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Cuba itineraryweb

  1. 1. Theodore Roosevelt Association Strenuous Life Adventures! CHAIR Michele Bryant 
  2. 2. Theodore Roosevelt Association Strenuous Life Adventure - Cuba Prepared by Michele Bryant
  3. 3. PLEASE NOTE:We will make every effort to operate the program as outlined herein. However, circumstances beyond our control may arise which would require an adjustment to the tour or its inclusions. We will do all that is possible to avoid such changes but we must reserve the right to make such modifications. Normal cancellation penalties still apply to any program that has been changed. Castillo del Morro Nightly cannon Michele ceremony Prepared by lighting Bryant
  4. 4. Theodore Roosevelt Association Strenuous Life Adventure – Cuba Itinerary As a participant, your tour is being arranged by Insight CubaLicensed TravelInsight Cuba, worked closely with The Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, between 2000-2004 in order to create legal travel programs to Cuba for U.S. citizens. Due to regulation changes at the end of2003, Insight Cuba, as well as numerous other organizations, had to suspend their travel programs. In light of thenew regulations released by the Obama Administration, we are excited to once again facilitate People-to-PeopleEducational Exchanges.Insight Cuba has been issued a specific license by The Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign AssetsControl, which authorizes registered guests of our programs to visit Cuba legally. There are no applications tocomplete, and your travel with us is fully authorized.Prior to your departure, you will receive a copy of our Specific License and a Letter of Authorization which legalizesyour travel to Cuba. Simply carry your license and Letter of Authorization with your travel documents, as you maybe required to present both documents prior to boarding a direct flight from the U.S. to Cuba, or upon your return tothe U.S. when going through immigration.
  5. 5. Theodore Roosevelt Association Strenuous Life Adventure – Cuba Itinerary Celebrate Presidents Day in Cuba! Friday, February 17, 2012 Miami to Havana Havana to Santiago de Cuba Santiago de Cuba to Havana Havana to Miami Arrive Back in Miami February 24 Prepared by Michele Bryant
  6. 6. Bienvenidos a Cuba!Arrive at José Martí International Airport –HavanaWelcome to Cuba! After clearing immigration and customs, yourCuban host will greet you and escort you to your motor coach.Take a Scenic Trip to Hotel NacionalEnjoy a scenic trip to your hotel in Havana. Take some time to settlein, and spend the rest of the day at your leisure, soaking up theincredible sights and sounds of the city.Enjoy a Bully Welcome Dinner!Celebrate your arrival with a welcome dinner at your hotel.Dinner Included
  7. 7. Explore Old Havana!Journey Through Habana ViejaAfter breakfast well stroll through the streets of historic Habana Vieja,exploring the famous Cathedral Square, Plaza de Armas (where U.S.Troops camped during the occupation), the City Museum, and Palaciode Los Capitanes Generale (where the transfer of power from Spain tothe U.S. Took place). The city has been restored to its historic splendorby UNESCO World Heritage; it exudes colonial charm at its finest andis a must-see for all travelers.Meet with Professors and Students for DiscussionsAfter lunch, meet with professors and students at the University ofHavana and participate in a discussion of the Spanish American war.After that, we head over to the Vedado section of Havana, to visit ElMorro castle (at the entrance of Havana Harbor where the USS Maineblew up), along with The Monumento a las Victimas de Maine alongthe majestic waterfront and the elegant neighborhood of Miramar.Experience the Traditional Cannon BlastEnjoy the traditional cannon blast ceremony at Carlos de la CabanaFortress, historically used to signal the opening and closing of the gateof the fortress. It is now one of the oldest traditions in Havana.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Included
  8. 8. People-to-People and Cuban Culture!Share Special Moments with the ChildrenThis morning, well make a special trip to the Hogar para Niños sinAmparo Filial Bauta orphanage right outside of Havana. Visits fromAmericans are so rare and exciting for these children; you’ll begreeted with outstretched arms and open hearts.Marvel at Napoleon ArtifactsThe Napoleonic Museum is one of the most important of its kind inthe world. Housed in a Florentine-style palace, treasured objectsused by Napoleon Bonaparte who had guns in the battle ofBorodino, cocked hat and glasses used in Santa Elena, in additionto parts of the Bourbon monarchy, the first empire and personalbelongings of Napoleon I. Charles Bonaparte was the grandnephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, and served as Secretary of theNavy and Attorney General for Theodore Roosevelt..Head up the Hills to GuanabocoaNext, well explore Guanabocoa and learn about the religion ofSanteria. We will also have the unique experience to sit down andtalk to local residents about life there. Later that evening, we willhave dinner at our hotel and attend a famous block party wherepeople from all walks of life come to discuss neighborhood issues,eat, drink and form friendships.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Included
  9. 9. Its off to Santiago de Cuba!Adios Havana!In the morning your Cuban host will escort you on a short flightfrom Havana to Santiago de Cuba.Meet with a University Professor and Studentsfor DiscussionsOnce weve landed, well tour and meet with a university professorand students to have a lecture on the seige of Santiago, withopportunities to ask lots of questions and gain insight on the history.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Included
  10. 10. "Roosevelt...made you feel like you would liketo cheer."Trace TR Through the Spanish American WarThis morning well head out for a tour of the Spanish American War.Well start in Siboney to talk about the Rough Riders landing atDaiquiri on June 22, 1898, and Siboney, which was one of threesites east of Santiago where American expeditionary forces landedin Cuba and where the Rough Riders made night camp on the wayto battle.Well then tour Las Guasimas, tracing the area where the first battleor skirmish of the U.S. army troops occurred with the Spanish.Next, well stop at El Viso Fort, the target of U.S. artillery shellingduring the battle of El Caney, followed by El Caney church andcourtyard area, the site of intense fighting between U.S and Cubanforces and the Spanish army on July 1, 1898.And of course, well tour San Juan Hill Military park (hill) includingthe Peace Tree and a walk around Kettle Hill!That evening, well meet with a historical society and participate in adiscussion regarding the history of the Spanish American War.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Included
  11. 11. Castillo del MorroJourney Through a Fortress like TR!This morning, take an unforgettable journey to see the Castillo delMorro San Pedro de la Roca like TR did! Designated a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site in 1997, the castle has breathtaking views ofthe sea, and is massive! Wander through the maze of rooms,viewing prison cells, a chapel, and tons of bedrooms, which onceaccommodated 150 soldiers. Well make a stop in the Museo dePiratería, an interesting museum within the castle, which showcasesinformation and materials on pirate raids that occurred in the 16thcentury. While at the castle, meet with Cuban Historians to discussthe Spanish American War, and its impact on Cuba .TR writes about Castillo del Morro in his book Rough Riders:“One day General Lawton, General Wood and I, with Ferguson and poor Tiffany,went down the bay to visit Morro Castle. The shores were beautiful, especiallywhere there were groves of palms and of the scarlet-flower tree, and the castleitself, on a jutting head land, overlooking the sea and guarding the deep, narrowentrance to the bay, showed just what it was, the splendid relic of a vanished powerand a vanished age. We wandered all through it, among the castellatedbattlements, and in the dungeons, where we found hideous rusty implements oftorture; and looked at the guns, some modern and some very old. It had been littlehurt by the bombardment of the ships. Afterward I had a swim, not trusting muchto the shark stories. We passed by the sunken hulks of the Merrimac and the ReinaMercedes, lying just outside the main channel. Our own people had tried to sinkthe first and the Spaniards had tried to sink the second, so as to block the entrance.Neither attempt was successful.”Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Included
  12. 12. Back in Havana!Fly from Santiago de Cuba to HavanaToday, head back to Havana on a morning flight.Share Experiences at the Friendship HouseCasa de la Amistad or Friendship House is a majestic mansion thatevokes a Florentine palace from the beginning of twentieth century.The building is a real treat to the eye and emblematic of Cubasmulti-layered history.Commemorate Our Time in Cuba with aFarewell DinnerWe share our last night together with a very special farewell dinner.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Included
  13. 13. Adios Cuba!“I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignobleease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life.”Adios Cuba! After breakfast, you’ll bid farewell to Cuba, as youboard your flight back to Miami. Return back to U.S. with amazingmemories and experiences you will treasure forever!Breakfast Included
  14. 14. Theodore Roosevelt Association Strenuous Life Adventure – Cuba ItineraryIncluded in the tour:U.S. Treasury Department License and Letter of Authorization5 star hotel accomodations - Havana:Hotel Nacional/ Santiago de Cuba:Hotel MeliaAll Meals (Day of arrival:Dinner only - Day of departure:Breakfast only)Internal round trip flight Havana to Santiago de CubaDays full of guided activitiesYour Cuban Host (Tour guide)Expert LecturesAll entrance fees to scheduled events and activitiesAll in-country ground transportation and transfersTravel health insurance, emergency medical evacuation, & trip cancelation coverage (up to $1000)Insight Cuba Travel Handbook24-hour emergency service hotlineCost:$2997(per person double occupancy)$3297 (per person single occupancy)