Progression within media


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Progression within media

  1. 1. Progression within media…
  2. 2. Conventions… My preliminary task is lacking many of the conventions for appealing to my target audience who are young students. A magazine for them would normally consist of bright colours, bold modern fonts that are typically in serif, lots of photographs and a mode of address that is relatable. The only conventional feature of my magazine is that I have used is the fact that there is more than one photograph. The colours I used are bright but I could of used others such as; yellow, orange, pick and green. The image of the students however is conventional too because they are the same age as my target audience, their poses are conventional because they’re happy and smiling.
  3. 3. Conventions… After learning about a wide range of technologies and conventions for a media magazine, especially indie, I have been able to create my most recent product more successfully. My new magazine is conventional for many reasons. The layout is a lot more cluttered, I have used just the one image and a lot more text which is what my target audience said they would find appealing. I have stuck to using just three main colours; red, white and black which are conventional for an indie rock magazine. I have featured bands that would be appealing to my target audience because they would be stereotypical. My font style is bold and modern and is conventional for an indie magazine, I have used sans serif font which is what my target audience would find stereotypical and appealing. My image is conventional for an indie magazine because it is in black and white and the artists looks quite moody, however, it probably would have been more conventional if a male was on the front instead. My magazine name is ‘EXTREME’ which is conventional because it is powerful and indie rock music can be ‘extreme’
  4. 4. Photography… My photography wasn’t as good as it could have been for my preliminary task because they were taken quickly and I didn’t put much effort or consideration into them. They are simple photographs but are conventional because they are of students who are the same age as my target audience so therefore my magazine is more relatable and appealing. They are happy and smiling in the images which is conventional for a young persons magazine as it would be appealing them.
  5. 5. Photography… The photography on my improved front cover is much more conventional for my target audience. I only used one photograph but took several of them before deciding on what one I wanted to use. The image is conventional because it shows the artist close up so it shows her melodramatic mood which is also stereotypical.
  6. 6. Mise-en-scene… The photographs used were taken in high key lighting which makes it seem cheerful and happy which is appealing and conventional. The people in the image are also wearing school uniform which is also conventional because it is a school magazine. To improve this, I could of used males students and students of different ages to appeal to even more people.
  7. 7. Mise-en-scene… I used a wider variety of mise-en-scene in my recent product. The image is in white and black and is low key lighting which is conventional because it is moody, melodramatic and also powerful. The clothing worn is fashionable and also quirky which is quite stereotypical. The dark messy hair is conventional and fits in with the indie genre.
  8. 8. Image editing… I did not use any image editing at all for the images used on my first magazine, apart from cropping a small bit out of one of the images.
  9. 9. Image editing… I used a couple of image editing techniques for my most recent magazine. I edited the image on Photoshop to get rid of the background so it was just white instead, this made it look more professional. I also turned the image black and white to make it look more conventional and appealing to my target audience and then cropped some of the sides out so it was just an image of the artist.
  10. 10. Layout… This magazine follows the route of the eye which is conventional, the smaller images are in the terminal area, the masthead in the primary optical area and then the main image right in the middle. However, there is only one cover line on my whole magazine which is not conventional for my target audience or any magazine at all. To improve this I would need to place some others around the edges or at the top. I have used smaller images in the layout though and this is a conventional feature.
  11. 11. Layout… This layout is much more conventional than the other. I have still vaguely used the route of the eye as the masthead is bold and in the primary optical area, then you look at the cover lines at the very top, the picture, other cover lines and then the main cover story at the bottom in the terminal area. It is a little bit cluttered but this is conventional and is what my target audience said they found appealing.
  12. 12. Font… The fonts I used on this magazine are quite boring and would not appeal to my target audience at all. I used fontspace for the masthead of my magazine, but it still isn’t a very conventional , I could of used a more young or fun font to be relatable to my target audience. The font at the bottom is a bit too powerful and to improve I should change this to a more cheerful font to appeal to my target audience. The font for the price of the magazine is the most suitable one out of them all.
  13. 13. Font… I have used around four different fonts for my current magazine, all of them from fontspace apart from the issue number and price which was a font from word because I only wanted that to be small and minimalistic. I used a bold powerful font for my masthead, this fits in with ‘EXTREME’ which is the name of the magazine but also makes it eye catching. The other two fonts chosen contrast against each other, one being more simple than the other but both still appealing to my target audience and being conventional for an indie rock magazine.
  14. 14. Colours… My colours used I used for the fonts are very limited in my preliminary task as I only used one colour. This colour is quite boring, not eye catching and would not be appealing to my target audience. The images are rather colourful which is conventional but they could be much better. I should of used colours such as pinks, yellows and greens for my font instead, this would make it more appealing to my target audience and more conventional.
  15. 15. Colours… My colours used for the text is much more conventional on my music magazine. My house style uses the colours; red, white and black, which are conventional for indie rock and are also the three main colours my target audience said they would find appealing. These three colours connote danger, power, strength and anger. The image is in black and white so it is not all colourful and cheery, this has made it more suitable for the genre that I have chosen for my magazine.
  16. 16. Contents page… I had not thought through the colours on my contents page for my preliminary task but judging from my front cover for the school magazine, they probably wouldn’t of been very conventional. However, the colours used on my contents page for my current task are conventional and are the colours my target audience said they found appealing. The layout for my preliminary task is not conventional either, it should be a little bit more cluttered and include more images, once doing research into this I found what was conventional for my music magazine and have insured that I chose an appropriate layout. It isn’t easy to compare images and mise-en-scene between my current task and the preliminary one as I didn’t actually take any pictures due to the fact that it was a draft. But, I have learnt a lot about imagery and mise-en-scene for an indie rock magazine and have made sure that mine appeals so my target audience and is conventional. I have used just the one image which is conventional and the clothing and backgrounds are appealing towards my target audience.