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Your web presence
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Your web presence
Your web presence
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Your web presence
Your web presence
Your web presence
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Your web presence
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Your web presence
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Your web presence
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Your web presence


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Social Media Marketing SEM …

Social Media Marketing SEM
Search engine optimisation SEO

Published in: Education
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  • Top Search engines:Google, Yahoo, msn search, AOL search,
  • Transcript

    • 1. Your Web Presence and Digital Marketing
      Michelle Flynn
    • 2. There are obstacles to implementing a web presence for companies, such as:
      Lack of Expertise
      Non Relevancy to a companies customer base
      Technology based restrictions
      Security considerations
      Business Obstacles
    • 3. Why Search Engine Marketing?
      How to get listed in search engines?
      Optimising websites
      Paid vs. Organic listings
      Pay Per Click Campaign
      Search Engine Marketing Strategies
    • 4. Overview of how Google analyses your Site
      How Search Engines Work
      • Indexation
      • 5. Ranking
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
      Includes SEO
      It monitors and maintains payper-click (PPC) campaigns e.g. Google/ Facebook Ad words.
      Exchanging links with other websites
      Buying links from other sites or directories
      Paid inclusion in smaller search engines
      What is SEM?
    • 6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via “natural” (organic” or “algorithmic”) search results ranking it high up in search results.
      As an internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for.
      Optimising a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords.
      What is SEO?
    • 7. Advantages
      Low cost, no money given to search engines
      Users 80% more likely to click there
      High positions can last long into the future
      Perceived as a quality endorsement
      Time required before results appear
      Difficult for highly competitive phrases
      No guarantees
      Pros & Consof Organic Listings
    • 8. Identify target key phrases approx. 4/page
      Include the key phrase throughout the page
      Get links to the site
      SEO Basics
    • 9. Identify Target Key Phrases
      What phrases would potential customers type in?
      What queries have actually been conducted?- most popular queries
      Keyphrase Research
    • 10. Include the key phrases on the page
      Once in the page title
      Once in the heading on a page
      Once in regular text on the page
      Once in Bold Text
      NB: Ensure Keywords blend in
      Page Optimisation
    • 11. Every page should have a unique title
      Title is built around target term for that page
      This will be a 2 or 3 word term
      “The Nike Running Shoes Collection”
      Keep it short, attractive and enticing.
      Remember you want people to be interested
      Title Tag- Your secret Weapon
    • 12. Use it to describe pages your way, not the search engine’s way
      Sell your site, but don’t mislead
      Incorporate the page’s target term
      200-250 characters in lenght, but more is okay
      In a hurry? Just use the first paragraph of each page
      Meta Description Tag
    • 13. Avoid these Spam Techniques
      Hidden/Invisible Text
      Keyword stuffing (in alt tags or below the footer)
      Bounce Pages, Dummy pages re-routing to website
      Page Jacking (Plagiarised content)
      Link farms and link spam
      Optimisation Don’t
    • 14. Content Tips
      Google Ignores Meta Keyword Tags
      Focus on one or two key phrases per page
      .......But add as many pages as you can
      Regularly check your stats for popular phrases
      Make it text rich (avoid multimedia)
      Optimisation Do’s
    • 15. Content is no cheap, Requires;
      “Users don’t read on the web: They SCAN the text”- Jakob Nielsen
      Content Management
    • 16. Allow white space
      Paragraphs no longer than 50 words or seven lines
      Bullet points and subheads
      Articles no longer than 500-700 words
      Concise rather than comprehensive
      Top Tips for content that pays off
    • 17. Active voice and lively language
      The 4 C’s of effectiveness: Clarity, Conciseness, Completeness, Correctness
      Light on waffle, heavy on value ( 80/20 rule)
      Plan for “no image” recipients
      Push out content- keep content relevant and up to date,
      Top Tips for content that pays off
    • 18.
    • 19. Get links to many pages, not only the homepage
      Get links from reputable websites with similar themes to yours
      Link exchanges are good, but one way links are better
      Search engines give higher rankings to those that have inbound links
      Outbound links allow users to find content relevant to them
      Link Strategy
    • 20. Uses valid, standards, compliant HTML and CSS
      Has text links to all of the pages on the website
      Is usable and accessible
      Uses legible URLs that match page names
      A search engine friendly website
    • 21. The right domain name
      Keyword research
      Competitor analysis
      Meta data
      Content is king
      Online PR
      Integrate with all offline marketing opportunities
      Measure your success
      Zero Budget Online Marketing Tips
    • 22. Visibility
      Return on Investment
      Measures of online success
    • 23. Thank you for reading this presentation.If you would like further information, please email me at