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Lateral thinking factory catalogue english

  1. 1. Lateral Thinking Factory, strategic consultancy, contributes tobetter human habitat through design, validation and spread ofnew models at environmental, economical and social levels
  2. 2. AGENCY &REFERENCES Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 2
  3. 3. A G E N C Y Lateral Thinking Factory (LTF) is a strategic consultancy - based in Brussels,Paris and Madrid - which contributes to better human habitat through design, validationand spread of new models at environmental, economical and social levels. LTF primarilyoperates within the fields of architecture, urban planning and construction. LTF is a Think-Act network, connecting expertise with decision makersinterested in changing the way they grasp and develop human habitat. Think embedsresearch, training, knowledge exchange and dissemination. Act means adopting astructured process nurtured with innovative methods, to generate holistic vision andlateral paths for idea generation, in order to set milestones for a successful designimplementation. LTF missions aim at supporting decision makers in both the private and publicsector; for the definition of criteria and objectives to be reached within their projects, inorder to achieve positive impacts. The approach is based on a collective creationprocess, involving teams that are already working in a given project as well as ad-hochigh-level experts. The goal is to explore, following structured methods, the innovationpaths and opportunities within each mission in order to identify viable applications thatwill then calibrate the projects developed by the design teams. LTF manages an international network of professional experts, able to validateand transform insights obtained during the creative workshop sessions into consistentprojects. Those experts usually collaborate within complex missions and are able toswiftly react to our partners demands. The Lateral Thinking terminology reflects ourambition to address key issues in adopting, voluntarily, a lateral approach; in order toact upstream of objectives and specifications provided by the contractors to better helpthem making the right decisions from the project inception for maximum added values. LTF is Michael Braungart privileged interlocutor (Cradle to Cradle paradigm co-author and EPEA CEO), in areas related to construction, architecture and urban design.Our agency assists decision makers willing to obtain recognition from the Cradle toCradle community, compatible with certifications such as Breeam, Leed, HQE, Valideowhich are now progressively value its advantages. Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 3
  4. 4. A G E N C YLTF encourages an ethical approach with its clients and partners, as well as aresponsible approach with allocating a part of its turnover to Local SolutionsDevelopment Group (NGO), which objective is to support ‘C2C by Necessity’ targetedprojects in Africa.LTF is responsible for the Communities and Africa chaires at the Hanwang Forum(Beijing), aiming at generating new relations between China, Europe and Africa throughbest-in-class projects; combining quality, ethic, performance, profitability and eco-beneficence. In this context, LTF looks for projects to be developed in Africa and Europeto mobilize Chinese investors, producers and developers, and assist them in definingperformance criteria, to achieve positive impacts for economical partners, as well as theenvironment in which those projects are implemented.LTF is active by associating Ethiopian and Belgian universities, in order to create acompetences center for planification and sustainable development, in order to support1000 cities for their development strategic plan implementation.LTF also regularly give lectures for numerous events; in universities, public institutionsand the European Parliament. Our agency is concerned with the dissemination of thevalues ​undertaken by the "Cradle to Cradle" community, and in that way participate inmany trainings and conferences at international level. Lateral Thinking Factory w w w . l a t e r a l t h i n k i n gf ac t o r y. c o m sprlu BE-0836968953 R u e d e P r a e t e r e 1 Contact : Steven Beckers 1050 Brussels – Belgium T + 3 2 4 7 5 6 5 3 4 2 1 @lateral_think Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 4
  5. 5. REFERENCESEuropeCradle to Cradle project for Bouygues Immobilier: competition phase for Lyon Confluence(France). Added Values: differentiation on the market, profit on urban agriculture, profit onC02 certificates, positive Residual Value Strategic consultancy mission to define the strategy and performance criteria of an eco- neighborhood of 450 units in Brussels-Capital. Added Values: water and energy autonomy, differenciation on the market, competitivity Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 5
  6. 6. REFERENCESEurope Definition of a "Cradle to Cradle" training course within the fields of architecture, urban design, construction materials for the Green Building Council Worldwide and its subsidiaries. Added Values: apply C2C business model widely, spread of knowledge, creation of new businesses, foster partnerships Strategic consultancy mission for the City of Resita (Romania), for the objectives and criteria definition towards the development of a post-metallurgical industrial city, optimizing the use of EU funds at their disposal. Added Values : economical sustainable vision, transition from carbon to post carbon, matching with subsidising requirements Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 6
  7. 7. REFERENCESEuropeDevelopment of a "Cradle to Cradle" Roadmap for a Danish developer of a 7-star hotelproject in Malaga (Spain). Construction Budget: € 230 million. Added Values: successfulexemplary project, differentiation on product & services, positive residual value(building=material bank), increased operator/developer and regional profitsDevelopment of performance criteria and optimization of the master plan for the futureInternational Exhibition in 2017 for the city of Liège. Construction Budget: € 400 million.Added Value: strong proposal to EXPO 2017 selection, improved financial model,increased sale value, avoid waste of materials and finance, market demand match EcoDistrict content, profit through fazing Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 7
  8. 8. REFERENCESAfrique - Asie Strategic consultancy mission for the Hanwang Forum (Beijing). Participation as Chairman of the ‘communities’ and ‘Africa’ ​groups to create bilateral relations Europe/China and Africa/ChinaStrategic consultancy mission for the Hassan II golf Trophy Association, a direct initiativefrom the Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco, in order to define sustainable development forthe golf industry ; with Sport Interface Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 8
  9. 9. REFERENCESAfrique - Asie Development of performance criteria for the new Ecole des Mines in Akjoujt (Mauritania). Added Values: autonomous community, exemplary development in Africa, use of local materials and man power, transfer of knowledge Strategic consultancy mission for the Onomo group, new hotel group that develops 25 hotels in West Africa ; with Synergy International. Added value: Differentiation on market and improved running costs Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 9
  10. 10. REFERENCESAfrique - Asie Strategic consultancy mission for the Ivory Coast and the BNTED (main urban planification organization), for large-scale projects aiming at the country reconstruction Local upscale fabric production in Dakar (Senegal): Strategic consultancy mission to develop a production following the "Cradle to Cradle" guidelines Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 10
  11. 11. REFERENCESAfrique - Asie Project "Cradle to Cradle by Necessity" in Amdewerk (Ethiopia), in collaboration with the NGO Local Solutions Development Group Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 11
  12. 12. TEAMLateral Thinking Factory - 2012 12
  13. 13. T E A MSteven Beckers Architect Steven Beckers, CEO Lateral Thinking Factory, since diploma work in 1984, awarded Aga Khan and “African Technical Association” prize develops a global approach on sustainability in architecture and urban planning, with Geneva Gaillard Architect, is awarded the jury prize on environmental urban planning for Wilson Palace District proposal Geneva. European director with London firm EPR architects from 1986 till 1996, he is founding member of Architecturo EEIG in 1990 with whom he wins the “Green Office European award with EXPO 98 HQ in Lisbon and EXPO98 300ha master plan proposal.As Head Architect of the 230.000m2 Berlaymont 2000, he is awarded the PLEA Passive and LowEnergy Architecture award in Cambridge 2000 for the 250 Million Euro European CommissionHeadquarter (Brussels).From 2000 till 2010, partner with Art&Build Architects, he is selected by Greenpeace for their HQ inBrussels, by the Council of Europe for Agora & Pharmacopea and nursery buildings in Strasburg andreceives BEX, MIPIM, LEAF and RICS awards for sustainability.Major urban designs include the “Pierre-Vives” ECO-District with 1000 dwellings (Montpellier). TheWater Walk Mixed development master plan with retail centre, amenities, offices, parks, offices, lightindustry (Brussels). The 3000 ha master plan for Gran Scala ECO-Leisure city in Monegros Desert(Spain). The Carré 92 business, office & hotel Park (Paris).Steven Beckers is one of the 6 worldwide accredited Cradle to Cradle architect/consultant, Professorat BATir ULB university, Lecturer at TUDelft, trainer at the Romanian Green Building Council, vicepresident of CD of Seco building control, consultant to IFMA for “Architecture-Facilities Managementintegration”.Founding member of Local Solutions Development Group ASBL a active in Africa.Founding partner at Lateral Thinking Factory, supporting projects according to the Cradle to Cradleprinciples, supported by a multidisciplinary network of world experts, including Michael Braungart andWilliam McDonough and their team.Current projects are the 7star Banyan Tree Hotel Resort in Almunecar Spain (220 Million Euros), Expo2017 and Eco District Master plan Liège (450 Million Euro), Moroccan Tourism and Golf infrastructureEco-definition for Prince Moulay Rachid, Urban Design Center of Excellence for Emerging Cities,Addis Abeba University, Eco district Tivoli 450 dwellings (Belgium). Advisor to Cities of Resita,Fagaras, Cadarasi (Romania).Since May 2012, Steven is Co-Chairman of the Hanwang Forum Communities Group and in charge ofthe China-Africa Group.Steven Beckers is founding partner and CEO at Lateral Thinking Factory. Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 13
  14. 14. T E A MMichael Moradiellos Del Molino Since and during his architectural studies in Bruxelles (diploma work in 2002), develops a high compromise with management and innovative entrepreneurship, being the leader of several Student Associations (CVH, Hortacitylink) and in charge of the management of complex events in the city. After a powerful experience in India, he decides to take a chance in Spain, the Architecture’s ”El Dorado” for young architects on those years and purchase a PhD in Sustainable urban development at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The same year he started collaborating with the young architecture office Nodo17 to set up an office from scratch to a middle company, in three years. Director of the [R]activa04 workshops, founding partner of Urbanacción and other innovative structures, he started to see clearly what are his abilities and how “make things happen, faster”. He then began to work at ecosistema urbano architects as the director of communication. Two years later he became a partner and worked as the director of international business development, in charge of marketing and sales, as well as creating work for a non-conventional office during five years. In 2011 he decided to found in Spain outsidethebox|tm to add value to architecture offices through innovative services and management strategical vision, and he is also founding partner of “Lateral Thinking Factory”, supporting projects according to the Cradle to Cradle principles with a multidisciplinary network of world experts, including Michael Braungart and William Mc Donough. Michael Moradiellos Del Molino is founding partner and COO at Lateral Thinking Factory.Mathieu Bonin Peer Mathieu Bonin Peer is founder at Centre Consulting and Com du Sport, sport marketing agency and CRM vendor dedicated to professional sports - acquired in 2011 by Digitick (Vivendi Group) - today Digitick Sport. He was sales and marketing manager for the Perpignan professional rugby team (USAP) at Havas Sports & Entertainment, and later a consultant for golf, sailing, football, rugby and tennis. Mathieu was ‘group e-Business manager’ for Antalis International, a paper and packaging merchant, #1 in Europe and #4 Worldwide. He was responsible for the e-business solutions implementation in fifteen subsidiaries in Europe and South America. His entrepreneur DNA, his positions within international groups and the variety of sectors he worked in (sport business, B2B distribution, architecture & urban design) has built an holistic expertise for ventures management; services strategic definition; structured and rigorous projects and process implementation. Mathieu holds a corporate finance master from the Leonard de Vinci Business School (Paris. 2000) and the IE Business School International MBA (Madrid. 2011). Mathieu Bonin Peer is associate and CFO at Lateral Thinking Factory. Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 14
  15. 15. SERVICES Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 15
  16. 16. LTF ConsultingLT F O F F E R I LT F O F F E R 2 LT F O F F E R 3 LT F O F F E R 4R o a d m a p Roadmap – C2C T h e m a t i c CompetitionLTF ProductsLT F O F F E R 5 LT F O F F E R 6B . I . G Design your cityLTF KnowledgeLT F O F F E R 7 LT F O F F E R 8Introducing C2C A p p l y C 2 C Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 16
  17. 17. LT F O F F E R 1R o a d m a p Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 17
  18. 18. OFFER 1 – ROADMAPAlong the initial decision phases of a project, the promoter has to makestrategic choices based on advice that differ sometimes. The technical andadministrative constraints, inherent to the project localisation, increase thecomplexity of the data to be processed, and therefore cause the decisionmaking process to be harder and riskier.With the objective to define upstream of a project the optimal project strategy,Lateral Thinking Factory supports decision makers through innovative andrigorous methodologies for managing opportunities ; including collaborativetechnical workshops, towards the concrete implementation of performancecriteria, validated beforehand by experts from the LTF network.1. Audit 2. Inventory 3. Goals 4. Workshops 5. Recommendations Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 18
  19. 19. OFFER 1 – ROADMAP 19
  20. 20. LT F O F F E R 2Roadmap - C2C Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 20
  21. 21. OFFER 2 – ROADMAP C2CAlong the initial decision phases of a project, the promoter has to make strategic choicesbased on advice that differ sometimes. The technical and administrative constraints,inherent to the project localisation, increase the complexity of the data to be processed,and therefore cause the decision making process to be harder and riskier.With the objective to define upstream of a project the optimal project strategy, LateralThinking Factory supports decision makers through innovative and rigorousmethodologies for managing opportunities ; including collaborative technical workshops,towards the concrete implementation of performance criteria, validated beforehand byexperts from the LTF network.LTF has credentials to support the decision makers with the will to develop their projectsfollowing the ‘Cradle to Cradle applied to human habitat’ criteria.This offers includes the offer 1 structure as previously described, while integrating ‘Cradleto Cradle’ components Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 21
  22. 22. LT F O F F E R 3T h e m a t i c Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 22
  23. 23. O F F E R 3 – T H E M AT I CAlong the project conception phase, it is necessary to explore ideasthrough creative workshops where confirmed experts are able todefine the emerged thoughts potential. Those dynamics arecomplementary to the ongoing work and allow a vision, bothinnovative and pragmatic, about specific thematics.The Thematic offers to the decision maker LTF intervention alongthe project conception phase, in order to address a precise theme.The offer includes the Audit, Inventory and Workshops phases aspreviously described in the Roadmap offers. Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 23
  24. 24. LT F O F F E R 4Competition Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 24
  25. 25. O FF ER 4 – CO M PE TI TI O NWithin the framework of developers tenders, it is often asked toproduce books of requirements, sometimes a preliminary design,in order to be able to compare offers for the candidate selectionwho will win the tender.The competition books of requirements goes complex becauseof numerous technical constraints integration, generated from anincreasing number of sustainable development standards,sometimes contradictory or too restrictives.LTF offers to support the decision maker and his team, in orderto transform those technical constraints into opportunities, tointegrate innovative solutions and come up with new financialmodels ; with the objective to define the offer performancescriteria while balancing technical, economical and humanparameters.Indicative budget : 10 000 euros taxes excluded (mission andmaterial expenses excluded). Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 25
  26. 26. LT F O F F E R 5B . I . G Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 26
  27. 27. O F F E R 5 – B . I . GBuilding Integrated Greenhouse (BIG)Intelligent technology integration is a major concern for LTF ; thisis why we develop innovative solutions in order to generateanswers to major cities issues, such as the local fresh productssourcing following a controlled and integrated process.To do so, LTF has developed an economical model based on theproductive agriculture greenhouses integration over new orexisting buildings. Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 27
  28. 28. O F F E R 5 – B . I . GBuilding Integrated Greenhouse (BIG)BIG uses CO2 as raw material, building heat loss and itsproduction system as interior climate control and natural light togrow vegetables, fruits and flowers.This product implies numerous benefits:New economy Economical resource over a generally non-usedareaCO2 positive CO2 usage as raw material, and heat produced bythe building and its renewable energy sourcesGuaranteed access to products Urban agriculture integrationwithin citiesPrices control Riddance of intermediary and transport for thevegetables, fruits and flowers (for e.g.)Biodiversity Support and spread news species within urbanenvironmentMarketing Strong image and night floodlightSocial Animation and socialization spaces, job creation Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 28
  29. 29. LT F O F F E R 6Design Your City Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 29
  30. 30. OFFER 6 – DESIGN YOUR CITYDesignYOURcity is a custom-made participation and network designprocess bringing together manifold stakeholders by giving them a mutualcause – a project to design. This process is meant to engage and activatethe public in the future development of their cities, with the strategies andobjectives subscribed by the municipalities.By working closely with the different stakeholders from its preliminaryphase, the project is building a community and strengthening the existingones, which are naturally becoming more attached to the future project andthe city in general.DesignYOURcity is a part of a worldwide contemporary movement whereinterdisciplinary groups act to place communities at the heart of urbanprojects agenda. Photo credit : project image dreamhamar (Ecosistema Urbano) Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 30
  31. 31. LT F O F F E R 7Introducing C2C Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 31
  32. 32. OFFER 7 – INTRODUCING C2CConsidering the importance of a paradigm shift such as Cradle toCradle (C2C), LTF strongly encourages C2C applied to humanhabitat best practices, through dedicated conferences and trainingschemes tailored to the decision maker requirements.Using its C2C network, LTF participates in the best practicesimplementation for the building, architecture and urban designsectors. With EPEA (C2C concept owner organisation), LTFcontributes to spread the C2C message and values within its coreactivities.Indicative budget : 1 500 euros taxes excluded (mission andmaterial expenses excluded) Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 32
  33. 33. LT F O F F E R 8A p p l y C 2 C Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 33
  34. 34. O F F E R 8 – A P P LY C 2 CConsidering the importance of a paradigm shift such as Cradle to Cradle(C2C), LTF strongly encourages C2C applied to human habitat bestpractices, through dedicated conferences and training schemes tailored tothe decision maker requirements.Using its C2C network, LTF participates in the best practices implementationfor the building, architecture and urban design sectors. With EPEA (C2Cconcept owner organization), LTF contributes to spread the C2C messageand values within its core activities.The ‘Apply C2C’ offer invites to go beyond: on the one end by articulatingprocess to reinforce team cohesion, and on the other end by identifying andapplying opportunities inherent to C2C on a real project.Indicative budget : 3 000 euros taxes excluded (mission and materialexpenses excluded) Lateral Thinking Factory - 2012 34
  35. 35. Lateral Thinking FactoryR u e d e P r a e t e r e 11050 Brussels – Belgiumwww.lateralthinkingfactory.comContact : +32 475 65 34 21