The GMA Talkback Magazine February 2013


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The GMA Talkback Magazine February contains stories about;

- Mobile retargeting The modern marketer’s dream comes true in 2013
- People prefer marketing messages by mail and email
- Careful steps on foreign soil

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The GMA Talkback Magazine February 2013

  1. 1. Issue 1 - February 2013gma Talkback Global Marketing Alliance The only business title delivering the latest analysis and opinion from the global marketing communityINSIDE...Mobile retargeting Email marketing messages Tour of ‘tech cities’ FromThe business community for international marketers DIRECT MARKETING INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE
  2. 2. FEBRUARY 2013 TalkbackGMA TALKBACK:Sarphatipark 44-I, 1073 CZAMSTERDAM,The Netherlands GMA TalkBackEditorial tel: +44 (0)20 7193 5402 The marketing world is neverWeb: www.the-gma.comEmail: short of ideas and opinions –DMI News is published by Interpres but expertise can be moreMedia which incorporates TheGlobal Marketing Alliance, DMI difficult to find.magazine, DMI News,, DMI Events, But now, your GMA hasiDi Marketers Forum, Talk Back tracked down top-leveland Talk Back Live! comment from around theWHO’S WHO: world. New for 2013, GMAEditor Sally HootonDesign Jim Counsell Talkback offers invaluablePublisher Matt Edgar analysis and insight frommatt@dmi-news.comOrigination Interpres Media marketing heavyweights and brand leaders.Printing Newspaper Club, UK. It runs alongside GMA NewsWire - delivered regularly toCopyright Interpres Media.All rights are reserved. your inbox, and our online news service gma.comReproduction in whole or part Sally Hootonwithout the publisher’s permissionis forbidden.Subscribe GMA Talkback is a productof The Global Marketing Alliance. Editor of DMI PublicationsAnnual membership of GMA is Content Director£179.99 from:www.the-gma.comISSN: 2045-3663 gma Global Marketing Alliance Contents Mobile retargeting: The modern marketer’s dream comes true in 2013 04 People prefer marketing messages by mail and email 07 Take a tour of ‘tech cities’ 10 Trend-spotting redux By Doug Sacks 13 Careful steps on foreign soil 16 Carry yourself with style 19 03
  3. 3. Talkback FEBRUARY 2013Mobileretargeting:The modern marketer’sdream comes true in 2013By Simon WajcenbergN inety-five per cent of users leave a website without making a transaction,but once retargeted, they are 70 per cent consumers on desktop for some years, with much success. Now, new technology means that this success can be translated to themore likely to complete a purchase. Simon growing brigade of mobile shoppers. 2013 isWajcenberg explores how, with 75 per cent going to see mobile retargeting seriouslyof the world’s population now having taking off.access to a mobile device, the opportunities The speed of mobile’s crusade against theoffered by retargeting on mobile are going PC has been so rapid that many marketersto turn the mobile marketing myth into a have been left reeling. But, while the webreality this year. took 15 years to disrupt everything, it has Retargeting – the ability to get back the only taken the smartphone five. During these98% of shoppers who look but don’t buy or five short years 45% of all American adultsthe 60% who leave their shopping basket have acquired a smartphone and 18% aagonisingly full but fail to checkout – has tablet. These figures are only set to rise:finally come of age for mobile. Analysts are predicting that in two years, 90% Advertisers have been able to retarget of mobile users will own a smartphone.04
  4. 4. FEBRUARY 2013 TalkbackNew technology, enhanced opportunity Advantages of retargeting and mobileM-commerce – the purchasing of products provide real ROI for advertiserson smartphones and tablets – is booming, as So, while adhering to the highest privacyall the sales figures over the holiday season standards, mobile retargeting enables2012 proved. We found that clickthrough advertisers to re-engage consumers whorates on mobile ads rose 23% over Black have previously shown an interest but neverFriday and Cyber Monday in contrast to a actually committed. In fact, it is estimatedfive per cent rise in clickthrough rates that just two per cent of online shopperson desktop ads over the same period. make a purchase on their first visit to an e-Importantly, we have found that retargeted commerce site. With mobile retargeting,mobile ad campaigns generate, on average, marketers can take advantage of locationan impressive 40% conversion rate from tracking and RTB, to retarget relevant ads atpreviously abandoned leads. the right time and place, to the right Until now, mobile retargeting has been audience and on the right device.impossible due to strict mobile privacy The hard facts are that now brands canregulations. However, there is now new target and retarget mobile users in 220mobile retargeting technology that has been countries resulting in a potential 60 billiondeveloped in compliance with privacy monthly impressions. And at Clash, weregulations. It securely maps anonymously charge on a results only basis, so ROI isheld keys to a given user. Supporting this further are five servers handling 85million user records and processing Simon Wajcenberg is global CEO, Clashthousands of queries per second, per server, Group – the major New York and London-at an average query time of five milliseconds. based full service digital media company.Analysts are predicting thatin two years, 90% of mobileusers will own a smartphone. 05
  5. 5. FEBRUARY 2013 TalkbackPeople prefer marketing messages bymail and emailDavid Cole dissects the information gleanedfrom the latest fast.MAP Marketing-GAP Report.E mail and direct mail continue to run neck and neck in the favourite-marketing-contact-route stakes; holding their own These findings are included in the August 8, 2012, wave of the influential fast.MAP Marketing-GAP Report – sponsored byagainst all newcomers, according to new MarketReach, part of Royal Mail and inresearch. partnership with the Institute of Sales People prefer to hear about some subjects Promotion (ISP) and Institute of Directby email, others by mail and none of the Marketing (IDM) – which has been trackingother media come anywhere close to them consumer attitudes to marketing andin popularity. measuring ‘the GAP’ (how closely marketers For example, banking – the subject about are keeping up with the changes), sincewhich the largest number of consumers 2005.want to receive marketing information – 35% It achieves this by using two online(up one per cent year-on-year) “are happy” questionnaires; one completed by a fast.MAPto be contacted by mail and 27% (down from panel of 1,000+ demographically-balanced30% in 2011) by email. consumers; the other by a panel of 350+ These routes are 500% more popular than marketers.nearest rivals landline (five per cent up from The study reveals that overall, landline isthree per cent) and SMS (five per cent up dropping out of favour as more people movefrom two per cent). to mobiles, or more accurately, SMS, since 07
  6. 6. Talkback FEBRUARY 2013less than two per cent of adults are happy toreceive marketing information via mobile 80% of people open direct mail, the samecalls (up one per cent on last year). Other as in 2010; after rising to an impressive 87%social media are even less popular as last year, the highest since Marketing-GAPmarketing contact routes. was launched in 2005. Marketers overestimated the popularity of A third of these open all direct mail, whileall marketing media, but especially mobile 45% only open messages from companiesand social networks which they typically they use. Both groups have fallen by four perexpected to be at least 200% more popular cent year-on-year.than they actually are. Marketers thought eight per cent fewer “This results of this study really are not would open all mail, but only overestimatedsurprising.”, said Matt Bright, Insight manager by two per cent the percentage who onlyat MarketReach. “Marketers are rightly, open mail from known companies.closely engaged with new media channels, The challenge for marketers is to targetbut they should regularly consider how their this digitally-acquiescent minority accuratelybehaviour differs from their customers. enough to generate a satisfactory return on “The digital audience is highly diverse and investment; yet be prepared to stick tonot all are engaged at the same level. This traditional contact routes, if the newer mediasurvey shows us that consumers of all ages do not offer a close match with prospects.still care about the printed communicationthey receive from companies more than thedigital engagement they have with them.” David Cole is MD of fast.MAP.The digital audience is highly diverse andnot all are engaged at the same level. Thissurvey shows us that consumers of all agesstill care about the printed communication08
  7. 7. Lists and data solutions from local European experts Come and meet the European partners in person at stand F60 in the GMA Networking Lounge at Technology for Marketing on 26th/27th February at London’s Earls Court Exhibition centre. gma LOUNGE Global Marketing Alliance NETWORKINGList Broking | List Management | Data Protection - order you print copy here 09
  8. 8. Talkback FEBRUARY 2013Take a tour of‘tech cities’Laurent Boninfante (pictured) discusses a globalphenomenon and its impact on digital marketing.T here has been a revolution in recent years in urban development that ischanging marketing as well as the physical (TCIO), the body set up by the UK government to drive investment inside the city walls, we can expect some senior-levelenvironment. ‘Tech cities’, as they are loosely social media knowledge and know-how tolabelled, have started cropping up in key add a new vibrancy and impetus tolocations around the world. marketers in the area. As a global marketing technology From my own experience, this and everycompany that has recently moved into other tech city offers a range of moreLondon’s tech city, I wanted to take you on a intangible benefits over and above thetour of some of the most interesting obvious investment and publicity gains. Theexamples and provide some ideas and feeling of community among companies isinsight into the likely impact these will have making each area greater than the sum of itson digital marketing. parts, while broader benefits of better London’s tech city has grown steadily infrastructure and a more establishedsince its inception in November 2010 when ecosystem are evolving local communitiesPrime Minister David Cameron announced as well as driving fresh talent to companieshis vision for the initiative. With the news last in these locations. There is, of course, also amonth that Joanna Shields, ex-VP EMEA for risk that major technology companies couldFacebook, is taking up the helm as CEO of drain skills from smaller start-ups, but thethe Tech City Investment Organisation general feeling is that the additional10
  9. 9. FEBRUARY 2013 Talkbackattention brings more benefit than innovation. Companies such as Facebookchallenges. and eBay are actively acquiring technology Looking around Europe, Skolkovo in developed in the area meaning theRussia is also going to be making waves. purported aim to replace, rather thanInnovations relevant to us marketers that replicate, Silicon Valley cannot behave already been developed by this tech immediately dismissed. Israel is potentiallycity include a single platform for all seeing a faster innovation curve in areasecommerce orders and buildings that such glass-less 3D content viewingbecome giant screens for marketing (Eyevector), personalised ecommercemessages. When you consider that Skolkovo (C&ST), location-based advertising (Mobli)has tempted Intel’s former and facial recognition, all ofCEO Craig Barrett onto its which will play a biggerleadership team, Mark “When you consider role in our future digitalZuckerberg of Facebook that Skolkovo has lives.recently spent time there China’s incredible 20-and the 2014 G8 summit is tempted Intel’s former year history in creatingbeing hosted there, this CEO Craig Barrett onto technology parks cannotlocation is sure to be upping its leadership team, be ignored either. With sixits innovative edge more currently in the Mark Zuckerberg ofconsiderably over the next works, in addition to the 88few years. Facebook recently further state-level Further afield, Konza spent time there and locations, these parksTechno City in Kenya, also the 2014 G8 summit is created revenue of $2.06known as ‘Silicon Savannah’, trillion in 2011, proving thecould have a strident impact being hosted there, incredible value of suchon mobile marketing, this location is sure to initiatives, should anyoneespecially for mobile be upping its still be querying this. Thefinancial services, in years to country already leads thecome. There are reportedly innovative edge” world in patentnow more mobile phones in applications, while its fast-Kenya than there are adults, growing economy andwhile the country also leads the world in the innovations in areas such as social gaminguse of mobile payments, with half of all and mobile apps will mean other countriestransactions being conducted in Kenya. look to China for what’s coming next in While the rest of the world is eagerly these sectors.awaiting the availability of near-field And last but not least, for those wanting tocommunications (NFC) to enable easy start out truly global, there is even amobile payments, consumers in this ‘mobile fascinating project underway to develop afirst’ nation are happily paying for their brand new tech city on a vessel anchored inweekly shop in supermarkets on their international waters just off the coast ofmobiles via the M-PESA microfinance service California. Backed by Peter Thiel, founder offrom Safaricom, the Kenyan mobile network Paypal, Blueseed is currently focusing onoperator. applications from the tech start-up Harnessing this, and other burgeoning community, but investment partners such asinnovations, is something that both local and Lumia with its strong focus on marketing,global businesses will look to Konza for – data and content, show that marketingand if the organisation’s official website is companies will also be a future focus.indicative of the sophisticated approach the Running global marketing programmesinitiative is taking, I expect to see this tech from international waters could be a verycity rise to the fore. interesting aspect of this initiative! Israel’s Silicon Wadi area around Tel Aviv isalready relatively mature due to the country’s Laurent Boninfante is EMEA managinghistorical capability for technology director, Acquisio. 11
  10. 10. Talkback FEBRUARY 2013Sailing theeconomic shipGMA columnist Doug Sacks (pictured), reporting from theUSA, takes a look at trends marketers should be aware of.A sluggish US economy showing signs of emerging from a long hibernation, but notyet fully awake, compounded by reports of thoughts about health equals pure gold for some industries and accounts for generic drugs, pilates & yoga, self-tanning products,double and triple dip recessions in some 3D printers (used for medical technology) andregions of the world, makes me look at trends online eyeglasses making this list. But really,to see where the money is or where it may be online anything is a growth category and willheading. Marketers, like bank robbers, need to only get stronger. Here’s a thought – in a yearknow where the money is, in order to be or two the ageing boomers will be dying off.successful. Maybe mortuary services should make the Almost a year ago, IBISWorld reported on next Top 10 list.the ten fastest growth industries in the US.Let’s review them here, although I don’t seemany of these as being able to right America’seconomic ship. It’s a big ship and these are 2. Back to nature, awareness that the destruction of the environment erodes our quality of life, and the lessening of oursmall amounts of ballast. But many underlie reliance on foreign oil are all reaching newlarger trends which we can set sail upon. heights of public acceptance which will drive the solar panel and Green building• Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing construction sectors along with all forms of• Solar Panel Manufacturing the ‘Buy Local’ and ‘Eat Healthy’ (see ageing,• For-Profit Universities hypochondriacal baby boomers), and ‘Save• Pilates & Yoga Studios the Farmland’ movements. This is one trend• Self-tanning Product Manufacture that crosses generational boundaries, which• 3D Printer Manufacture could give it some staying power. However,• Social Network Game Development less destruction of the environment seems to• Hot Sauce Production be in direct contradiction to some of the• Green & Sustainable Building Construction technologies that will, theoretically, reduce• Online Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Sales our reliance on foreign oil. These include hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to release oil1. The Baby Boomer generation is ageing. And, although they like to believe that 60is what 40 was a generation ago, anyone who and gas deposits at the cost of serious water contamination and human health issues and building a contested pipeline from Canada tois 60 or more knows that’s a bunch of transfer the oil derived from shale.malarkey. Combine the ageing thing with theAmerican obsession with health, shake welland you get a potent cocktail. We areobsessed about our health. A nation of ageing 3. Hot sauce production. Well, as the Republican Party has learned a bit too late, the US demographic is not changing. Ithypochondriacs. Obsession with health HAS changed. Latino culture is here to stayshould not be confused with actually being and growing super-fast compared to white,healthy or adopting healthy lifestyles. But we black and Asian groups. Plus Latino tastes inat least want to think we are. So an ageing food, music and culture have, by the force ofdemographic and ever more obsessive sheer numbers, gone mainstream. Politicians 13
  11. 11. Talkback FEBRUARY 2013will fall all over themselves cozying up to this products/wholesalers/gasoline stations,demographic during the next four years, as industrial machinery, cattle ranching,will marketers for a generation to come. employment services, computer systems design. Commodity prices hitting sky-high4. Social network development, along with mobile phone anything, has to be a hugegrowth area. But, I predict one will long levels, growing interest in domestic oil production, bringing American jobs back to the US are driving some of these. Computeroutlast the other. Social networking will fizzle design and employment services sectorwithin a few years as the college crowd gets growth are and becomes too busy to be so self-absorbed. And business-related socialnetworking sites have yet to prove their worth– and, in fact, may not have any outside of an 7. One last trend that is here to stay also has to do with demographics. If you want a job, look for a woman to hire you. USinflated stock price making investors happy. women-owned businesses are outpacing allBut reliance on a super-smart phone with other business sectors and have been for themore and more capability is here to stay. past decade. Consider these facts about women business enterprises (WBEs):5. For-profit universities indicate a ferociously competitive job market (forboth college graduates and late-in-life career • WBEs employ 7.7 million people. That’s 40% more people than the three largestchangers), plus its focus on online courses employers – McDonald’s, IBM and Wal-feeds into the continuing reliance on the Mart – combinedInternet. Looks like a win-win for that one at • There are 8.3 million WBEs in the Unitedleast until the economy recovers. The real Statesvalue of those ‘diplomas’ remains to be seen. • WBEs generated $1.3 trillion in 2011 alone • WBEs will create 5.5 million new jobs by6. Forbes adds private industry sectors like: support activities for mining, petroleum 2018, representing 1/3 of all new jobs expected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.14
  12. 12. Measure on a new scale.What happens when an agencymixes best-in-class analytics,leading technology and customerstrategy with digital mediaexcellence and provocative creative?Visible results.Of entirely new proportions.Expect more.
  13. 13. Talkback FEBRUARY 2013Careful steps onforeign soilLook before you leap into international multi-channelmarketing, says Steve Kemish (pictured).Tread carefully and you score sky-high ROI.T here are a multitude of factors to consider when adopting a multi-channel approachinternationally. Decent translation of content won’t be understood in a particular country, then it’s unlikely you’ll see any ROI and will waste your valuable budget that could beacross channels is a first obvious step, but spent in more effective ways.understanding cultural differences and If you are convinced that international reallyimplications is far more crucial and beneficial is right for you, it’s important not to just shootin the long term. and run. Digging deeper for facts is now Poor cross-culture marketing can have a crucial. Understand your target audience’ssignificantly negative impact on a brand. A preferences. Research where you can. Willlack of cultural awareness and poor translation Thai recipients respond better to social mediafor example, will mean marketers are unlikely or direct mail? How will your targeted contactto see much bang for their buck. And view their communications? On their phone,remember, the human touch is required when on their laptop? At work, at home? Considercommunicating to any consumer and people time differences and public holidays, too –around the world have very different nuances before you press ‘send’.and perceptions of this. It is also important to Once you have understood the variances,understand regional differences within translated and adapted your content, strategycountries . . . not every country is as small as and approach to fit the culture and targetthe UK! audiences, the launch of your international It may be a tough call, but is your product or campaign is the logical next step.service actually right for all the countries you But wait! Have you considered your use ofplan to target? It may be tempting to treat data? Are you aware of relevant data laws in‘foreign’ as one big targetable land mass, but the countries you are targeting? Germany, foryou’d be very wrong to do so. If your instincts example, is a data danger zone when it comesare telling you that your product or service just to sending unsolicited communications.16
  14. 14. FEBRUARY 2013 TalkbackTrending countries engine advertisement and social media areSo which countries are catching the eyes of popular throughout Turkey and the youngerbig-time investors and large corporations? generation is fashionable, modern andThese ‘next generation countries’ will begin to technologically well connected.emerge and impress in the world of Angola is another emerging marketplace totechnology and trade and therefore marketing. keep an eye on. Following the end of the civil Russia is determined to shake off its ‘bread war in 2002, Angola is now a stable investmentqueue’ associations and become a real part of environment with diamonds and oil making upthe global economy with big investment in 60% of the economy. Key trading connectionstrade. The retail market there is booming, with Canada meant it was one of the world’salong with luxury car sales. Western brands are fastest growing countries just before thenoticing Russians craving modern living, financial crisis hit.helped by an influx of credit and higher levels Whether it is Turkey, Angola, Russia – orof disposable income. The younger Russian even Mars in the future! – multi-channel rulespopulation has a strong work ethic and must still apply. Understand your targetunderstands that studying is the key to audience and what makes them tick, whenimproving their prospects. This is driving down and how. International is not just one bigunemployment rates and improving economic dartboard for you to throw all your arrows atgrowth. Communication links have been and hope to hit the bull’s eye. You wouldn’t runimproved throughout the country and, in the a campaign in this way in the UK, so don’t fallpast decade, businesses are developing and into the ‘one size fits all’ trap abroad. Do yourgrowing, due to faster internet connections research, take your time, gain knowledge andand better communication links. understanding, and only then will you stand a Without travelling too far south, we arrive in chance of international success.Turkey. After years of gradual economicgrowth and rising incomes, Turkey is now Steve Kemish is managing director at Cyancebecoming a country to watch out for. The and will be presenting at Technology fordigital and advertising market is growing, with Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A) at Earlsheavy investment in creativity and IT. Search Court 2 in London on February 26. His presentation, ‘How vital it is to embrace a multi-channel approach?’, covers current trends and tricks you need to arm yourself with for 2013. 17
  15. 15. Target over 35million key decisionmakers across ourlarge portfolio ofinternationalbusiness lists iRespond InternationalIntermedia Global and the rest of the Lists4Europe network is sponsoring theGMA Lounge at the TFM&A Show in London’s Earls Court. Meet the memberson February 26th and 27th at the GMA Lounge, stand F60.Data Acquisition I Data Management I Data Cleaning & Appending I Data Analysis & ProfilingIntermedia Global Ltd, 9 Abbey Court, Fraser Road, Priory Business Park, Bedford, MK44 3WHTel: +44 (0)1234 831000 Fax: +44 (0)1234 838294Email: Web:
  16. 16. FEBRUARY 2013 TalkbackCarry yourselfwith style(thanks to BRTV)Digby Orsmond explains how best toharness Brand Response Television.D RTV (Direct Response TV) is often seen as the poor relation of traditional highbudget brand advertising, but in the past five and we find that the multitasking 18-35-year age group react positively to BRTV ads – especially if these are highly creative andyears, the increased use of the internet by slightly edgy.consumers has narrowed the gap. This has Younger viewers especially are happy torecently led to the creation of a new low cost immediately visit a BRTV advertiser’s websitegenre of TV advertising called BRTV (Brand and just as importantly share what they’veResponse TV). found with their friends on Facebook & These are 30-second spots that promote a Twitter. Results are even more powerfulURL to drive viewers with tablets or when the BRTV ad offers a free sample orsmartphones to visit a website and make a special discount.purchase. With BRTV, the focus is less on We’re on a mission to make BRTV morename recall and more about driving online affordable in the UK and one of our recenttraffic. This type of ad qualifies as ‘direct successes has been to help a dynamic youngresponse’ and allows the clients’ media online company to significantly grow sales ofagency to purchase airtime that can cost asmuch as 50% less than fixed-position brandinventory in which a guaranteed TV audiencelevel is purchased. With BRTV, there is usuallya more effective viewer engagement via theadvertiser’s website and this more thanmakes up the difference in spend levels.Additionally, the airtime discount minimisesrisk and allows first time advertisers to safelytest TV. At ARM Direct, our experience is that ahefty 20% of additional online response isgenerated within 10 minutes of a well-madeBRTV spot being transmitted. Nielsen tells usthat some 60% of television viewers watchthe box and surf the Internet simultaneously 19
  17. 17. Talkback FEBRUARY 2013their hero brand. February 2013 campaign and plans to make Founder, Claire Barratt, took to social further BRTV ads to support the brand later inmedia in 2011 to sell her unique customised the year.ClaireaBella bags and Chloe Simms from the Research ‘TV and Online: better together’,hit UK TV show – The Only Way is Essex – conducted by Thinkbox & IAB, confirms thatbought one and was ‘papped’, with the photo TV advertising can drive people online in aappearing prominently in a national host of ways, the benefit being that thenewspaper. Claire said: “I was bowled over smartphone consumer journey is now muchwith the immediate response online! A few shorter and viewers often respond to TV adsdays later, Chloe was also spotted in series 2 as and when they are seen in real time. Fromof the TV show with her bag and my Twitter their analysis, it became apparent that thetimeline went crazy!” role of TV in driving online response has Later that year, Claire got in touch with an been undervalued. Partially, this is down toonline gift website called and the fast changing technological landscapethey were soon collaborating and extending and the huge increase in smartphonethe range further. ownership. Plus, BRTV campaigns are based Clinton Njie (CEO of ToxicFox) decided to on hard facts as the response numbers don’texplore whether television was an affordable lie – meaning that results can always beoption and, in September 2012, he appointed improved month-on-month by cutting outARM Direct to make a stylish 30-second the slow performing TV channels and testingBRTV creative, using the catch phrase, ‘Carry others.yourself with style’, featuring three young Television’s impact on website responsemodels and fun character animations by Nick all too often slips under the radar but theSneath. reality is this – making a low-cost highly For a modest media budget, this was creative BRTV ad can help drive significanttested on selected UK TV channels and online traffic, especially as all BRTV adsToxicFox website sales increased significantly shown on broadcast channels can nowwith ClaireaBella fast becoming a ‘must have’ instantly be searched, shared and copiedbag in the all-important pre-Christmas online adding a whole new dimension to agencysales period. This initial test proved so accountability. At ARM Direct we welcomesuccessful that ToxicFox is now rolling out a this new challenge.20
  18. 18. Your marketing programs extend beyond your domestic market… shouldn’t the capabilities of your data management partner do the same? Multichannel Services for Global Direct Marketing!Data Quality | Database Analytics | Data Appending | Email Marketing www.dataservicesinc.comCome and see us at the GMA Lounge Booth F6026/27 February at TFM&A 2013 gmaLOUNGE Global Marketing Alliance NETWORKING
  19. 19. gma The business community for international marketers The Global Marketing Alliance is the only business card you need! It puts you in you touch with like-minded associates and new contacts across borders and into fresh markets. Join the GMA community and meet a whole world of marketing professionals. Read all about it here: Dont miss this business opportunity!   Join the community, now! Visit Dont forget that you can order a printed copy of this issue by visiting Powered by - order you print copy here 23