(MAG Article) How OBCs Can Benefit from Foursquare


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PDF. Executive Suite Success Magazine. September 2010. Foursquare is a growing social network that incorporates geolocation into your social community. This article in particular discusses how office business center owners can utilize this newly-adopted network to generate buzz and build a brand identity.

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(MAG Article) How OBCs Can Benefit from Foursquare

  1. 1. 13Executive Suite Success Vol I, Issue 3: Sept 2010 ProfitfromMarketingYour LocationswithFoursquare: HowMobileandSocialMediaCanRedefine OBCMarketing Just when we think we’re getting acclimated to the changes that technology throws at us, developers exercise their sense of humor and change the game all over again. Not only is technology evolving, but devices are becoming smaller, more mobile, and more powerful. Sure, keep- ing up can be confusing and frustrating at best, but like every story, there are two sides to consider. Your new iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid is becoming even more obsolete as you read these words. The potential for your social media marketing strategy just increased overnight. As of right now, there are over 500 million Facebook users, 15 million active Twitter users, 60 million LinkedIn professionals, not to mention 34.2 millionSmart- phone users that have access to all of these platforms from their mobile phones. With the amount of mobile and social media users grow- ing every year, allocating time and dollars to mobile and social media market- ing budgets is becoming more of a necessary reality – whether we like it or not. As if the growth of market- ing demands increasing isn’t overwhelming enough, the number of social networks keeps growing as well: Fa- cebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google Buzz, MySpace, etc. We are told that we are “supposed to” endure this frustration by being present on most of these sites, and yet, do we really see the compelling evidence as to why they pay off? As a challenge for everyone, there is yet another powerful social network to add to the list: Foursquare. However, the GREAT news for OBCs is that Foursquare is a cost-effective solution to the headaches that lie in jumpstarting a strong social media presence. What is Foursquare? Foursquare is a location- and mobile-based social network that not only allows you to check into places all over the world from your computer or mobile device, but adds a competitive twist as new adventurers and frequent regulars are rewarded with “badges” and “mayorships.” The games aside, Foursquare is a network on which users can share tips, recommenda- tions, and feedback about specific locations all across the globe. For example, say a business owner frequents her local Starbucks every day before heading into the office. Since we are all creatures of habit, this busi- ness owner probably knows each barista by name, has nailed down her favorite drink, and has plenty of great experiences that she loves to share with her networks. Now, with Foursquare, this same business owner has the ability to share her experi- ences and input with her Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter communities simul- taneously; all in the time it takes to pull out her cell phone and wait in line. The Social Implications of Foursquare Due to the mobility, accessibility, and growth of the location-based social network, Foursquare can enhance your social presence and reinforce your brand identity through the strategic use of location. When strictly going social, Foursquare cannot promise sales or increased revenues, but CAN provide you with the ability to build a culture and identity around your locations that technology didn’t allow before “Withtheamountofmobileandsocial mediausersgrowingeveryyear, allocatingtimeanddollarstomobile andsocialmediamarketingbudgets isbecomingmoreofanecessary reality–whetherwelikeitornot.” Continued on page 24
  2. 2. 24 Executive Suite Success Vol I, Issue 3: Sept 2010 continued from page 10 What’s In it For Them…not you. Jot down a list of things you may want to use as follow up “touches.” Then narrow it down to seven and write letters or scripts to accompany each one. Save each in a file on your desktop (or better yet, on a shared file system so your managers and other staff members have access) num- bered “Touch #1: Email”, “Touch #2: Call”, and so on. (For a FREE Prospect Inquiry Follow Up Outline template, email info@revvedresults. com.) Keep tweaking your touches until your response rate gets better and better and then stick with it. The two most important aspects of your prospect inquiry follow up plan: 1. Be Immediate and Memorable with your initial follow up. 2. Be Consistent and Add Value with each follow up “touch” thereafter. (No more of those “just checking in to see if you’ve made a decision” emails!) Once you have your magic formula in place for a high percentage conversion of inquiries to tours, next up is to create that you-won’t- want-to-go-anywhere-else tour experience with a powerful sales questioning process. But first things first, focus on perfecting your initial prospect inquiry follow up and you WILL see an increase in scheduled tours. Lisa Engelmann, CEO of Revved Results, Inc., and Editor-in-Chief of Executive Suite Success, is an engag- ing, out-of-the box thinker who speaks on both strategy and imple- mentation to improve performance. Lisa Engelmann and Lisa Olsonoski are co-founders of Revved Results, Inc., a professional coaching & training company. They work with office business centers to improve their marketing and sales results, find & retain more tenants, AND gain a competitive edge through train- ing sessions and the Revved Results Mastermind Program (exclusive to executive suite owners and opera- tors). Email info@revvedresults.com or call 612-337-9599 with questions! By Lisa Engelmann, CEO of Revved Results, Inc. Michael Gaspar Brand-Conscious Social Media Director michael@blackjade creative.com Rose Mulroney Impact-Generating Creative Director rose@ blackjadecreative.com 773.485.5815 www.bloomandblog.com continued from page 22 brokers and virtual office companies. Inform them about your current promotions or any changes that you are making at your locations – the more accurate information they have, the better they can sell your center! Martin Senn Chief Operating Officer, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Martin leads the design, implemen- tation and management of all technologies and business operations for Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. He has over 20 years of technical, operational and managerial experience. His expertise includes the development and deployment of telecommunications, call center applications & Internet technolo- gies for several private and public companies. Davinci Virtual 2150 South 1300 East, Suite 350 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Phone: (801) 990-9200 Email: msenn@davincivirtual.com Web: www.davincivirtual.com www.davincimeetingrooms.com continued from page 13 Since location technologies have become more advanced, Foursquare’s use of them not only allows your locations to be seen on a map, but allows those looking to see their real value. As of right now, Foursquare is receiving more than one check-in per second. Within each second is the possibility that the social landscape could be landing at your front door. Foursquare has definitely changed the game in the respect that its design actually has the capability of bring- ing traffic to your doorstep. Not only has location-based social net- working changed how businesses interact with their targets, but it has provided a platform on which OBCs can reinvent their marketing strate- gies. Where microblogs, tweets, and professional networking once ruled the social landscape, the “check-in” is the next step in redefining your social media presence. (For a COM- PLIMENTARY article on “Questions You Want to Answer Before Jumping Into Social Media”, email rose@blackjadecreative.com.) Even though the possibilities of Four- square may have you wanting to dive in right away, integrating a social net- work into your marketing strategy is a holistic process. If time, frustration, or knowing where to start are any of your concerns, outsourcing this piece of your marketing strategy is an inexpensive and high yield alterna- tive. There are companies popping up all over that cater to setting up small businesses with social media outlets but be SURE to work with someone who 1) understands your industry and specific needs and 2) can maxi- mize your ROI by starting with a strategy to building your brand in social media.