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497410347 audio story book

  1. 1. • Lion Dino and Little Mouse Mike • Class: E4A • Chinese name: 謝昊展 • English name: Michael Hsieh • Student number: 497410347 • Instructor: Dr. Chao 趙毓銓主任
  2. 2. Lion Dino is the king of the land. I’m the king!!!
  3. 3. He likes to bully others to show his power.Hey! You coward! Go to hell! Ouch!!!
  4. 4. He even likes to grab the preys that others have hunted. What? No way! I’ve been working hard on it all day long. Get out of my way!Hey! Stop! Leave your food!Or I’m going to bite you.
  5. 5. So, because of rebelling against Dino, the bear was nearly bitten to death.
  6. 6. Everyone was really enraged at Dino but no one dared to raise voices.
  7. 7. One day in the afternoon, when Dino was sleeping, the little mouse, Mike ran through his face and that disturbed Dino and made him arouse from dream.
  8. 8. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it. Please forgive me. One day, I will help you when you’re in trouble.What are you doing!! You don’t know I’m sleeping?
  9. 9. You can go now! Killing such a small mouse really wastes my time and is humiliating to me.Wow hahaha! Is it possible that I will bein trouble? No kidding! I’m the king ofthe world!
  10. 10. After three days, a bunch of hunters come up to the mountain …
  11. 11. They caught Lion Dino and tied him up on the ground with a rope. Help!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 12. The little mouse, Mike heard the roaring voice so he came to save him. Help!!!! Help!!!! Is anyone there? I’m stuck here! Anyone hears me? Hey, I’m coming! I will save you out of here!
  13. 13. Then, Mike used his sharp teeth to destroy the rope. Finally, no more than five minutes, it was loosen and Dino was released.
  14. 14. He thanked Mike for help and apologized what he had said to him before. Yes, of course! We are friends, aren’t we?Thank you, my friend. I’m sorry forlooking down on you in the past. Will youaccept my apology?
  15. 15. In the end, Lion Dino stopped doing bad things to the animals in the land and gradually quit all his bad tempers. The land now becomes peaceful again.