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Target audience Target audience Document Transcript

  • TARGET AUDIENCEBy looking at the website, there are normal pictures portrayed childlike, forexample right at the top where the contents are shown that’s where thecartoon images are. Also the font connotes to children, as it’s a child font.There are many images shown on the website, all images are children smiling,as the campaign helped that to happen. The first image shows children whohelped ‘Oxfam Water Weed’, which promoted pupils the opportunity to learnabout global issues, develop skills and values as active global citizens, and bydoing that they made a difference to the world.The Next image also links to the target audience as is it shows a happy poorchild, to highlight that this campaign has made a big difference so why can’tyou.The campaign’s logo uses the colour bright blue to emphases the targetaudience which are children, also to show the consistency of the campaign;this is also shown in the videos and posters also the website to highlight thetarget audience.When text is shown in the video, it has to use the consistent colours of thecampaign which are dark blue and light blue, this also suggests the targetaudience which are children as its basic information and limited and very timeconsuming for a child to read and keep up to within the videos pace.The blog isn’t that big so, could be aimed at children hitting on to beteenagers. As there isn’t that much information to read and children don’treally like to read. The words are also easy for the children to understand nowords are complex.There is one main focus that makes the blog look attractive and that’s thepicture which is full of come to life colours which are bright to emphases thetarget audience of this campaign.BY MICHAEL MCCAULEY