Day 37 pies & tarts


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Day 37 pies & tarts

  1. 1. ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder Pies & Tarts
  2. 2. Pies vs. Tarts & their Fillings • Pie- an American dessert made of pie shell and filling baked in a deep slanted baking pan • Tart- a sweet or savory pastry item consisting of a shell and a filling. Baked in a shallow or short sided baking pan Fillings • Cream & curd • Pastry cream, lemon curd • Fully cooked stove top custard • Fruit • Cooked fruit fillings (cooked prior to filling pie, cool & fill pre-baked shell • Cooked juice filling (juice is thickened then added to canned or frozen whole fruits), cool and fill pre-baked pie shell • Baked fruit fillings (fresh fruit is mixed with spices, sugar and starch, fill unbaked pie shell), then bake • Baked custard: a soft filling that bakes along with the crust i.e. pumpkin pie & key lime pie • Chiffon: a fruit or custard filling with gelatin added then lightened with whipped egg whites before filling pre-baked or crumb crusts ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  3. 3. Types of Dough • Basic Pie Dough (Pâte Brisée) • Flaky pie dough • Brisee: “Broken Dough” • Keep all ingredients cold • Keep fat in small pieces (similar to biscuit method) • Do not overwork • Bake at a higher temperature • Sweet Pie Dough (Pâte Sucrée) • Sweet pie dough • Mealy, more tender • Bake at a lower temperature (sugar will burn at high temps) • Crumb Crust i.e. cookie, graham cracker, cake crumbs • More delicate • Usually contains melted butter ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  4. 4. Techniques Blind Baking • Using weight to prevent dough from rising during cooking • Roll out dough • Place into desired pan • Chill • Use parchment paper or foil in between dough and weights • Bake ¾ of the way, remove weights and finish baking • Docking • Poking holes into the dough prior to baking to limit the amount of rise • Can be used in addition or in place of weights ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  5. 5. Assembly • Crusts may be pre-cooked (blind baked) or raw • Crusts should be cooled before adding filling • Do not over fill • Fruit pies can be baked from raw or filling can be cooked then added to crust • Topping • Sweetened whipped cream (Chantilly cream) • Merengue • Pie dough • Sliced or whole fruit (nappage) ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  6. 6. Storing • Keep components out of the danger zone • Cool fillings quickly • Custard fillings can not be frozen • Raw unbaked fruit pies can be frozen • Pies shells can be frozen ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder