Afghan female entrepreneur roya mahboob featured in time


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Afghan female entrepreneur roya mahboob featured in time

  1. 1. Afghan Female Entrepreneur Roya Mahboob Featured in Times 100 MostInfluential People in the WorldNew York, NY, April 22, 2013 - Time Magazine just released its annual list of the 100 MostInfluential People in the World. Film Annex is proud to announce that Roya Mahboob, itspartner in and the Afghan Development Project, is listed as one ofthe "pioneers" on the list which includes Barack Obama, Jay Z, Jennifer Lawrence and MarissaMayer, CEO of Yahoo.Roya Mahboob is a 25-year-old business woman andone of the only female CEOs in Afghanistan. Shes isthe founder of Citadel Software, an IT company basedin Kabul, that employs 25 people, including 18women. Film Annex started working with RoyaMahboob in March, 2012, after Francesco Rulli, FilmAnnex Founder and President, found a video byNATO highlighting Royas story and achievements.As of today, Womens Annex and its partners havebuilt 8 Internet classrooms in high schools in Herat,Afghanistan in less than one year. The goal is to build40 classrooms, that will potentially connect 160,000students to the world wide web. Examer, aneducational software with a micro scholarshippayment system, is implemented in those schools sothe students can learn about social media andfilmmaking and be rewarded based on their results. Womens Annex is a platform managed byAfghan women that promotes and supports womens empowerment by enabling them to sharetheir ideas and become financially independent.Roya Mahboob is featured in Time Magazine as a pioneer who is empowering women inAfghanistan and making jobs more available to them. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook,writes in her introduction: "Though women’s rights in Afghanistan have improved since the fallof the repressive Taliban regime 12 years ago, many Afghans still believe that a woman shouldwork only in the home, caring for her family. Technology entrepreneur Roya Mahboob isworking in clever new ways to change this continuing cultural stereotype." You can read the fullarticle here.
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