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    Cairo Day1 Part1 Keynote Dec2009pub Cairo Day1 Part1 Keynote Dec2009pub Presentation Transcript

    • 1
    • Internet/ Business Marketing Inspiration candy store Innovation Candy for thought (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 2
    • My keynote contents A few facts to get us started Future scenario just around the corner 7 things you should consider to become a successful digital marketer 1. Customer experience 2. Innovation and differentiation 3. Permission marketing 4. Mobile marketing: SPECIAL GUEST 5. Usability and websites 6. Return on Marketing Investment 7. Understanding your target audience 3
    • Quick facts 1.7 billion people have internet access That is 25,6% of the global population Emerging markets quickly catching up Email, searching, shopping, online banking, socializing, contributing, “being” Having digital conversations is the key driver today and in foreseeable future (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 4
    • Valeria – 10 years old Anne-Grethe – 62 years old • Chat with friends • Chat with friends and family • Meet new figure skating friends • Stay in touch with family/friends • Comments, playing games, watch TV • Comments • Upload pictures and videos • Upload pictures • Create (weird) art-work and share • Search interests • Search interests • Online banking/investments • Find things to buy • Does taxes online 5 • Spends 15-20 hours online/week incl. • Spends 10-15 hours online /week mobile internet usage
    • Quick stats Cyprus: 30,9% Sweden: 89,2% (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 6
    • SMG anno 1995 and what I learned • Largest IT distributor in Scandinavia • Revenue in excess of 900 mill USD (1996) Size • Internet penetration around 15% • Margins under pressure • Loads of very small IT reseller customers (Fax/phone orders) Challenge • Risk of manufacturers selling direct • Invest in internet presence/e-commerce Solution • Add value: convenience, self-serviced pricing, support • USD 35 mill revenue within first 12 months • Improved margins, freed time to VIP customers, increased loyalty in all segments Result • Outperformed competition in all vital areas (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 7
    • Imagine different internet growth and user adaption scenarios and plan accordingly • 10% growth adds 1,2 mill. new internet users in Egypt each year • Increase in penetration will nurture increased usage (time spent online pr. week) • Government initiatives may stimulate a more rapid growth • Remember the Ketchup effect – be ready (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 8
    • A guide to approach your internet marketing presence – some key questions • What are you trying to accomplish? Objective • Long term and short term • Your target audience? Research • What do you need to take into consideration? • Which sort of digital presence? Presence • Why? • How are you going to drive traffic to your online Traffic presence? • How are you going to get business online? Convert/serve • How can you serve your customers online? • When you are successful – how can you expand Expand your presence and why? (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 9
    • Your challenge (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 10
    • Consumers are exposed to 3.000 to 6.000 marketing messages every day mobile marketing user generated content email marketing Enterprise 2.0 customer experience RSS feeds marketing web 2.0 permission marketing communities conversations TV COMMUNICATION OVERLOAD The Moment of truth push/pull web 3.0 Word of Mouth RELEVANCE FREQUENCY RECENCY SOCIAL NETWORKING (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2008 11
    • Michael Leander Nielsen 10 years on the business side - CEO, midsize companies, IT software - VP sales/marketing, 2 * public companies - VP sales/marketing, 1* midsize 10 years on the agency/consulting side - Advertising agency, consultant - CEO, marketing consulting + ESP 12
    • 7 things you must consider to become a successful (digital) marketer – a high level introduction 13
    • Your job just got harder The simplified digital ecosystem (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 14
    • The customer experience matters much more than you think 15
    • (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 16
    • (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 17
    • Food for thought about the customer experience • A survey, In Customers Are People, shows, that 70% of the customers buying decision are based on how they feel they are being treated • Another survey shows, that 69% of the customers say, that emotions count for more than half of the total buying experience • A good customer experience is told to 8 people • A bad customer experience is told to 22 people • It takes 10 good experiences to make up for one bad • Your web presence is very much part of 1 the customer experience (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 18
    • Survey: Does Companies Provide an Excellent Customer experience?
    • (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2008 20
    • We are motivated to share by experience Not motivating Very motivating (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2008 21
    • Even sharing customer experiences via video (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 22
    • Create a customer vision/strategy Knowledge of Customers How do we collect knowledge of our customers Customer Experience In which touch points? How do we ensure that customers get the How do we use this knowledge? same experience across all touch points? How can we enrich and increase our own knowledge On which level must the experience be Knowledge consistent across all channels? Customer Value Which customers have which value? How do we measure it? Customer Customer Which customers will we attract, Experience Value retain or develop? Which service will we provide the Integration defined segments? How do we share knowledge of our customers? How do we plan and implement Customer customer activities across the company? How close do we want to integrate ourselves with Customer Integration Expectation customers and partners? Balanced effort Balanced effort Customer Expectations How do we balance our efforts in relation to the When are the customer in touch with us and why? customers value? Which expectations do they have and how do we What effect does that have in our activities? How far live up to them? will we go? How do we communicate with the customers? How do we focus on loyalty, retention, additional and What impact does customer satisfaction have on cross sales? revenue and profit?
    • Engaging customers and prospects through innovation and differentiation (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 24
    • Bil vask, baby (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2008 25
    • Take away • Out of the box thinking can get you ahead of competition and closer to the hearts of your customers • Spend time contemplating, brainstorming – look at other successful (online) players to seek inspiration • And remember: If you can dream it, you can do it (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 27
    • The concept of permission marketing (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 28
    • What is permission marketing? • Traditionally referred to for electronic marketing through email, SMS etc. • Getting an active and volunteered consent to receive communication via the specified channel from you • Marketers must accept the consumer´ prerogative to opt- out of communication anytime • When a consumer opts-out, no communication can take place in that particular channel until a new opt-in is acquired (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 29
    • Permission marketing in a multi-channel world Permission to any channel of communication • Email • Direct mail • SMS/MMS • Telemarketing • Etc. (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 30
    • Let the consumer decide – if you want I don’t want your emails – I only want your printed catalogue (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 31
    • Mobile marketing Special guest: Con O´Donnell, Sarmady Inc. Sarmady (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 32
    • Websites and Usability out of the box (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 33
    • ‫اإلنسان بالتفكير وهللا بالتدبير‬ Your nose is a part of you even if it was cut (or ugly). (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 34
    • (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 35
    • (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 36
    • Daring to go new ways
    • Really new ways: Will this influence?
    • The sales funnel when building web sites Can a different approach turn more visitors into customers?
    • Benefits of ”reinventing and innovating” – take aways • THINK: Sales funnel first • Increase traffic to web properties • Increase Word of Mouth • Increase key web metrics • A different perception of your company / brand • A different perception of your image / identity • Acknowledgement amongst your peers (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 40
    • ROMI – Return on Marketing Investment (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 41
    • What do you want to achieve? Have 100.000 ppl. Attract 20.000 watch my video newsletter subscribers Customer fan club Sell for € 1 mill by Friday Get 50000 people to talk about my product (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 42
    • Meeting Return on Marketing Investment goals makes it more fun to be a marketer Understand Customer Lifetime Value Set clear, measurable tangible goals for monetary actions • Cost per sale • Cost per repeat sale • Referral value of customers Set clear, measurable goals for non monetary actions • Acquiring a permission • Increasing the quality of your database • Switching recipients from direct mail to email permission (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 43
    • Take aways As a multi-channel direct marketer you must have the ability to differentiate your approach depending on • Status of permission and channels • Value of customer • Potential value of prospect (f.ex. unaddressed communication) • Gross profit (or revenue) you can achieve • Timing, relevancy and ease and speed of buying (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 44
    • Understand how to utilize social networks and social media (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 45
    • Social networking and social media is here to stay How are you going to tap into these new channels? (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 46
    • Most people can recall at least 2 social networks … (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 47
    • New applications add social networking capabilities by default, examples; - Event-sites - Photo sharing sites - Blogs - Professional online media - TV stations etc. (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 48
    • Facebook numbers • Egypt: 2.170.000 profiles – that’s nearly 20% of the internet population in Egypt How to engage – if you want to engage? (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 49
    • Engage through a profile (not) (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 50
    • 70.500 fans Promotions (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 51
    • And what about Twitter? (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 52
    • Launching a product utilizing the community BeoSound 3 Can you keep a secret ? 400 ambassadors chat with PM Results amazing PR 4 in 5 days 1 mill. + hits on page in ”no time”
    • Aligning experience to product benefits (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2008 54
    • Understanding your audience and anticipating their needs (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 55
    • The ultimate customer experience – think automation Ask: How can I deliver a great customer experience wherever I interact with customers? How can I utilize all customer touch points for maximum benefit to me and my customers? How do I align that with my ROMI and other objectives?
    • Summary First: Understand and know you target audience 1. Think: How can I deliver a good-to-great customer experience in digital/online channels? 2. Think: How can I stand out? What can I do to make me unique and attractive? 3. Think: How do I implement a relevant permission marketing program in various channels? 4. Think: How can I become part of the conversation taking place online? 5. Think: How do I tie new channels in with my existing marketing mix? 57
    • If none of this works: Consider more drastic means (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 58