Guest lecture at IBA Karachi: Social fool or social cool


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Michael Leander presented social fool or social cool at the IBA in Karachi, Pakistan.

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Guest lecture at IBA Karachi: Social fool or social cool

  1. 1. Social media foolor cool?
  2. 2. Email: @michaelleander
  3. 3. The purpose of marketing is to acquire, convert, sustain and growcustomers whom then in turn will attract other customers through referrals
  4. 4. Your web presence will become the frontand center of your marketing activities
  5. 5. Thin Which problem are you solving?
  6. 6. Is this what social media[marketing] is all about? 10
  7. 7. Is this what social media[marketing] is all about? 11
  8. 8. Experience leads to retention. Retention pays my rent! Earn theadmiration of my peers & It is about the that’s what matters conversation It is about the conversion
  9. 9. Social Media is COOL 13
  10. 10. 95% of social mediaactivities #FAIL 14
  11. 11. Marketing - especially socialbusiness - has become about how to operate the various platforms – not the WHY,WHERE, WHEN, WHAT, HOW MUCH
  12. 12. 16
  13. 13. Tactical vs. the right plan! Where should you be and why?
  14. 14. DIRECTION- purpose- strategy- tactics- execution- measure 18
  15. 15. Social media: 90-9-1 rule of thumb• 90% will only consume content• 9% will engage periodically, but only when the conversation strikes them as interesting• Less than 1% is the engaged audience driving the conversation in your social community. They support and provide value for the community to read, hear, view
  16. 16. Short vs. long term effect and impacton cash-flow in social media marketing
  17. 17. What is SOLOMO?
  18. 18. The biggest change is what? Touch is the biggest change
  19. 19. Touch will change the gamecompletely
  20. 20. Which reads the mostwords per minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute
  21. 21. Welcome to the picture economy People talk about pictures, share them, LOL at them
  22. 22. See pictures from the session hereNow @michaelleander wants us to take pictures at #michaelleander
  23. 23. Picture economy Photos goes viral if they are fun Include USP’s and URL’s if possible Stir an emotion
  24. 24. Good ‘ol AIDA A = Attention (Awareness) I = Interest D = Desire A = Action
  25. 25. AttentionInterestDesire Action
  26. 26. Make sure the message is somewhat relevant to thebrand / offering
  27. 27. Which of these brands have most likes? Engagement rate Engagement rate 0.020% 0.483% Nokia Pakistan Zong Pakistan Likes: 1.086.658 Likes: 695.996 Best engagement rateSource:, 19 December 2012 at 06:01
  28. 28. Think abouttop, mid andend of funneland focusferociouslyon the endgoal, shortand longterm Bottom of funnel is where the action takes place – engagement need to drive your audience towards the bottom of the funnel 37
  29. 29. • content/uploads/2011/10/Conversion-funnel-This is 21.png wherethe fun is >>>
  30. 30. Only 20% of your likes ever see your page again. Everything happens in the streamTabs = Prime real estate use it
  31. 31. Tip: Frequency andovercoming Facebook EDGE• Only 6-14% of your ”likes” see your posts• The lifetime of a post is only 3-4 hours>>> Post 4-12 times each day>>> Differentiate posts – Text only – Photos only – Your own content vs OPM – Other People’s Content• Use Facebook Insights or other analytic tools to monitor your progress on a daily/weekly basis
  32. 32. No moreHey days time forPay days 41
  33. 33. Romy [ROMI] Ruth [ROT] VS. ROT = Return on Time
  34. 34. Morechannels More details ROT Problem Morenumbers Morepeople? Moremoney?
  35. 35. The average time spent on a taskbefore being distracted or switching to another is only 3 minutes 11 seconds.
  36. 36. Your target prospect is exposed to6000 advertisingmessages every single day
  37. 37. Short attention span, loads of intrusion- how do you cut through the clutter? Do I know you? Do I need you? Brain Can I trust filter you?
  38. 38. Uniquepassionate emotional authentic focusedinteractivemeaningful …
  39. 39. Life’s a beach ! Dream job in Hamilton Island, Queensland Salary AUS 100.000  Unique idea  Target audience alignment  Storytelling  Insane press coverage  Huge increase in awareness and preference
  40. 40. Social engagement can change perception Samsung Apple Nokia
  41. 41. Key trends changing buying behavior
  42. 42. Changes in buying behavior impacts the sales cycles tremendously No sex on the first date Referral & recommendation OTS* high to get a reaction Latency increase incubationtime*OTS = Opportunity to see
  43. 43. Significant changes inthe age of discoveryTransparency & trustRelevancyCustomer intimacyMultichannel mixImmediacy
  44. 44. Now &Influence revolution The Future Conversation age New age of discovery 57
  45. 45. The ways to share content, influenceand opinion have exploded CONVERSATION ECONOMY 59
  46. 46. 60
  47. 47. 234 shares 236 likes 29 comments 61
  48. 48. What you need to know to create a viral campaign Proven ingredient formulae for viral marketing – learn how to start spreading the news 62
  49. 49. How to create a viral video
  50. 50. Tactical break
  51. 51. Twitter test of wording
  52. 52. Which Tweet was most effective? Is marketing your game? Come join us on the FacebookA page for learning & laughs Best Facebook post this week (most shared), go see itB hereC See what we are talking about over on Facebook today
  53. 53. What others saidSee the survev blog post here
  54. 54. Which Tweet was most effective? Is marketing your game? Come join us on the 0,45% Facebook page for learning & laughs Best Facebook post this week (most shared), go 0,37% see it here See what we are talking about over on 2,67% Facebook today
  55. 55. Innovate and disrupt
  56. 56. The journey starts off site –make it effectiveBanner
  57. 57. The same goes for the copy in your social media messagesAbout EADIM in London here
  58. 58. Pharma marketing article is here
  59. 59. Which page generated most registrations? 275 conversions 110 conversions Landing page #1 Landing page #2
  60. 60. Brilliant [accidental] content concept
  61. 61. Customer Experience• Digital is a huge part of the customer experience• Your core service must be flawless• Sharing is here to stay
  62. 62. Food for thought about the customer experience• 70% of buying decisions are based on how they feel they are being treated• A good customer experience is told to 8 people• A bad customer experience is told to 22 people• It takes 10 good experiences to make up for one bad 77
  63. 63.  People share their experiences – good and bad Incentivize reviews and sharing of product usage Ask your audience to be creative (video, pics, stories)
  64. 64. Are we moremotivated tosharea good or a badexperience?
  65. 65. We are motivated to share by experience TOP 5 1.Good experience 2.Other’s experiences 3.High quality brand 4.Friend’s recommendation 5.Bad experience Not motivating Very motivating 81
  66. 66. Which is more important?Content Community
  67. 67. Service Receive ListenTalk Listen Listen Listen Can you find something sensible to talk about?
  68. 68. Your content concept describes What you offer and how it fits in the buying cycle Benefits of your offering Why your audience should engage Which stories, content you are going to publish Frequency, security, trust Media (video, cartoons, articles, audio etc.) Think like a publisher, act like the best hostess
  70. 70. Talk about something of interest
  71. 71. Quick results – B2B case study + 3 interview requests + 45 newsletter subscribers + 3 registered for Lisbon seminar + 1 consulting engagement + 2 inquiries for speaking
  72. 72. Listen & React• Customers engage in social media• You need to listen to the conversation and react• All the time !
  73. 73. Mobile apps suchas Foursquare(Global), CircleTie(MEA)–mobile & creatingnew demands andexpectations
  74. 74. Unexpected reply My Foursquare message
  75. 75. Can you keep a secret?
  76. 76. Relevance• Communicate with relevance• Profile your audience• Understand preferences• What are their dreams?• What does it take to make her tick?
  77. 77. Failure is a big partof your success !• Experiment with different concepts• Test, test, test• Be prepared to explore new, surprising ways to become successful
  78. 78. Getting you fromwhere you are today– to where you wantto be in 1, 3, 5 years 100
  79. 79. Be consumer centric and media agnostic
  80. 80. DIRECTION- purpose- strategy- tactics- execution- measure 102
  81. 81. Questions, Linkedin contact requests etc:michael@michaelleander.meMichael Leander is an internationalmarketing speaker. He has spoken at IBA inKarachi and in 40+ countriesFind him here http://www.michaelleander.meConsulting:
  82. 82. Really new ways: Will this influence?
  83. 83. The ruleof speed
  84. 84. Personalized with title and Targeted name relevant offer Image and copy based on life stage
  85. 85. Meet your customers where they are• Look and feel like the markets you address• Your job is to avoid friction (trust)• Understand concerns of your market• Align your value proposition• Content is King, but data is Emperor
  86. 86. Understand the customer buying processesand how social plays a role, if any
  87. 87. Mapping customer stage to mediaStage Because Convert to Best fit media Estimated cost of conversionAwareness Responded Consideration Email €25 newsletterReady to buy Lead scoring Make purchase Personal call €50 Lead scoring is a new way to qualify leads (customers)
  88. 88. Anticipate customers need
  89. 89. Customer lifecycle marketing automationDifferentiated approach addresses different needs SMS/Email 6 Travel & experience Excursions Car rental 7 Comming 5 Arrival 1. Recommend home destination to friends Transactional 8 Evaluation Example 4 Departure Behavioral & Reliving Targeted Travel 3 Past Sale Insurance Pre Departure Car rental 1 2 Pre Sale Sale 9 Next Pre Sale Profiling and knowledge of where the customer is in the ”wheel” opens up for a coordinated and relevant dialogue before, during and after the initial sales transaction