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Final report on my process _ Michela Pasini

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Make it social, make it private

  2. 2. background information / A New Generation of entrepreneursIn this worldly context of change, there is an upcoming influence of a gene-ration of new entrepreneurs, that experiences creative freedom. # With their desire to create and the technical gear (hard & software) available, they are starting their own little businesses – especially if they can’t find their creative freedom within the existing corporations. # Digital is no longer something new, it’s a given. This is a network-generation of entrepreneurs that is characterized by a cocktail of the concepts ‘multi’, ‘sha- ring’, ‘inline’ and ‘open’ and that will change the future as they like to do it on their own terms. They don’t wait for something to happen, they start doing it.
  4. 4. our team / who we are#1 Collaboration favourites favourites manga, tv series, theatre manga, movies, music background background Art highschool Industrial design Politecnico di Milano National University of Singa- pore Exchange Program Michela Pasini skills Yolanda Pan sketching, graphic, visual art skills 22 years old 21 years old sketching, graphic, Italian 3d modelling, rendering Chinese rendering, photographing favourites favourites carnaval, gaming, pub (ga- staying at home, mes) 3d animation, geeks background background Mechanical Engineering Industrial design User Experience Design skills Internship programming, Interface Zhang Yue (aido) Jeroen Bun skills Design, flash, dreamweaver, 20 years old 22 years old Interaction Design, Interface android Chinese Dutch Visual Design, User Research, HTML+CSS n o ti ra bo lla co
  5. 5. our team / how we collaborate n o ti ra bo lla co
  6. 6. our team / how we worked What does a new - entrepreneur need? en Europe and China? How can we combxine How can we mind the gap between physical and digital spaces? new and old entrepreneurs?What are the new trends What is generation 404? for new entrepreneurs?How can we collaborate What is still missing? with the chinese? MI G D-T EETIN ER M FM EX HIB OF o n ICK ITIO ti K N ra bo lla co
  7. 7. e pren urs dia En tre M e es l Socia SpacNe w Who are they? Where do new entrepreneurs work? Why are they important? What do they need? Are they private or public? Which are the most useful? How do they work? How are they organized? How can you improve your work How can they start a business? How can you access to them? using them? How can they been improved? What are the new opportunities? #2 Research
  8. 8. New entrepreneurs / Generation 404
  9. 9. What is Generation 404? 404 Not found Error message indica- A new generation of entrepreneurs, born in a ting client was able to communicate but other social and economic context that allowed the party either could not creation of a new mentality: digital, free, enter- find what was reque- sted, or was configured prising and dynamic. not to fulfil the request and did not reveal the reason why. Generation 404 Generation Before Google Younger than Jesus Older than Jesus Entrepreneurial Employee Open network Closed network Flat communication Hierarchy Flexibility Bureaucracy Serendipity Routine Multi disciplinary Focused Passion driven Revenue driven Trial | error Risk aversion404, from the famous error page, indicates a Embracing knowledge Visual thinking Maintaining stability Text drivengroup of young people who were able to percei- Co-mingle Protectionism Positive Cynicalve the potential of new media, and have found Digital IQ Offline IQways to adapt their work to it, by inventing a new Empowered women Post Google populism IT-girls Intellectualismconcept of entrepreneurship. c h ar se re
  10. 10. Successful / new entrepreneurs Chris Hughes Tavi Gevinson Daniel Ek Grom, Martinetti Susan e Eric Kroger Chiara Ferragni Tristan Harris Jenni Britton Zennstrom, Friis Nalden A dynamic group of self-starters that has managed • tribe-builders to raise money, launch new products, build new • a very social generation technologies, and tap into underserved markets. • comfortable with teamwork and collaboration They’re starting companies with college pals, spou- • enthusiastic for the always-uncertain ses, or siblings. entrepreneurial life ch ar se re
  11. 11. THEY ARE THEY NEED Young different spaces multi Creative save timeTrendsetter share informationIndependent find and mantain sharing contacts and Traveller collaborations Flexible being up to datePassionate manage tasks Confident open face failureConnected c h ar se re
  12. 12. A NEW ENTREPRENEUR INTERVIEWOne man business, run by a young creative guy that organize events.Started 1,5 years ago, must be profitable within 3 years.Activities include:• Organizing custom events (company events, public events, birth- days, anniversaries, weddings etc).• Booking artists for events from database• Expanding and maintaining artist databaseOperates from home.Meets clients at home or external location.No employees.Outsourced bookkeeping and website.PROBLEMS ENCOUNTEREDOutsourcing Work Branding/Promotion?Bookkeeping Ways for showing to others(financial management) A website is not easy,website (promotion) so make it easy? design must be consideredTeam or Individual? Home? Cafe’? Office?Cost Number of membersCollaboration problem Cost and environmentTrust Networking (online and offline) c h ar se re
  13. 13. Spaces
  14. 14. New Generation / New Spaces The office becomes a place for sharing.# The new trend for young Nocos, China No office, cafe office Design Library, Milano entrepreneurs are uncom- mitted places around the world for accessing space, resources, connections, knowledge, experience and investment. Places that borrow from the best of a member’s club, an innovation agency, a serviced office and a think-tank to create a very different kind of innovation environ- ment. Places with all the tools and trim- Spaces, Amsterdam The Hub, Amsterdam mings needed to grow and develop new ventures. ch ar se re
  15. 15. recreation spacesSPACES NEED TO meeting spaces Integrate different ambients Be comfortable & convenient, clean & safe Inspire creativity work Be covered with fast network spaces Improve space utilization Encourage communication Implement the ways for sharing cafeteria Office automation Improve Efficiency library h shops c ar se re
  16. 16. Social Media
  17. 17. Technology haschanged the waywe communicateand the way weconsume media.People access in-formation anywhe-re, anytime.Social media isbecoming a main-stream businesstool. c h ar se re
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIAGive everyone theability to create andspread content asfast as never befo-re.It favors newways of:CommunicateCooperateBecoming PublicInteractConnectCreate communities ch ar se re
  19. 19. #3 Concept
  20. 20. first ideas / brainstorming HOW CAN WE HELP ENTREPRENEURS WORKING? 1) Time planning 2) Task Management 3) Records of meetings and discussions 4) Mind map 5) Instant messaging 6) Company email 7) Collaboration platform 8) Presentations 9) Sharing 10) Project archive (WIKI) 11) Networking of Colleagues t ep nc co
  21. 21. two teams / two concepts Shop&show Immagine cinese concept dutch concept t ep nc co
  22. 22. CONCEPTImmagine online easily accesible platform that allows the new entrepreneur to create his own personal branding using a “what you see is what you get” tool. The entrepreneur can create is own personalized material (such as website, presentation, business cards, let- ters...) through templates made my creative professionists. After he finished his work he automatically publish it on social-networks like Facebook or Twitter, promoting the owner of the template and his own brand. The platform is connected to a printshop. The new entrepreneurs can always edit his work and modify it, to keep it up-to-date. TARGET not creative entrepreneurs: without knowledge on the graphic design field. They use templates made by creative entrepreneurs. creative entrepreneurs: professionist as graphic designers. They make the template and they can put it on the website for free or for a small fee in order to promote their work through social networking and through people using it. t ep nc co
  23. 23. Immagine / features who are you? what is your company about? show to everybody your new image! publish it on your favourite social network. choose the template explain that fits you better. register your identity The system will provide you with suggestions. become a member publish of Immagine and share your experience with other use your choose entrepreneurs. logo your style already have a logo? print upload it and use it for your branding! edit and modify print your work directly on the online printshop and receive all adapt the template the material directly to your needs at home.IMMAGINE and use it for creating whateverimagine yourself you want to have. t ep nc co
  24. 24. Immagine / prototype t ep nc co
  25. 25. t ep nc coShop&Show
  26. 26. co nc ep t
  27. 27. creative box#4 Final Product
  28. 28. Creative box / What is already on web? online design portfolios download website add features and possibility COMBINE improve quality and branding t uc od pr
  29. 29. Creative box / What is it about? CONCEPT TARGET FOCUS Online platform for creative entrepre- • sharing works sharing your creative neurs and experience work, download other (designers, graphic members work and designers, fashion • promoting directly using it for designers, architects, your projects. photographers, art- • outsourcing ists, etc) Creative Box
  30. 30. Creative box / How does it work? register as explore download for share your a new our wide free amazing work and get member library works advertised CreativeBox is a community of passionate developers and designers focused on helping themselves and others creative entrepreneurs to share their works following a new inn o- vative idea of copyright. Everything on CreativeBox can be downloaded for free just by publishing and advertising it on your social networks. Become a member, share your work and download other people material. You will find new ways of design, advertise yourself and your work, and meet new amazing collaborators everyday. t uc od pr
  31. 31. Creative box / What are its components? The index of all the members of the platform. You can find there their An easy tool that lets all the A search bar, to easily profile, their works and their members easily comunicate find any content inside contacts. with all the creatives entre- the website preneurs that belong to the platform creative box explore members messages about my box search A fast way to go trough all User’s profile, with settings the works exhibitied in the but also with all the works website, ranked in different you have downloaded, and ways (popular, newest, follo- the latest news from the wed, etc...) members you’re following t uc od pr
  32. 32. Creative box / What can I download? tunes typography icons photographs CREATIVE BOX illustrations vectors t uc od pr
  33. 33. USERS FEATURES. visitors : can only visit the website and Every member:see the different works to take inspirationwithout the possibility of downloading it or . can have a profile: who are you? howadding new stuff do you work? how can somedoby con- tact you?. member : must be an entrepreneur. canhave a profile, share its work and down- . share its own work and make it avail-load other work. able for other users. administrator . download other users’ work by publish- ing this action on a social media (such as facebook or twitter) and promote other people work . can download only if upload . contact other members t uc od pr
  34. 34. POSSIBLE FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS# explain and promote the new copyright licenses (ex. creative commons)# create a community, with helping desk, forum, possibility to add comments# add simple tools to modify the differents works directly on the website (“what you see is what you get” tools) for unexperienced users. t uc od pr