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BVQ walkthrough
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BVQ walkthrough


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how to use B

how to use B

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  • 1. Walkthrough Michael Pirker +49 151 180 25 26 00Bsys2.pptx
  • 2. Start – Use Favorites to open first screen Open FavoritesPage 2
  • 3. Start – Use Favorites to open first screen Open Favorites Select This EntryPage 3
  • 4. Switch Aspect to Capacity Total UtilizationPage 4
  • 5. Switch Aspect to Capacity Total Utilization Open Aspects Select thisPage 5
  • 6. Total Utilization DisplayPage 6
  • 7. Add IO Denisty Heat 7d to Total Utilization Open Object Type Select thisPage 7
  • 8. Total Utilization with IO density AnalysisPage 8
  • 9. Use Favorites to open a host based TreemapPage 9
  • 10. Add Response Time Compliance Overlay to the TreemapPage 10
  • 11. Host based Treemap with RT Compliance Response times of these volumes is too highPage 11
  • 12. Use Treemap Navigator to compose individual TreempsPage 12
  • 13. Individual composed TreemapPage 13
  • 14. Performance Treemap with Object Detail Reports Double click on any Obejct to open a Detail ReportPage 14
  • 15. Other Object Detail ReportsPage 15
  • 16. Property Sheet Mouse over Object opens a property sheetPage 16
  • 17. Open performance analysis you can start the detailed performance analysis with a right click on an object. All Selected objects will be aggregatedPage 17
  • 18. Modify the time settings Set start date and time Set Time Frame Set end date when independent time frame selected redraw Automatic or manual redraw Auto adjust Axes Open Options to switch on/of IndicatorsPage 18
  • 19. Switch on/off Performance indicators Click on options to open the performance indicator selection. Switch on/off aggregated objects or single indicatorsPage 19
  • 20. Performance Details Mouse over a measurement point opens detailed performance Informations for the selected timePage 20
  • 21. Page 21
  • 22. Page 22
  • 23. Page 23
  • 24. Deutsche Webseiten • BVQ Webseite mit Kundenreferenzen und Seite für BVQ Vertriebspartner http:www// • BVQ Videos auf dem YouTube SVA Kanal • BVQ Webseite von SVA GmbH • SVC Kundenvortrag GAVI mit vielen BVQ Inhalten Link zum Vortrag Internationale Webseiten • Developer Works BVQ Community Blog • Developer Works Documents and Presentations 24
  • 25. Weitere Informationen zu BVQ finden sie unter der Webseite Bei Interesse an BVQ wenden Sie sich bitte an die folgende E-Mail Adresse BVQ ist ein Produkt der SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbHPage 25