Social Media 101


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How to establish a digital real estate and build a network.

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Social Media 101

  1. 1. Social Media 101 – Establishing Digital Real EstateWritten by Shaun Hinklein – Examer / Outline OfCurriculumSocial Media 101 – Establishing Digital Real EstateWelcome to Social Media 101! Social media is interesting in that understanding its history willhelp you, but is not necessary to begin learning how to use it for your own professional andpersonal use.Social Media 101 allows you as the student to begin the process of establishing asocial network.You will create multiple accounts throughout the Internet and have a system in place tomanage these accounts. From there you will be able broadcast content, connect withother individuals, and learn the specifics of each network.A. Building Accounts1. GMAILa. Personal Branded Email Addressb. Second Business Email Address2. Twitter.coma. Twitter Personal Accountb. Twitter Theme Account3. LinkedIna. LinkedIn Professional Accountb. LinkedIn Group Page4. Google +a. Google+ Personal Pageb. Google+ Brand Pagec. Google + Community Page
  2. 2. Social Media 101 – Establishing Digital Real EstateBuilding Your Own NetworkOnce your accounts are created you will be able to manage all of these accountsthrough technologies. This will allow you to keep your account information secure andpublish from accounts at one time.B. Account Management5. Content Publishinga. HootSuiteb. Dashboard Technologies6. Security Informationa. LastPassb. Confidential InformationSocial Media 101 allows students not only to explore the principle social networks in order for them tobegin a reputation online, but to harness the power of their own networks individually and collectively.In doing this as a student you will be able to broadcast information from multiple networks you own, butthe networks you broadcast to will be different.This will allow you to reach as many people as possible while being in the early stagesof beginning your social networking.Social Media 101 also stresses the importance of accountability and keeping yourinformation safe, secure, and protected. Your digital identity is important and only youshould control it.Here are links and resources to assist you in completing Sub-Sections A and B in Social Media 101:TwitterLinkedInLinkedIn Group SetupGoogle+Google+ Page SetupHootSuiteLastPass
  3. 3. Social Media 101 – Establishing Digital Real EstateThings To Consider . . .What To Do For Photos?You will soon notice that in creating these accounts acommon factor that will arise is you will need graphicsfor your social media accounts. It is advised that youview social media as a representation of yourself .As itis that use imagery that represents you. This can be aphoto of yourself or something you admire. Your coverart and backgrounds can also follow this format. Keepit professional and remember – the entire world hasthe ability to see what you put out there.When filling in all fields . . .Understand you are introducing yourselfto new people and when filling in yourinformation answer . . .• What is my background and interestsrelevant to social media?• Who am I looking to reach?• Am I sharing enough information ortoo much to warrant a concern forprivacy?Twitter Account SetupWhen establishing your Twitter account be sure to verify your email address to unlock all of Twittersfeatures. Before following and engaging be sure to setup creative within the account including youravatar, background, and header. This will allow people to see your setup account as opposed to stockcreative which will lower your ability to attract followers.LinkedIn Security CheckWhen creating a personal linked in account be sure to connect with existing contacts first.These will be people you have emailed and connected with on other accounts in the past.Complete your profile in full detail before networking with other users you do not know.Your success will increase based on the amount of information in your profile as youare providing more information.Twitter Sync: In Social Media 102 we will expand publishing Tweets on other applicationsGoogle + Actions: In Social Media 102 we will expand on gathering +’s and Followers to increase your pageauthority and value.Additional Email AddressesYou will be able to create one social profile for each of the mentioned in Sub-Section a under one-emailaddress, however, to create more than one you will need an additional email account. Use this process and document/save the account using your password management system in LastPass.
  4. 4. Sample Good Tweet:-Included Hash-tags-Included mentions of other users-Included copy and text to tell a story-Included link to contentSample Bad Tweet:-Has no links-No marketability-No connectivity