51 menus


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51 menus

  1. 1. Designing the Right Menu ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  2. 2. Menu Types • Static or fixed menu • All patrons are offered the same foods every day • Cycle menu • Developed for a set period; at the end of the period it repeats • Market menu • Based upon the product that is available in the market • Hybrid menu • Combines the static, the cycle and the market menus ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  3. 3. Menu Styles • À la carte • Every food and beverage item is priced and ordered separately • Semi à la carte • Some items are priced and ordered separately and some are priced to include other items • Table d’hôte or prix fixe • Offers a complete meal at a set price ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  4. 4. Truth in Menu Laws • Federal as well as some state laws require that certain menu language be accurate • Quality • Quantity • Grade • Freshness • Nutritional statements • Carefully regulated by the FDA • Consumer safety advisories • Local regulations apply ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  5. 5. Menu Development Cross Utilization Pricing Product Seasonality Commitment to the Triple Bottom Line Balance and Variety Layout and Presentation ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  6. 6. Menu Layout & Presentation Daily Menu Menu Board Verbal or Written Specials Verbal, Written or Visual Dessert Menu Table Menus Beverage Menus Redundancy in Menus Photos in Menus Advertising in Menus ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  7. 7. StandardizedRecipes A standardized recipe must contain the following • A list of ingredients needed to prepare the recipe • An appropriate unit of measure for how much of the ingredient needs to be used • A method of preparation • A total yield for how much the recipe will produce • Total yields may be expressed in several ways; • Total amount by specific unit of measure i.e. 3 gallons of soup or 4 pounds of potato puree • Total number of portions with the portion size i.e. 24 – 4 ounce servings ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  8. 8. Typesof Recipes Basic Recipe • A standardized recipe for a specific preparation Component Recipe • A standardized recipe for a preparation that is used as an ingredient in another recipe i.e. chicken stock Plate Recipe • A standardized recipe containing all the components needed to prepare the entire dish listed on a menu i.e. 6 oz chicken breast 4 oz mashed potato 4 oz small diced carrots *Be sure to include all ingredients used in a la minute cooking • The total cost of the plate recipe will be used to determine the menu price. ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  9. 9. Comes With????? • Bread & Butter • Amuse Bouche • Water w/lemon • Sugar, cream • Jelly • Hot Sauce • Ketchup/Mustard How do you cost these out????? Q Factor ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  10. 10. Expectations for Next Day • Complete all Recipes • Review Inventory • Vendors, Salesmen and Purchasing • Receiving & Storage • Kitchen vs. restaurant space ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder