10 signs she really likes you!!
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10 signs she really likes you!!






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10 signs she really likes you!! 10 signs she really likes you!! Presentation Transcript

  • Extract from:“Love,Lust and Other Drugs”
  • 1. She plays with her hairIf she is attracted to you, she may twirl herhair in her fingers or let it cascade in frontof one eye, use her fingers to brush her hairaway from her face or lift her hair off theback of her neck as if she is hot whilelooking at you. If you say hello and she’sperforming any of these behaviors, well, allsignals say: Keep chatting.
  • 2.She turns to look at youIf you walk by, or you look at her, and if shelooks back, it is an interesting sign which tellsthat a woman is concerned. If she looks intoyour eyes is even better. But be aware thatsome woman will give you looks because ofthere friendly nature. Perhaps you may beacting funny with her; she will look in to youreyes. Dont misunderstand those actions as asign of a physical attraction. Be careful whenyou are judging people based on there bodylanguage signs.
  • 3.She makes direct eye contact with youOne of the most obvious signs a womanflirting with you is when she continuouslylooks right at you and maintainsprolonged eye contact. If the eye contact isfor longer than normal duration and shescans you up and down, keeping her eyeslocked on you while she talks or drinks,she’s already made up her mind that shelikes what she sees.
  • 4.She keeps her legs crossed and changestheir position often.
  • 5.She smiles at youIn sign language, a smile means "welcome”.That is why some sellers will welcome youinto their store with a smile. This gives agood feeling and a warm welcome. If shesmiles at you when you go, or she smiles a lotwhen you talk to her, it’s a very good sign.Bonus: If you make it much effective, youwill notice even a glimmer in her eyes. Thisis a very strong sign that youve won as aprince! This glow is often related to coupleswho are madly in love & passionate by theother one. So its a good goal to achieve.Isn’t it?
  • 6.She starts the conversationA woman who approaches a stranger is bitrare. If she does that either she is very socialor she is very interested in you. If sheapproaches you with the phrase like "I think Ihave seen you somewhere" is a good sign forit! If she ask open questions that require morethan a yes or no, is a sign that she wants toprolong the conversation. The golden rule isthat when a woman approaches you, forwhatever reason, see this it an interest (goodfor the ego) and try to continue theconversation by doing the teasing andlaughter soon the beginning as you knew herfor a long time. The ease takes over and shefeels the need to see you. (This is where yourfacebook account comes into play..!)
  • 7.She touches your arm slightly when shelaughsA woman who touches you when she speaksis a sign of interest. This could be her handtouching your arm or knee. Usually a womanwho initiates physical contact is a sign thatshe is comfortable with you and she wants togo further. The fact that she touches herself,at the upper chest, neck, lips or hair meansthat she tries to seduce you. So that alsocounts for a sign!
  •  8.She loves your jokes (or often laughs) A woman who laughs a lot during theconversation or often laughs at your jokes is asign that tells, she likes your company verymuch.!
  • 9.She attempts to catch your attentionIf a woman glances and smiles at you whilewalking by you and in the process takes alonger route to get to the restroom, then it maybe that she wants you to notice her. Bywalking past you repeatedly, out of her way,she’s giving you a sense that she wants yourattention.
  • 10. She initiates conversation with youIf she comes over to talk to you, she wants toknow what you’re all about. She will seemreally into your conversation, turning herbody toward you, tilting her head up at youand listening to you intently. She’ll conveyher interest by asking you open-endedquestions, attempt to determine if you aresingle, dig for personal information andcatalog your interests so that she can mimicyour likes and dislikes in order to bond withyou.
  • For This and MoreGet a Copy of:“Love, Lust and Other Drugs”