Setting up a wordpress blog
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Setting up a wordpress blog






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Setting up a wordpress blog Setting up a wordpress blog Presentation Transcript

  • Setting Up A Wordpress Blog
    How to set up a free blog in less than 10 minutes.
  • Step 1
    Enter the URL address below in
    your web browser
  • Step 2“Sign Up Now”
    Click the orange button labeled
    “Sign up now”
    You will find the button in the
    upper right quadrant of the page.
  • Step 3Username
    Type in the username you wish
    to be identified by on the
    Wordpress network.
    This is the name which you will
    use to log in to your blog in the
    Be advised, you will not be able
    to change this in the future so
    pick a username you are content
  • Step 4Password
    Type in the password that you
    want to use.
    Remember to make a note of
    both the username and
    password you assign to your
    blog, just in case your memory
    fades over time. You will need
    both of them to log in to your
    Wordpress account to update
    your blog in the future.
  • Step 5Email
    Type in the email address you
    want Wordpress to use to notify
    you of anything of importance
    regarding your blog.
    For example, this is the email
    address you want to use to be
    notified when someone has left a
    comment or feedback on your
  • Step 6Legal Box
    After you have reviewed the
    legal disclosures click the
    appropriate box to indicate your
    acceptance of the legal term.
  • Step 7“Gimme a Blog”
    At this point you will be given a
    choice to set up a blog or just
    reserve a domain name.
    Go ahead and elect “Gimme a
  • Step 8Click “Next”
    Click the button labeled, “Next.”
  • Step 9Blog Domain
    Whatever you enter here will be
    part of the URL for your blog. It
    will be what your clients will type
    in to their computers to find you.
    It will also be what search
    engines, like Google, will use to
    identify you.
    Be advised, you will not be able
    to change this in the future,
    although if you “buy” a domain
    name you can link it to your blog.
  • Step 10Blog Title
    This is the title that will display
    on each page of your blog.
    For example, my blog’s title is
    The Insurance Barn Consulting
  • Step 11Language
    In this box you will elect the
    language in which you want
    to write and publish your blog.
  • Step 12Privacy
    In this area you will elect whether
    you want to make the contents of
    you blog viewable by everyone
    or public or if you want to restrict
    it only to people you invite to
    view it or private.
  • Step 13“Sign-Up”
    Once you have completed the
    previous activities click the
    button to “Sign-Up”
    You are not ready to enter the
    blogosphere and start interacting
    with people on line.
  • The Insurance Barn Consulting
    (832) 767-8059