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Facebook Marketing Model: Brand Socialization

Facebook Marketing Model: Brand Socialization



While reflecting on the powerful elements that make Facebook a valuable marketing medium, I realized I was creating a model that was applicable to all social media. Looking for feedback and ...

While reflecting on the powerful elements that make Facebook a valuable marketing medium, I realized I was creating a model that was applicable to all social media. Looking for feedback and improvement-points I leave it here at your C-ontribution. Surprise me ;-)



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  • Hi,

    I have written an interesting article about socialization of websites :

    Here's our point of view at Opengraphy about the subject you raise.

    People are social now,
    Facebook Pages are also social
    Advertisers, journalists and webmasters want to go on Facebook to take advantage of the fantastic Social functionnalities of the site.

    It's also because their own sites are not social and they are limited when it comes to giving visibility to their content.

    Did you know that with the new languages like OpenGraph - whom development has been triggered by Facebook.- you can give any website page the same functionnalities as a facebook page ?

    OpenGraphy is a company focused on optimizing websites for Facebook and other social networks.

    We help our customers generate millions of fans with their existing visitors giving their pages powerfull social functionnalities.

    Make your users become fans of your content with our Application and Insights tools !

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  • Previously, my model was named 'the 5 CON's PRO-Facebook'. After reading the following I changed it to C's; social influence marketing 'There are six “Cs” of social influence marketing — the main principles that make it work.'

    There are quite some touch points between the two models. This article convinced me I was on to something.
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  • What a pity; when uploading a new version of the model I lost all the comments. Basically we had two discussions ongoing:

    - why don't you put customization in there? Well I agree, personalizing your homepage (on Netlog for instance) is a way for social networks to involve their members more by letting them ventilate their uniqueness. From this angle, personalization is very close to what I see as Contribution. On the other hand, if you look at it from the advertiser's perspective, namely offering those different page-layouts, then I see it more as offering unique Content. E.g. The 'Coca-Cola Happiness Factory' background for your personal page on Netlog is a good example of Coca-Cola offering (exclusive) content to the people on the network Netlog.

    - the other discussion was about brand identity and where does it come from: the company or the people? Well, initially the company, but in my opinion people take over as they tend to give a brand new content (identity-features) by their usage, beliefs, behavior with the product. It's important for a brand to be aware of this (Obvious one? cfr. Coke light being more and more drunk by women with time, and Coca-Cola reacting by filling the opened-up niche with a male Coke light [zero])
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  • Prosumers, engagement en branded web 3.0.: http://www.digimedia.be/detail05nl.asp?Id=5855

Facebook Marketing Model: Brand Socialization Facebook Marketing Model: Brand Socialization Presentation Transcript

  • The 5 C’s of Brand Socialization A roadmap to business generation powered by social media BRAND SOCIALIZATION CONTINUOUSLY
  • Socialization “…to render social, to make fit for living in society…” Clausen 1968
  • Brands are just names for solutions. Needs Solutions Branded Solutions And very very useless, if people don’t discuss them.
  • Brand Socialization [Brand] Socialization refers to the process of learning one’s [consumer-]culture and how to live within it. [Brand] Socialization should provide the skills, [the methods,] the habits [and the technologies] necessary for acting and participating within the society. Wikipedia & [me]
  • Why are we thinking about this? “Don’t expect your customer to visit you, YOU have to meet her in her interest fields” 5
  • Brand Socialization (applied to Facebook) CONTENT What? Give access to unique content or applications that enrich people’s lives in a tangible way. Transform branding from professional irritant to useful precious. How? On Facebook companies can offer brand content in original formats BRAND (e.g. branded utilities or widgets). SOCIALIZATION CONTINUOUSLY Example: Blokbuster’s “Movie Clique”-application
  • Thank you for Your Attention Traditional Advertising Stops Here
  • Brand Socialization (applied to Facebook) CONTRIBUTION What? User generated content makes your brand promise genuine and utterly convincing. Make them engage, share, personalize, … and before you know they will have become brand ambassadors. How? Facebook offers an experience-sharing BRAND platform that allows its users to SOCIALIZATION contribute opinions, photo’s and video’s empowering the social affirmation of an entire community behind your product. CONTINUOUSLY Example: Victoria’s Secret Facebook Page
  • Brand Socialization (applied to Facebook) CONTEXTUALIZATION What? No more is a brand what the company says about its product. It’s what a friend tells a friend. Social context to product -interest, -preference, -purchase or -use offers a much richer interpretation. How? Facebook allows travelling content, BRAND from friend to friend. Brands become a SOCIALIZATION part of people's daily conversations; - interest or preference Facebook Groups - purchases Beacon - ads Social Ads CONTINUOUSLY Example: Facebook example for Social Ads
  • Brand Socialization (applied to Facebook) CONTINUOUSLY What? Brand communication is surpassing the boundaries of time & space. Brand conversations are taking place anytime involving people from anyplace around the world. Make your brand ubiquitous. How? Facebook is accessible 24/7 from any BRAND kind of device with internet connection. SOCIALIZATION CONTINUOUSLY Example: Mobile Facebook
  • Brand Socialization (applied to Facebook) CONVERSATION What? Continue the dialogue wholeheartedly. Guide them through non-stop interaction from interest into action. An ongoing conversation leads to a relationship and a relationship leads to affinity. Qualify & follow-up their needs. How? BRAND Facebook offers the possibility to SOCIALIZATION leverage the conversation up to a next chapter in the decision making process. CONTINUOUSLY Example: H&M Facebook page refers to H&M online shop
  • Marketing Communication ….is not walking the classical path anymore
  • “We aren’t in the telling business… We are in the catalyst business” ScenarioDNA The Consumer Insights Think Tank
  • The -SO WHAT!?- Slide So What!? Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… they are just channels. Correct. For them to really work, you need - a social product and/or a sticky story around the brand - passionate people on the inside (Conversation Managers Champs) - useful and precious content online (e.g. branded utilities) - just one killer-idea …and someone skeptic to filter out the bad ideas MY BEST HINT Challenge @Crusty from Emakina.com @Moorke