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Today construction and technology couldn't be more far apart. You need look no further than your customers financial data. I need look no further than the technology. The challenge is that everyone speaks a different language. The goal of the presentation is to discuss how we could bridge the gap between technology and construction.

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  • My name is Michael Zucchi and I am the CEO and founder of ZBRELLA – Two subsidiaries – Experts in technology, managing large construction field offices, and tying it all together** MWDBE explain why this is important**
  • Today construction and technology couldn’t be more far apart. You need look no further than your customers financial data. I need look no further than the technology. The challenge is that everyone speaks a different language
  • ZBRELLA CC’s mission is to bridge the gap between construction and technology. Understanding of the higher level functions but we know the need for a solid foundation and with heavy construction the opportunity is at the field site and work back up the stream.
  • Columbus Circle – completed in 1905. Has not changed much in over 100 years. Sounds a lot like how construction companies operate.
  • Then someone comes and re-imagines the old to discover new opportunities
  • Let me quickly summarize how many construction companies do business before I jump in with how I help them. For many of you this is review but it helps set the stage
  • You know better than I that the core of a construction is consulting. How many projects and how many people usually define how profitable the company is.
  • Consulting model, more projects mean more people, mean more money on the multiplier
  • In a very real sense time is money!
  • We acknowledge that profits depend on how many bids are performed, winning percentage, number of projects, and the number of people a construction company can bill out. This last point can be arguable ..
  • Application and technology are the key to do more with less by encapsulating process
  • Have you ever walked into one of your clients and ask them how a process works. Then that person proceeds to call in 15 other people who have all the information in their head? You are accountants, you see it in the information presented to you on a daily basis.
  • Many more are like this – but they exist at a single computer in the main office, with the process still in the employees head – this is not scalable
  • Discuss process and challenges at each areaEstimate – driven by outdated technology, no strategic view of how to integrate into current technologyPlanning – lack or resources and experience Takeoff – 30 days, penalties, dependent on so many vendors, no accountability Management – focused on building therefore information systems need to be deployed, technology being managed, and information being captured Teardown – asset tracking, recycle, and reuse Core competency is construction not TechnologyThis affects the entire organization
  • You cannot address the higher level challenges without first dealing with the underlying foundation.
  • A construction companies core competency is construction not technology. There is no strategic view of technology and how it relates to the business. Much like how you see the need for a CFO at your clients, I see the need for a CIO
  • This is my view of the world and why construction firms need companies like ZBRELLA – I can do it cheaper, faster, and impact the business immediately
  • I have the answer
  • The long-term goal is providing real-time business information so construction firms can make better business decisions. It is not about technology. That being said, to accomplish this, you better have an outstanding technology foundation
  • ZBRELLA CC was created to deliver strategic advice, estimating support, purchasing, deployment, and management for the field office. Time here!!!
  • What we bring to the table – not just technology. Here is the true power – it is the total field office solution
  • Our destination today will deliver you to your destination tomorrow.
  • The field office is the powerhouse of change
  • Painting a picture of the future
  • GPS
  • BIM
  • Google Glasses
  • 3D Printing
  • Just In Time Delivery
  • Bridge Construction & Technology

    2. 2. My Name Is …
    4. 4. Discover New Opportunities
    5. 5. Construction = Consulting
    6. 6. $# Projects
    7. 7. Time = Money
    8. 8. Profitability Depends On Number of Bids Number of projects Number of people
    9. 9. Profitability Depends On Efficient Management Process Accurate Business Information
    10. 10. Profitability Depends On Automation Applications & Technology
    11. 11. How many construction firms do business like this today?
    12. 12. Or like this …
    13. 13. Estimate Planning TakeoffManagement Teardown
    14. 14. Challenges: Process Information Technology Resources Experience NO
    15. 15. Construction Technology NOT
    16. 16. Do what you do best & Outsource the rest
    17. 17. Real-time Business Data
    18. 18. ZCC Total Field Office 1 Pt. Estimate Planning Purchase Deploy Manage Teardown
    19. 19. SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT A single point of contact for every field office need Strong Vendor Partnerships WBE Firm IT Strategy & Planning 24/7 Technology Support Administrative Services Field Office Install Services Adapt technology to business goals Leverage Cloud Computing Gain a competitive edge with technology Budgetary planning Help desk staffed with real people Field Office Install Services On-site support 24/7 Remote Support 24/7 Monitoring Proactive Maintenance Secure Data Backup Admin Staffing, Receptionists, Bookkeepers, & Support Staff Field Office Trailers Compliance Services Payroll Services Project Planning Full Service Office Supplies Procurement Services Trailer Setup Network & Phone systems & service Cabling Office Furniture Office Equipment Security Systems Locksmith Services Computers Multifunction Printers Signage
    20. 20. TO INFINITY & BEYOND
    22. 22. What if
    23. 23. Big Data Big Insights