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Web Mapping Application Interface Design - Best Practices and Tools

Web Mapping Application Interface Design - Best Practices and Tools



Slides from the tech session at the Esri DevSummit 2013

Slides from the tech session at the Esri DevSummit 2013



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  • EsriCorporate Templatev1.0, Jan 7, 2013See http://arczone/resources/presentations.cfmfor more sample files and help.
  • Based on an article by Ben Melbourne
  • Based on an article by Ben Melbourne
  • When? EarlyWho? Everybody
  • http://ps-ui/prototypes/communitymaps/v3/index.php?p=contribution
  • "works well" rather than "looks good"
  • Includes Google Analytics snippet, icons, jQuery, Modernizr feature detection, Normalize.css resetCSS Preprocessors- Consistency- Easy theme changes- Vendor prefixes through mix-ins- Report errors- Comments removed in compiled code- Import directives: managable code- Variables, Mix-ins, Inheritance- Built-in color functions

Web Mapping Application Interface Design - Best Practices and Tools Web Mapping Application Interface Design - Best Practices and Tools Presentation Transcript

  • Web Mapping Application Interface Design:Best Practices and Tools Michael Gaigg @michaelgaigg
  • Design Influencers User Needs Context Culture Cost Sponsor DesignLifespan Compliance Business Market Technology Needs Opportunities
  • Team Application User Experience Developer Designer Human Tech Research Design Front-End Back-Endfocused focused User Interface Developer Source: http://asinthecity.com/2011/11/10/the-difference-between-a-ux-designer-and-ui-developer/
  • Team Information Application Design Developer UX Designer Human Interaction Tech Research Front-End Back-Endfocused Design focused Visual Design UI Developer Graphics Designer
  • Process & MethodsStrategy Concept Design Graphics Develop UX UI State GUI Wireframes PrototypesStoryboard Diagram Design Usability Custom Surveys Workshops Demos Testing Skins Focus Logos & Front-End Groups Icons
  • Evaluation & Validation Review Expert Wireframes Prototype Review HeuristicEvaluation Usability Testing
  • UI State Diagram Concept • Navigational model from user’s perspective • Major interface elements and how they relate • Map user stories to desired workflow • Can be informal (white board or paper drawing) • Whiteboard, MS Powerpoint, MS Visio
  • UI State Diagram - Example
  • UI State Diagram - Example SELECT LAYERS SCREEN SHOW FEEDBACK FORM click “Continue” click “Report problem” click “Move marker” show AGOL panel click “Show issues…” select a layer from list click “Cancel”
  • UI State Diagram - Example
  • Wireframes Design • Sketch & communicate ideas and workflows • Identify missing requirements (gaps & holes) • Validate design assumptions • Focus on scope and functionality • Ask WHAT & WHY! • Paper, Balsamiq & myBalsamiq
  • Wireframes - Example
  • Wireframes DemoBalsamiq
  • GUI Design Graphics • Look: Colors, shapes, layout, typefaces • Feel: Behavior/states of buttons, boxes, menus • From static image to interactive controls • HTML & CSS, ActionScript, XAML • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • GUI Design - Example
  • Prototypes Develop • Combine visual appearance with interactivity • Medium or high visual fidelity • Navigation, content, mock functionality • Deliver: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images • jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Telerik KendoUI
  • Prototypes - Example
  • Prototype Demohttp://esriurl.com/CommunityMaps
  • Usability Testing Validation • “Design Validation” • Pre-determined scenarios of most common tasks • Find design inconsistencies & usability problems • Identify navigation & presentation errors • Usability lab setting: Participant, facilitator, observers • Morae, Adobe Connect
  • Usability Testing - Example
  • Usability Testing - Results Old version
  • Usability Testing - Results Old version
  • Front-End Development Develop • Overriding styles - Increased specificity - Global or local scope • Dojo Bootstrap - Version 1.1 is based on dojo 1.8: http://dojobootstrap.com/ - ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.3 w/ Bootstrap 1.1 https://github.com/Esri/dojo-bootstrap-ui-for-maps-js • New Theme using CSS Preprocessor - Variables, mix-ins; Error reporting, consistency, inheritance https://github.com/kfranqueiro/dijit-claro-stylus
  • Front-End Development - References • Boilerplate - http://html5boilerplate.com/ - https://github.com/csnover/dojo-boilerplate • Esri Quickstart Templates - https://github.com/Esri/quickstart-map-js - https://github.com/DavidSpriggs/ConfigurableViewerJSAPI - http://esri.github.com/
  • Tools & Resources• jQuery http://jquery.com/• Dojo https://dojotoolkit.org/• Twitter Bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com• Dojo Bootstrap http://dojobootstrap.com/• dgrid: http://dojofoundation.org/packages/dgrid/• Telerik KendoUI http://demos.kendoui.com/• Stylus http://learnboost.github.com/stylus/• Balsamiq http://www.balsamiq.com/• MockupsToGo https://mockupstogo.mybalsamiq.com/projects• Techsmith Morae http://www.techsmith.com/morae.html
  • When & How much?Strategy Concept Design Graphics Develop 4 UX hours UI State 8 8+ 16 GUI hours 16+ hours Wireframes hours Prototypes hoursStoryboard Diagram Design 4 16+ 32+ 32 16+ hours hours Usabilityhours Custom hours Surveys Workshops Demos hours Testing Skins 16+ 8 40+ Focus hours Logos & hours hours Front-End Groups IconsProposals Requirements Design Implementation
  • Benefits: Save Money & Useful Product • Focus on the user (early) saves money - Emphasis on important functionality - Identify unforeseen or missing requirements - Avoid unnecessary rework • Improved client relationship - Both sides actively involved in the process - Opportunity for change order in a “natural setting” - Useful and usable product
  • Key Takeaways • Happy Users = Continued Business = Happy Client • UX & UI cannot be after-thoughts • Sketch, Sketch, Sketch • Expert Review + Wireframes is a popular package • Make the user a stakeholder!
  • Stay connected • Michael Gaigg, mgaigg@esri.com • http://www.michaelgaigg.com/blog/
  • Please fill out your Session Surveys • Quick Link from www.esri.com/devsummit • Offering ID - Wednesday: 387 - Thursday: 395Michael Gaigg