering Professionals SOURCE:
    36. 36. Develop Content That Highlights Your Industry Expertise 36 27% 35% 6% 30% 0% 20% 40% Staffing firm is knowledgeable of our company's industry Proper skills for the position Important Factors that Lead to a Successful Placement Clients Say: Staffing Firms Say: SOURCE:
    37. 37. Types of Content • Surveys (can give you the data to drive several different types of content) • Blog posts • Articles (contributing to industry publications) • eBooks • Webinars • Speaking opportunities • Customer roundtables 37
    38. 38. Organize Your Approach: Example Editorial Calendar (Blog) 38
    39. 39. Track the Engagement on your Content • Google Analytics  Keywords  Traffic • Bitly links for sharing 39
    41. 41. How engaged is your social community? A. Highly engaged (we frequently receive questions and comments) B. Somewhat engaged (some of our posts get comments) C. Not at all engaged (we post but no one comments) D. What’s a social community? 41 ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ??...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. ???...???..???…. Tell Us…
    42. 42. Social Media is Like a Cocktail Party 42 This Not This
    43. 43. Creating Two-Way Conversations Via Social Media • Your homework: create 1 post per week that will encourage engagement. Ideas:  Ask questions. “What’s most important to you when considering a job offer: salary or location?”  Fill in the blank. “When I have a job interview coming up, I ____. ” or “My dream job is ____.”  Caption this (photo/video): ­ Tip: think carefully about what type of image you choose and what emotions you will trigger with your post. You want a positive association between the photo and your brand.  Encourage likes. “’Like’ if you’d be open to a new job opportunity this year.” ­ Tip: Use a photo with this one! 43
    44. 44. Encourage Comments, Questions and Discussions 44
    45. 45. Encourage Comments, Questions and Discussions 45
    46. 46. Tips for Managing Your Social Efforts 46
    47. 47. Tips for Managing Your Social Efforts 47
    48. 48. Tips for Managing Your Social Efforts 48
    49. 49. Tips for Managing Your Social Efforts 49
    50. 50. Tips for Managing Your Social Efforts 50
    51. 51. 51 It’s Your Turn… Questions? Comments?
    52. 52. Need Help? Contact Us Any Time! 52 Michelle Krier VP Marketing & Digital Services Tel: 414.617.3103 Email: Twitter: @michellekrier LinkedIn: Leah McKelvey Senior Director of Marketing & Partnerships Tel: 330.559.5259 Email: Twitter: @LMcKelvey LinkedIn: