How to survive the future of marketing - Keynote at RODIRECT


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Michael Leander's keynote at the RODIRECT 2011 Direct Marketing Conference in Bucharest.

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How to survive the future of marketing - Keynote at RODIRECT

  1. 1. 7 things you need to know to survive the future Michael Leander 02-11-11More information here |
  2. 2. See pictures from RODIRECT 11 here
  3. 3. How to help others –understand where they areand then take it from there
  4. 4. An ecological vibrator 6
  5. 5. Your target prospect is exposed to6000 advertisingmessages every single day
  6. 6. The average time spent on a taskbefore being distracted or switching to another is only 3 minutes 11 seconds.
  7. 7. People are beng overwhelmed by 100,000 words and 34g of information daily
  8. 8. Short attention span, loads of intrusion- how do you cut through the clutter? Do I know you? Brain Do I need you? Can I trust you? filter
  9. 9. Fact 1: Direct mail is still highly efficientand plays on senses that digital cannotFact 2: Email marketing is growing, butbecoming increasingly difficult to handleFact 3: Gaining traction in social media isnot what most people think it would be
  10. 10. Valeria – 12 years old Anne-Grethe – 64 years old 13
  11. 11. LessOooopps .. A lot more channels traditional (not strategies) TV Less printOld channels do not disappear More Hello multi channel marketer digital
  12. 12. Break down the terriblyinefficient silo thinking
  13. 13. Watch the video here
  14. 14. Significant changesTransparencyRelevancy8 second ruleCustomer intimacyMultichannel mix
  15. 15. What business aremarketers in?
  16. 16. Romy Ruth VS. ROT = Return on Time
  17. 17. Experience mattersmore and more
  18. 18. Watch the video here
  19. 19. Survey: Does Companies Provide anExcellent Customer experience?
  20. 20. Measure the experience LIVEDid you get a better service than expected? Check TeleFaction here Service experience on a scale of 0 to 100, where 100 is best
  21. 21. Listen to your audience Starbuck got 90.000 + ideas ..(c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 34
  22. 22. www.socialmention.comListen and alerts- Setup alerts for your brandnames / company name etc- Take notice of your sentiment- Interact with ”talkers”- Beware of what people seewhen using services such associal mention- This is LIVE, 24/7
  23. 23. Listening to the conversation on Twitter(or other social networks)• I wrote: Free internet at London City Airport. More power to you - thats the way to do it. (and its a sponsored model too, smart :-)• They replied• LondonCityAir @michaelleander Thank you! Enjoy your trip. Wednesday, 25 November 2009, 9:57 am - Reply - View Tweet - Retweet - Direct Message(c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 36
  24. 24. What is yourcustomer vision?
  25. 25. Knowledge of Customers How do we collect knowledge of our customers Customer Experience In which touch points? How do we ensure that customers get the How do we use this knowledge? same experience across all touch points? How can we enrich and increase our own knowledge On which level must the experience be Knowledge consistent across all channels? Customer Value Which customers have which value? How do we measure it? Customer Customer Which customers will we attract, retain Experience Value or develop?Integration Which service will we provide the defined segments?How do we share knowledge of ourcustomers?How do we plan and implement Customercustomer activities across thecompany?How close do we want tointegrate ourselves with Customercustomers and partners? Integration Expectation Balanced effort Customer Expectations How do we balance our efforts in relation to the Balanced effort When are the customer in touch with us and why? customers value? Which expectations do they have and how do we live What effect does that have in our activities? up to them? How far will we go? How do we communicate with the customers? How do we focus on loyalty, retention and cross What impact does customer satisfaction have on sales? revenue and profit?
  26. 26. What will make youraudience talk about you?(c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 39
  27. 27. Beware of your reputation Reputation is “the result of what you do, what you say, and what other people say about you”
  28. 28. Manage Expectations
  29. 29. Check the movie here
  30. 30. ACTIONS -> your to do listCreate a customer vision- What do you want to be for your customers in each channel?- Define your ideal customer- Define buying processes and alignyour sales and marketing processes- Match prospects with ideal customer target- Whom is your web presence for?- LTV analysis- RFM analysis
  31. 31. Exclusivity &uniqueness is smart ... I so agree !
  32. 32. Can you keep a secret?
  33. 33. An unconventional approach can work too
  34. 34. The conversionfunnelfor all youractivities
  35. 35. Really new ways: Will this influence?
  36. 36. What do you want to achieve?Have 100.000 ppl. Attract 20.000 watch my video newsletter subscribers Customer fan club Sell for € 1 mill by Friday Get 50000 people to talk about my product 51
  37. 37. • Failure is a big part of your success !• Experiment with different concepts• Test, test, test• Be prepared to explore new, surprising ways to become successful• Create a corporate / agency culture for testing
  38. 38. A 26,22% B 5,00% C 10,32%Can you guess the CTR (response) winner for theseemail marketing campaigns?A?B?C?
  39. 39. z Understand thy audience
  40. 40. The goal for any marketer in 1997, 2012? Relevant offer A B C D Target Effective channel Right timing Nov 02 56
  41. 41. Personalized with title and name Targeted relevant offer Image and copy based on life stage
  42. 42. Customer lifecycle marketing automationDifferentiated approach addressesdifferent needs SMS/Email 6 Travel & experience Excursions Car rental 7 Comming 5 Arrival 1. Recommend home destination to friends Transactional 8 Evaluation Example 4 Departure Behavioral & Reliving Targeted Travel 3 Past Sale Insurance Pre Departure Car rental 1 2 Pre Sale Sale 9 Next Pre Sale Profiling and knowledge of where the customer is in the ”wheel” opens up for a coordinated and relevant dialogue before sale, during and after
  43. 43. What reallymatters ?
  44. 44. Unique,passionate, emotional, authentic, focused,interactive,meaningful…
  45. 45. Learn more about this topicMichael Leander is an internationalmarketing speaker. He has spoken in 35+countries and at countless webinars..Find him here http://www.michaelleander.meConsulting: http://www.michaelleander.comEmail: