19 things to improve your email marketing webinar
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19 things to improve your email marketing webinar



Michael Leander's 19 things to improve your email marketing webinar presentation.

Michael Leander's 19 things to improve your email marketing webinar presentation.



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19 things to improve your email marketing webinar Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 19 things you can do to improve your emailmarketing results Web seminar Presented by Michael Leander • leander@michaelleander.com • www.twitter.com/michaelleander •+45 31 52 50 46
  • 2. #emmc <<< please TweetHINT: http://www.twitter.com/michaelleanderQuestions, clarification or anything else use thisemail address: leander@michaelleander.com
  • 3. Is email marketing really dead?
  • 4. Invest 1 US$ get 43, 40, 39 US$ back
  • 5. This is what is happening70%60%50%40% OpenRate30% CTR20%10% 0% 2000 2004 2007 2010
  • 6. Main barriers to effective email marketing
  • 7. Key problems for email marketersacross the boardOne size fits all Irrelevant content Inconsistency
  • 8. Whats wrong in MEA + APAC + CIS ?• JPG blasts• Show examples
  • 9. The purpose of email marketing is to acquire,convert, sustain and growcustomers whom then in turn will attract other customers’ through referrals
  • 10. Poll 1: How many hours do you spendon email marketing each week?
  • 11. Success in email marketing requires focus and experimentationTime spent, investments & commitment to succeed is essential for email marketing
  • 12. Some of the focus areas forsuccessful email marketing Focus areas - general • Content match target audience • Desktop rendering • Mobile & tablet rendering • Timing & frequency • Understand recipient behavior Clean database of subscribers • Inactive audience revival • Clean up bounce, soft&hard • Profiling match targeting requirements • etc
  • 13. Check your database/list frequently ! Never active 40-60% Seldom active Active frequently Always 2-5% active
  • 14. Understand thy list !• Measure health of your list regularly• Act on your findings – it is important Measure Period Number of % of list total Subscribers Never Open All time 48,000 16.0% Last 6 Months 168,000 56.0% Never Click All time 96,000 32.0% Last 6 Months 144,000 48.0% Never Bought All time 48,000 16.0% Last 6 Months 192,000 64.0% Never Bought All time 96,000 32.0% Online Last 6 Months 216,000 72.0%
  • 15. Lufthansa – reactivate case
  • 16. Experimentation inemail marketing• Test frequency, timing• Test sender name & structure• Test subject lines• Test template designs• Test pre-headers”Failure is a huge part of yoursuccess in email marketing”
  • 17. Which generated the best result interms of CTR = Click Through Rate? A = 4,7% CTR vs. B = 4,2% CTR
  • 18. Look and tell me which is mostlikely to sell more magazines ? Creative ways to construct19 | winning e-mails
  • 19. Learn from magazine covers 2 key message + a few supporting 6 equal visual messages What’s in it for me? = answer at a glance What’s in it for me?= not appealing Design supporting the message One-size-fits-all design Creative ways to construct20 | winning e-mails
  • 20. Before & after, which won? Creative ways to construct21 | winning e-mails
  • 21. Did you learn anything yet? 4,4% CTR 9,9% CTR 2,8% UNIQUE CTR 6,5% UNIQUE CTR ROMI = 4,7 ROMI = 10,8 Creative ways to construct winning e-mails22 |
  • 22. Test your way to successTest version A Test version B Main BroadcastSend Volume: 10,000 Send Volume: 10,000 Send Volume: 180,000Sample criteria: Random Sample criteria: Random Click through rate: 5.8%Click through rate: 6.1% Click through rate: 4.5%
  • 23. A/B split test LIVE – find winner in 1 hour Italy Germany
  • 24. Short summaryTake away format & style for email marketing – Techies usually favor text messages – Youngsters usually favor image heavy messages – But you really don’t know until you have tested – If your ESP (Email Marketing Service Provider) cannot offer you easy A/B split testing – ditch them & get someone else. Seriously! – Testing is a tedious process – takes time and has to be done properly in order to bring desired benefits
  • 25. Email Marketing Audit Components1. Email Marketing Purpose & Objectives2. Email Marketing Content Concept3. Email Marketing Value Proposition4. Permission Marketing and Privacy5. Frequency and channels6. Profiling, segmentation and subscription center tactics7. Subscriber acquisition conversion ecosystem8. Messaging tactics including welcome flow9. Design in templates and design consistencies10. Response tactics / inbound marketing11. Data management including bounce management procedures12. Use of behavioral data13. Email Marketing Service Provider alignment with objectives14. Triggers & events + transactional emails.15. Deliverability and ISP issues
  • 26. Incorporate social sharing
  • 27. -> Link opens messagein social network-> Default text to share-> Track # of shares-> Track # of conversions
  • 28. Think the whole process through! Email recipients can add their own comments or endorsements Users can Email Subject line select a becomes “Title”thumbnail from and “Mailing some of the Notes” become images in the descriptionemail, or opt to teaser-text to be not include a displayed. picture
  • 29. Construct winning e-mails > ATTENTION > INTEREST > DESIRE > ACTION33 |
  • 30. TOP TIPZoom of preheader 
  • 31. New screens means new challenges
  • 32. • Design for touch image here• > create your own if you have a smart phone
  • 33. The desktop in decline…?Share of device page traffic for News category (weekday) Source: comScore Custom Analytics, U.S., August 2011
  • 34. Mobile Email Design Best Practices• A narrow email width• Single column layout• Super subject line• Large headlines & CTAs• Bullet proof buttons• Graceful Degradation
  • 35. http://www.smartinsights.com/email-marketing-ecrm-alerts/email-creative-best-practice-2011-style/
  • 36. http://www.smartinsights.com/email-marketing-ecrm-alerts/email-creative-best-practice-2011-style/
  • 37. http://www.smartinsights.com/email-marketing-ecrm-alerts/email-creative-best-practice-2011-style/
  • 38. Mobile is about TOUCH
  • 39. Remails & OTS Send Tuesday Send Friday
  • 40. Understand OTS and what haschanged in buying behavior OTS Deadline Eyeballs on your OTS by the time you message many times ultimately want your over a longer period audience to make a of time decision = 5-15
  • 41. Show DMA India communication
  • 42. What is more important? Sender Subject line
  • 43. What says the consumers? 48
  • 44. Test the sender name – and rememberwhat your end objective is CONTROL TEST From : PriceMinister Advice From : Sophie at PriceMinister Click-Through rate: Index100 Click-Through rate : Index 156
  • 45. Understand where your targetsare in the buying process How do you differentiate? 50
  • 46. Anticipate needs < target offer 51
  • 47. Targeted offerbased on search (logged in) 52
  • 48. Test subject linesA. Get two brand new articles about brandingB. News in a flash – articles about brandingA -> 32%B -> 42%
  • 49. Ideas for testing subject lines• Personalize or not – Personalization in beginning or end of sentence• Symbols such as  *• Invert such so instead of – Newsletter about petrol prices – Newsletter about petrol prices
  • 50. Distribute your focus properly ! Message/offer Target group 40% 40% 100% 10% 10% Creative Deliverability
  • 51. Design and content tips• Write so that recipient will know that you are familiar with her – You have previously shown an interest in...• Use emotional links effectively – ”Learn how to improve your ....” instead of ”Read more”• Link to stories from text, images, buttons• Include functional links in your template – Opt-out, online version, Forward-to-a-friend etc
  • 52. Design and content tips• Test different size and color of headlines• Test different size and color of copy and long/short copy• When using link to video show playbutton• Include ”what’s next” to keep reader from opt-out
  • 53. Think like a publisher!
  • 54. How much are you willing to invest?The price of acquiring a permission depends on howmuch information you require B2C – level of profiling B2B – level of profiling Acquisition cost Email address only Email address only 1 to 75 + First name, last name, + First name, last name, gender position4 + Postal address + Postal address + Telephone/mobile + Telephone/mobile + Info about buying intend + info about buying intend + Special interests / + Special interests / 5 and upwards qualifying information qualifying information 60
  • 55. Capture only data you intend to use
  • 56. 2. Acquisition tips
  • 57. Acquisition flow tactics• What are you offering (content concept?)• What is the incentive?• Email only -> then to form with more fields• Minimal # of fields and then profile later• Full profile required• A mix
  • 58. Version BVersion A - One page First page Version B Second page Version A’s one-page form boosted sign-ups from total traffic 51% and sign-ups from PPC traffic 113%.
  • 59. Creating your email value propositionYour email value proposition is your sales pitch to get subscribers to register/opt-in 65
  • 60. As a minimum you must addressthese questions - relentlessly 1. What are you offering? 2. ”What’s in it for me?” 3. Frequency – how often?
  • 61. …but it is ”good taste” to include4. Privacy policy / link5. Opt-out instructions You can unsubscribe anytime you want by following the link included in each email we send you6. What happens next? You will receive an email confirming your subscription. Your first newsletter/message will reach your inbox within the next 5 days 7. Reference sample emails/preview 67
  • 62. Structure of your USP / EmailValue Proposition • Benefit driven – precise – ask Headline a question if possibleBenefits/value • What’s in it for me?Call to action • What do you want me to do? • We don’t spam, sell /rent Security addresses etc 68
  • 63. Structure - suggestion Free web seminar alertsHeadline, USP, frequency Get your alerts about free marketing events once a week. What is wrong here? First name:___________________ Last name:___________________ Email:_______________________ You can unsubscribe anytime you want. Read Security our privacy policy here. We do not spam. 69
  • 64. Landing pageUnique Free giftEmail marketing multipliesProposition conversion rates Benefits + content concept Customize -> show care about relevancy Re-confirm Value proposition and USPs
  • 65. What to consider for your landing pageand variations of sign-up form• Headline• Long Copy vs. Short Copy• Credibility Logos• Security Assurance• Banner Present vs. Not Present• Submit Button / Order Button Text• Audio / Video Message• Testimonials• Urgency• Price
  • 66. Cheapest acquisition channel 95% of visitors leave quickly Fact: You have 8 seconds to engage(c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 72
  • 67. Give sign-upa prominentposition
  • 68. Does Size Really Matter When It Comesto Email Opt-In Form Overlays? Got + 8,8% increase A B 74
  • 69. Integrate call to actions on all pages Banner and text links are on the same web-page 15% 85% POLL 4: Which produced more sign-ups – the banner or the text link?
  • 70. Acquiring permission through social media
  • 71. BALANCE STREAM 27 18 22 21 0 29 39 41 14 34
  • 72. 3. Welcome message flow
  • 73. First impressions last !• What is so special about the first hour after somebody signs up to your email communcation?• Where is your opportunity ?
  • 74. You’ve got a new ”permission” –now treat her nice with a welcome program• Use sequential auto-responder programWelcomeemail with 5 days later First offer e-mail newsletter And so on 1 day later: 10 days Satisfaction Our most later email survey; popular how are we stories doing, how (offers, can we videos etc) improve, is this for you
  • 75. Reaffirm the value you offerPush profileupdate – increaseknowledgeGive a reason torespond now
  • 76. Use your common sense to increaseyour results Offer Extension Welcome Email Time-limited offer
  • 77. What you can include• What you promised at sign-up if anything• Repeat the USP• Include subscriber data and link to profiling• Special welcome offer• Safe-sender instructions• Sign-up for other newsletters• Opt-out instructions !• Etc.
  • 78. T: twitter.com/michaelleanderM: +45 27 28 29 53E: leander@michaelleander.com
  • 79. • Content concept -> sign-up process• Acquisition (8 out of 10)• Welcome flow• Video in email (play button/navigation)• Test header• Test format• ALT text• Timing / frequency• Sign-up form• Acquisition• Sharing in social networks• Optimize across email clients• Optimize for rendering in mobile