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Innovate or Die!: A journey with Life Technologies to innovate, optimize & reduce inefficiency


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Presentation given by Michael Meinhardt, Cloudwords and Blair Hardie, Life Technologies during Localization World London in June 2013.

Presentation given by Michael Meinhardt, Cloudwords and Blair Hardie, Life Technologies during Localization World London in June 2013.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Innovate or Die!A journey with Life Technologies to innovate,optimize & reduce inefficiencyPresented ByMichael Meinhardt, CEO of CloudwordsBlair Hardie, Sr. Product Manager, eBusiness, Life Technologies
  • 2. 1980 – 1990s: Translators embrace technology and a new industry is born.Translation Memory!1998 – 2003: Venture Capital invests over $150 million USD. Trados, Idiom andGlobalsight – good ideas, but challenging development and business models2004 – 2009: Translation vendors invest in homegrown HTML portals to optimizetheir processes with their customers – 1 to 1 relationship2010 – 2013: Cloud technology begins to make an entrance across MT,Linguistic technology and Business Process technology – 1 to many relationshipTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION ACCELERATES
  • 3. CURRENT STATE OF THE WORLD• 2010 – 2013: Cloud technology is makingan entrance across MT, Linguistictechnology and Business Processtechnology.• Agile methodology allows innovation toincrease exponentially.• Consumerization of Business Applications• Providers optimize for speed, transparencyand accountability.• Trust is gained throughout the globalsupply chain.
  • 4. RETURN ON INVESTMENT?• What are you measuring – globalrevenue, project cycle times?• What’s your benchmark and goal?• How is your translation processimproving?• Where’s the data?
  • 5. BENEFITS OF CLOUD COMPUTING• Anywhere, anytime, on any device• Near zero implementation cost• Near zero IT involvement• Multi-tenant benefits• Instant provisioning• Low TCO
  • 7. INTEGRATION AND AUTOMATION• AUTOMATE!• Expose APIs to create a seamless flow of data• Connect CMS, Source Control, etc.• Let customer or 3rd party developers enhance your solution
  • 8. CLOUD INNOVATION CONTINUESBlair Hardie, Sr Product Manager,eBusinessLife Technologies is a global biotechnology companyproviding innovative products and services in thefields of scientific research, genetic analysis andapplied sciences.• Approx. $4 billion revenue• 50,000+ Products• 180 Countries
  • 9. WHAT PROBLEMS TO SOLVE?• Strategic Issues– No clear ownership– Lack of strategy and over-arching process– Poor clarity on translation spend and ownership of budget– Questions regarding true value of translation• Technology Issues– Multiple systems in place not designed or optimized for translation process– Slow and cumbersome process not meeting the needs of the local teams– Local Teams and Vendors working around the process to complete work– Limited flexibility for vendors to utilize their own standard translation software
  • 10. HOW TO SOLVE THE ISSUES?• Strategic Requirements– Clearly define translation strategy– Create framework and cross-functional governance team for ongoing strategy– Define how translations are funded - Invest in resources and allocate funds– Publish policies on managing translation– Define a core set of KPIs to measure success• Technology Requirements– Standardize and simplify the content management process and workflow– Enable local content authors with direct control over translated content– Support a multi-translation vendor model– Improve search integration– Leverage our existing translations to drive down cost
  • 11. Establishing the facts• Survey internal and external stakeholders– Customer Insights/Usability studies• Research, A/B Test – obtain data• Attend LocWorld! Gain knowledgeBuilding the case• Competitive Reasons– Web: translation drives better engagement– Translated documents required for tenders incertain countries• Technology Reasons– Website must be developed to allow region-specific elements– Translation will influence conversion andsearchSTART WITH WHAT YOU KNOW – AND PROVE IT
  • 12. $500k-1M+$50K$100K$250KDEVELOP A FRAMEWORK – TELL THE STORY80K p.a.+3 FTE+QCPremium- Commerce- (More) Product Info- (More) MarketingEnhanced Basic- Commerce- Product Info- MarketingBasic- CommerceRunRateInitialset upUltimate- Full site200K p.a.+4+ FTE+QC20K p.a.+1 FTE+QC40K p.a.+2 FTE+QCNotranslationPotential models & cost for translation
  • 13. FRAMEWORK FOR FUNDING TRANSLATIONSORG-WIDEContent Type Items(examples)Owner % budgetallocationTechnical ManualsProtocolsProduct InformationProductManagement30Core Marketing BrochuresWeb MarketingContentGlobal Marketing 30GeneralMarketingPromotionsBannersLocally createdcontentRegional Marketing 20Core Web NavigationLabels/ButtonsError MessagingeBusiness 20
  • 14. ESTABLISH CROSS FUNCTIONAL LEADERSHIPGROUPGlobalizationSteeringCommitteeExecutiveSponsorRegionalMarketingGlobalMarketingeBusinessLegalHRProductMgmtRegulatoryR&D /ProductDesign• Determines markets and languagesbased on available data– Feasibility Analysis– Customer need– Market differentiation– Opportunity for growth• Consideration and understanding ofregulated requirements• Defines translation policies across allchannels
  • 15. TRANSLATION FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS• Regulatory/compliance• Strategy• ROI/Market Size/Opportunity/Business case• Resource availability• Content readiness/amount of content• Translation delivery timeframe• Vendor expertise• Cultural considerations‘What, where, why, when, how’
  • 16. Constantlymeasureproject KPIsCLOUDWORDS PROCESS @ LIFECloudwordsWeb(CMS)TranslationAgencies(market place)123Other LT org functions
  • 17. MEASURING ROI – DEFINE A BASELINEBoth qualitative and quantitative• Revenue• Traffic analytics – new/repeat visitors, timespent on site, bounce rates• New registrations• Support tickets• Customer feedback – monitor for negative andpositive commentary, both on site and off(social media)Project Specific• Translation spend• TM UtilizationSource:
  • 18. SUMMARY• Start with what you know, andbecome an advocate for it• Research, test, gain insights.Identify (justify) needs• Define policies, procedures,frameworks, KPIs– Remember someone has to payfor translation• Invest in technology to supportyour needs/requirements• Gain Exec level support
  • 19. THE FUTURE• 2013 – 2030: Companies will begin to truly utilize technology that delivers ROI“now”, not in 5 years – love the Cloud philosophy! The world will continue toevolve and companies will continue to bring innovative strategy and technologyto market.Here is a glimpse into the not so distant future:• There will be zero communication barriers, regardless of language.– My 3 year-old will be connecting with China, speaking English, while theyare speaking Chinese.• Global citizens anywhere in the world will be able to have access to the sameliterature, books and texts – in any language, from any device, anytime.
  • 20. MASSIVE OPPORTUNITIES• Global Collaboration and Communication will solve the world’s biggestchallenges:– Cancer will be solved by a cross collaboration between countries– Dimension/Alzheimer’s will be solved by global research– AIDs/HIV will be solved by improved education and communication– Stem cell research will be improved dramatically by cross regional teams– Hunger and the right to fresh water will be solved by better education
  • 21. Thank you.Michael Meinhardt | Founder, | www.cloudwords.comBlair Hardie | Sr. Product Manager,