Email Expo Email Marketing Presentation Frankfurt


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Email marketing presentation delivered at Email Expo in Frankfurt. Presented to a small audience of email marketing interested brands and email marketing experts from attending exhibitors.

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Email Expo Email Marketing Presentation Frankfurt

  1. 1. Slide 1 of 148– 44 minutes remaining Email marketing inspiration: Nail these components for better results Michael Leander @michaelleander
  2. 2. The purpose of email marketing is to acquire, convert, sustain and grow customers whom then in turn will attract other customers’ through referrals
  3. 3. From wasted to wanted Messaging Customer intelligence Mass Communication Demographic data Customer history Contact data Personalized Communication Segmented Communication Transactional Communication Customer transaction Intention/ behaviour Data source Integrated Web analytics Behavioral / web sales Mailing list/ database CRM system Enhanced profiling Customer value Potential benefit = Tailored promotions (sales) Loyalty Information Relevant offers Behavioral Communication Potential benefit = Up-sales/ promotions Triggers based on behavior Trigger on transaction Newsletters, surveys & one-size-fits-all promotions Lifecycle emails Targeted email campaigns/ offers 97% here
  4. 4. Things Take Time often 3-5 times longer than expected
  5. 5. Drive towards your objectives first , deadlines second ! See video about being objective driven
  6. 6. Unsilo your email marketing activities Silos Make You Suck
  7. 7. Your target prospect is exposed to 6000 advertising messages every single day
  8. 8. Buyers are becoming more and more cautious Trust is critical How do you establish trust? Why should I trust your intentions?
  9. 9. Short attention span, loads of intrusion - how do you cut through the clutter? Brain filter Do I know you? Do I need you? Can I trust you?
  10. 10. Stop focusing on the inbox, start focusing on the Mind Box
  11. 11. Unique passionate emotional authentic focused interactive meaningful… How to get into the Mind Box?
  12. 12. Significant changes in buying behavior OTS* high to get a reaction No sex on the first date *OTS = Opportunity to see Referral & recommendation Latency increase incubationtime Get more inspiration
  13. 13. Why?
  14. 14. THE COLOSSAL OTS CHALLENGE Attention Action Message Message Message Message Message Action Increase Opportunity To See by multiple of 3, 5, 10 Pre launch phase Hard selling phaseNurture & convince phase The “it’s all over” phase
  15. 15. Increase OTS for better results – works almost all the time • Remember: people take longer time to make a decision • Higher frequency will not hurt you as long as you are well established in the Mind-Box • In email marketing, be sure to differentiate messages based on open, clicked, no action
  16. 16. See case study – integrated campaign See the campaign case study here
  17. 17. Quick email marketing IQ questions
  18. 18. Which reads the most words pr minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute The eye reads 20 times faster than the ear @michaelleander
  19. 19. We are in the picture economy
  20. 20. Let’s show the world what real email marketers look like ! • Take a picture of the person sitting next to you • Your business card or email address gets you the case studies • Pass the camera around quickly – we only have 35 minutes • Don’t want your pic on Facebook – cover your face Trondheim, Norway Sydney, Australia
  21. 21. The biggest shift you and other email marketers are facing right now Touch changes everything
  22. 22. Think about how your audience interacts depending on which device they are on
  23. 23. Touch requires new conversion flows for marketers everywhere
  24. 24. In email marketing, what is most important? Sender name Subject line
  25. 25. Which is often more effective - short copy or long copy ? Copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy Copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy Copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy Copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy Copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy Copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy
  26. 26. A. Get two brand new articles about branding B. News in a flash – articles about branding A -> 32% B -> 42% Which subject line generated the highest open rate? (A/B Split test)
  27. 27. Which generated the best CTR (Click Through Rate) ? A ? B ? C ? A B C26,22% 5,00% 10,32%
  28. 28. 2 links – one soft and one hard call to action Why is the balance between soft- and hard promotion important to your email marketing?
  29. 29. Divorce your silly preconceived ideas and start testing
  30. 30. Some important areas to test now • Behavior desktop vs. mobility • Timing desktop vs. mobility • Frequency
  31. 31. Which of these contribute most to the success of an email marketing campaign OR newsletter? 1.The message / the offer 2.The target audience 3.The creative
  32. 32. Allocation of focus in any direct marketing activity – here specific to email marketing Message/offer Target group Creative Deliverability 100% 45% 5% 40% 10%
  33. 33. This movie can be found on MarketingTelly
  34. 34. Big Data or Small Data? If you can’t handle small data – you can forget about big data !
  35. 35. Build your profiles and improve targeting, timing and conversion to last step 36 Data input from customer Behavioral Transactions (on/offline) 70-100% accurate 50-100% reliable 90-99% trustworthy
  36. 36. Basic profile Expanded profile + Add behavioral + Add transactional 37 Stimulate to get more info What are the contents of your basic profile? Your ideal profile Use progressive profiling Use lead scoring
  37. 37. Customer potential Customer quality high low low high One time customers with low potential Average customers Good customers Very good customers 15 % 15 % 60 % 10 % Focus on most valuable segments or Most Likely to Buy and measure your success based on their behavior Ask these questions • Whom are ”most likely to buy?” (Use RFM with behavioral) • Whom are ”most likely to defect/churn”? Bang & Olufsen increased share of wallet by focusing on ”Most Likely to Buy More”
  38. 38. Grundfos smart profiling (global pump manufacturer) 39 Working areas: Heating systems Water supply (Ground waster, pressure boosting) Waste water (Disposal solutions) Cooling systems Fire protection (Sprinkler systems) Frequently 77% 14% 18% 18% 3% Occasionall y 16% 74% 62% 53% 43% Never 7% 12% 20% 29% 54% Info. wants: Energy saving pumps Time saving pump selection tools Product news Technical product info. GFOS seminar info. Case stories Very interested 84% 76% 70% 64% 42% 24% Quite interested 14% 21% 29% 33% 49% 60% Not interested 2% 3% 1% 4% 9% 17%
  39. 39. Highly effective method to append relevant information to each profile Which car best suits your needs? Once user clicks, the preference is stored in the database. Respondent is taken to a page with more information about the preferred BMW 40
  40. 40. Pretending gets you in trouble. Know thy recipients or else…
  41. 41. Think about top, mid and end of funnel and focus ferociously on the end goal, short and long term 42 Bottom of funnel is where the action takes place – engagement need to drive your audience towards the bottom of the funnel
  42. 42. Don’t count the customers you reach – Reach those who count #emexpo @michaelleander
  43. 43. Thin Which real problem are you solving?
  44. 44. Your Content Concept Email value proposition Acquisition activities Engage audience Measure & react First 30 days Sign-up tactics Automate Email Marketing Roadmap
  45. 45. Think like a publisher!
  46. 46. Then .... Translate your content concept into your Email Value Proposition
  47. 47. Your email value proposition • Describes – What you deliver – Why your offering is valuable – What the benefits are • Is used for – Sign-up pages – Any acquisition activity
  48. 48. Summary of the content concept = ESP (Email Value Proposition) Bullet list of benefits gets attention Showing or linking to a sample works well
  49. 49. In Summary: Own the Experience > Anticipate customer needs > Provide timely service > Differentiate communication > Personalize communication > Understand preferences Find the missing movie here on MarketingTelly
  50. 50. Michael Leander is an international marketing speaker. He has spoken in Germany and more than 40 other countries Find him here Speaking: Consulting: Questions, comments: send an email to
  51. 51. Best practices for personalization Approach Data prerequisite Barriers Intent Track, add to profile & store behavior that would indicate buying intent Difficult to track Not 100% accurate indication Past behavior Track clicks & events No integration RFM Et al Infrastructure is not actionable Capture profile data you intend to use in communication