Tourism and travel marketing masterclass with Michael Leander: Athens, Greece


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Part 1 from The Tourism & Travel, Destination Marketing Masterclass organized by the Institute of Communication and presented by Michael Leander in Athens, Greece on 23 October 2013.

65 top managers and marketers from the tourism and travel industry in Greece attended. The marketing masterclass was kindly supported by SETE, Marketing Greece and H Hotels (the association of hotels in Greece).

The audience contributed with highly valuable and relevant input on how the tourism & travel industry in Greece can grow in the coming years.

Greece saw more than 15 million visitors in 2012 and expect to grow that number significantly over the coming years.

Michael Leander said: nothing is better than spending a day with a group of highly professional people whom really want to get inspiration on how they can improve their own business whilst contributing to the improvement of tourism in Greece. I

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Tourism and travel marketing masterclass with Michael Leander: Athens, Greece

  1. 1. The soul never thinks without a picture. Aristotle FORWARD Travel & Tourism Marketing Masterclass Athens – 23 October Michael Leander’s Masterclass in Greece attended by 65 top marketers from the Tourism & Travel Industries. Organized by The Institute of Communication and supported by SETE, Marketing Greece and H Hotels Greece
  2. 2. FORWARD Travel & Tourism Marketing Masterclass Athens – 23 October
  3. 3. How do most people make buying decisions? With logic With emotions
  4. 4. 10:00 Part 1 – Trends & Interactive Exercises 11:00 Break & Group Hug 11:15 Trends continued + content concept and social 13:30 Lunch 14:15 Create a great booking experience with maximum impact – Ricardo Alencastre, virtual presentation 15:00 Coffee break 15:30 Integrated marketing + Toolbox 17:30’ish The End
  5. 5. Interactive workshop
  6. 6. 2 pieces of paper decides your outcome To do and reminder To do right after the workshop Your reminder list
  7. 7. The purpose of marketing is to acquire, convert, sustain and grow customers whom then in turn will attract other customers through referrals
  8. 8. DIRECTION - purpose - strategy - tactics - execution - measure 11
  9. 9. It is never about channels or platforms, but all about understanding … > exactly what you want to achieve > when you want to achieve it > how you are going to achieve it > Which details you need to pay extra attention to in order to accomplish what you want
  10. 10. Email: @michaelleander #fwtourism2013
  11. 11. Let’s show how social we are • Foursquare: Check-in to “Forward: Greece Travel Marketing Masterclass” • Twitter: Use hashtag #fwtourism2013
  12. 12. Get fat – eat less
  13. 13. Complexities of a market place, complicates travel decisions • Trust > is it safe, can I trust information given? • Hear say > 1st, 2nd, 3rd hand information • Alternatives > ABOA (Attributes, Benefits, Objections, Answers) • Accessibility > Flights, domestic transport • Infrastructure > • Perceptions> cost, environment, • Name & brand > A country, a region, an island, a city, a bar?
  14. 14. Your elevator pitch • Pitch 3 important areas related to marketing & sales you want to fix within 6 months • Write in bullet form • 2 people to present their “pitch”
  15. 15. My elevator pitch 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. … … … … …
  16. 16. The Power Of A Name
  17. 17. Good or bad brand name?
  18. 18. Cola in Ghana - What is the problem?
  19. 19. What is the problem? Lumia in Spanish? Peugeot in South China Biao zhi
  20. 20. Extra large bags in Finland Snow in Iran
  21. 21. Reputation Globally / Locally Accessible Your name ONLINE Your name in context Own it ! SEO technical
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Thoughts about branding and finding your unique value proposition 1. What defines you? 2. What describes you? • How can you link that to the overall Greece brand? • What are the consequences of locking what defines you in respect to the different markets you address?
  24. 24. Which reads the most words pr minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute The eye reads 20 times faster than the ear @michaelleander
  25. 25. Visuals stir emotions in a heart beat
  26. 26. People talk about pictures, share them, LOL at them
  27. 27. Make sure the message is somewhat relevant to your brand / offering
  29. 29. Meet Good ‘ol AIDA A = Attention (Awareness) I = Interest D = Desire A = Action
  30. 30. Challenge: from eyeballs to reel interaction? Make sure you include USP’s and/or branding when appropriate Stir an emotion Call to action: Links and descriptive text needed
  31. 31. Attention Interest Desire Action
  32. 32. Your market is both men and women. You can only use one picture. Which do you choose? Man also known as male Woman also known as female
  33. 33. Can we set a new world record together?
  34. 34. Your target prospect is exposed to 6000 advertising messages every single day
  35. 35. Buyers are becoming more and more cautious Trust is critical Remember your trust emblems (positive associations, testimonials etc.)
  36. 36. Trust icons - established - size / volume - testimonials - association membership - awards
  37. 37. Short attention span, loads of intrusion - how do you cut through the clutter? Brain filter Do I know you? Do I need you? Can I trust you?
  38. 38. How do you avoid being bottom of mind
  39. 39. How to get into the Mind Box? Unique passionate emotional authentic focused interactive meaningful …
  40. 40. Significant changes in the age of discovery Transparency & trust Relevancy Customer intimacy Multichannel mix Immediacy
  41. 41. Direct to consumer
  42. 42. The biggest change is what? Touch is the biggest change
  43. 43. Trends driving 2014 and forward
  44. 44. Marketers don’t spend enough time trying to understand movements in buyer behavior changes
  45. 45. Key trends changing buying behavior • Traditional buying behavior = easy to map
  46. 46. Key trends changing buying behavior
  47. 47. The new shopping experience • Often starts in search • Increasing percentage starts in mobile search • M-commerce on the rise in Western world • F-commerce expected to take off
  48. 48. Understand the customer buying processes and how social plays a role, if any
  49. 49. Mapping the buying process Try this exercise (use your own situation or the one below): Product Marketing academy Pricing € 5.000 + potential travel expenses Target audience Senior and junior marcom management, CEO’s of SMB’s Benefit Accredited, international and local trainers Delivery Physical room and virtual rooms
  50. 50. Changes in buying behavior impacts the sales cycles tremendously No sex on the first date Referral & recommendation OTS* high to get a reaction Latency increase incubationtime *OTS = Opportunity to see
  51. 51. But I am ready !
  52. 52. OTS = Opportunity to See must increase • Remember: people take longer time to make a decision • Higher frequency will not hurt you as long as you are well established in the Mind-Box • In email marketing, be sure to differentiate messages based on open, clicked, no action
  53. 53. THE OTS CHALLENGE Message Action Increase opportunity to see by 3, 5, 10 Message Message Message Message Message Action
  54. 54. Start & hooked Engaged & interacting Stop and transact. Or pause.
  55. 55. Google’s remarketing (AdWords)
  56. 56. Match content and offers to stages – use persona’s if relevant to your situation Prerequisites > Profile insights > Content to match > Good database & marketing execution system > A clear objective driven plan on what you want to accomplish
  57. 57. Think about top, mid and end of funnel and focus ferociously on the end goal, short and long term Bottom of funnel is where the action takes place – engagement need to drive your audience towards the bottom of the funnel 69
  58. 58. The Danger of Band Wagon & The Urgency of Mobility
  59. 59. New opportunities to interact and get a response from your audience using QR codes (or not)
  60. 60. Me too, me too, me too, me too, me too, me too !
  61. 61. Drink and scan – if you can !
  62. 62. Scan and download a book
  63. 63. But why mobility now?
  64. 64. Quick fix: Social and mobile are intrinsically linked
  65. 65. The Urgency of Mobility & Opportunities in 2nd Screen
  66. 66. New challenges, new opportunities Touch
  67. 67. Does she scroll? • Average pixel length of a vertical scroll?
  68. 68. Responsive web design – make sure you deliver a good to great experience across all devices
  69. 69. Responsive websites 1 2 Laptop view Smartphone view Navigation (1) and Sectors (2) Responsive design takes the Navigation are in one format for the typical and Sector callouts and formats it user (laptop/desktop). automatically to give easy access for the mobile user). Check your own website on your smart phone or tablet. Are you happy now?
  70. 70. Content recommendations on mobile (Google Plus)
  71. 71. Prioritise video in your mobile optimised site. Video content highly effective for engagement & conversion
  72. 72. Social media and mobile marketing • Have a single goal in mind for each channel • Optimise each social presence for mobile (e.g. Facebook apps) • Time your mobile focused posts • Favour image and location based marketing • Use mobile apps to manage your account and activity
  73. 73. What is SOLOMO?
  74. 74. Community engagement – picture economy • The secret lives of luxury shoes • Photos are submitted through Instagram using the hashtag #BGShoes • Image is placed on Bergdorf’s map of Manhattan
  75. 75. Gamification - adds interaction, repetition & sharing
  76. 76. … deeply personal
  77. 77. Mobility & nd 2 Screen
  78. 78. 2nd screen opportunities
  79. 79. Google Currents - automated publishing - increase readership - experiment with “tabletized” publishing -opportunity to attract a new audience - serve existing audience better
  80. 80. How does mobile & relevant ”time and place offers” tie in with the overall customer experience and your webpresence
  81. 81. Automated campaign a massive success ... In Turkey • Sign-up via qualification • IVR • Different Axe girl calls every day Think: Solves a real problem in a fun way (service) and generates continous awarenesss
  82. 82. 7 proven senses to consider for your digital marketing activities • Lust; the anticipation of pleasure, (which we crave) • Mystique; an unanswered question that intrigues us and makes us want to solve the puzzle • Alarm: the threat of negative consequences, which demands immediate response • Prestige: symbols of rank and respect, which earn us status and admiration • Vice: rebellion against rules, which tempts us toward “forbidden fruit” • Trust: certainty and reliability, to which we give our loyalty • Commonsense; use your commonsense
  83. 83. Which senses do this Westin mobile add play on?
  84. 84. Mobility is everywhere and is becoming the de facto standard for finding stuff • • • • • • Think about Google Maps & Places (be there) Think about Google Plus (Google +) Think about Facebook & Places Think about Foursquare Think about Location Based Services Think about how hard it is to find good interactive apps about Greece in general
  85. 85. What is there to think about? Mobile Web Mobile App  Good for engaging new prospects Can work well as a client retention tool  Cheaper and quicker to market  Stronger at driving call to action through push messaging  Provide an additional touch point  Ideal for digital coupons, special user events and offers (local, regional) Mobile Ads Targeted  Performance based  Drive traffic, downloads and conversion of any kind
  86. 86. 5 Minute Exercise What can you do (or what can Greece do) to leverage mobility – Describe an idea or a project, which will help your brand (or the brand of Greece) attract more customers or retain/grow customers
  87. 87. Experience
  88. 88. Subject: Things you want to know about your stay with us
  89. 89. The experience starts and ends with marketing
  90. 90. The ways to share content, influence and opinion have exploded CONVERSATION ECONOMY 109
  91. 91. Your customers are talking about you – question is; are you part of the conversation?
  92. 92. How can you get your customers to review your facilities on video? 111
  93. 93. Reviews: Answer every single review – personalize the answer, add value 112
  94. 94. AID+LIRA Attention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement Share is good Action is best Like is NOT a currency, engagement is @michaelleander
  95. 95. The power of social is in the share Call to action Page likes 5.000 Shared 222 Reach 23.168 Clicks ? Likes 74
  96. 96. The Power of Paper
  97. 97. Make the onsite share easy - > and make it count Think about - Images - Shared text - How to make the share convert
  98. 98. Now & Next Generation Online Presence centers around …. Customer journey /& persona driven approach • Align content to solve customer needs • Differentiate based on prospect & customer status + win-back Content in context Community engagement • Match buying vs. selling cycles • Relate content to campaigns • Establish stickiness • Social engagement • Attract, sustain & grow membership based community Prerequisite = Strong backoffice Engagement & campaign automation • Personalized • Relevant conversations • One data repository
  99. 99. … but Nothing beats the Feel Good Feeling
  100. 100. Listen & React
  101. 101. Real time media buying And .. REDISCOVER TRADITIONAL MEDIA
  102. 102. ROMI / Accountability
  103. 103. No more 80%
  104. 104. Big Data or Small Data?