ReCenter Coaching with Michael Clark and Kimberly Wise


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ReCenter Coaching

ReCenter Coaching with Michael Clark and Kimberly Wise delivers insights, power tools and real-time strategies for accelerating your success, wellness and happiness

Our approach is customized for each client, and has proven to be highly successful with thousands of people.

Coaching sessions are delivered globally via phone and online anywhere, anytime.

Contact us to get the professional and personal guidance and support to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, realize goals.

Now is the moment to create the life of your dreams.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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ReCenter Coaching with Michael Clark and Kimberly Wise

  1. 1. ReCenter Coaching Created and Delivered by Michael Clark & Kimberly Wise
  2. 2. Communication Is (Almost) ReCenter Coaching guides and supports your professional and personal transformation.
  3. 3. ReCentering Student PerformanceCommunication Is (Almost) ReCenter Coaching is delivered globally via phone and video conferencing anywhere, anytime. Every session is customized to transform your unique challenges, opportunities and goals
  4. 4. Communication Is (Almost) Who We Work With
  5. 5. Communication Is (Almost) Business Professionals • Executives and Managers • Sales and Marketing • Human Resources • Customer Service • Entrepreneurs and Startups • Career Development and Transition
  6. 6. Communication Is (Almost) Families • Parents • Students • College Admissions • Couples • Athletes
  7. 7. Communication Is (Almost) Education Professionals • K-12 Educators • Administrators • Counselors • District Leaders • Universities • Colleges
  8. 8. Communication Is (Almost) ReCenter Coaching Transforms
  9. 9. ReCentering Student PerformanceCommunication Is (Almost) Think Better Intellectual: Improving how we think, speak and communicate digitally.
  10. 10. ReCentering Student PerformanceCommunication Is (Almost) Feel Better Emotional: Improving how we experience, manage, transform and communicate emotional states.
  11. 11. ReCentering Student PerformanceCommunication Is (Almost) Make Better Decisions Physical: Transforming negative reactions into mindful choices, and reducing stress, and enhancing wellness.
  12. 12. ReCentering Student PerformanceCommunication Is (Almost) Better Relationships Relationships: Connect, communicate and collaborate with ease. Make peace with difficult people. Build your network Strengthen your influence
  13. 13. Communication Is (Almost) Client Testimonials
  14. 14. Communication Is (Almost)
  15. 15. Communication Is (Almost) “Thank you for an amazing experience of insight and discovery! Working with you as a coach was truly transformative, and the skills I learned, the self-knowledge, and results will be with me the rest of my life.” “Your approach made it possible for change to happen in a sustainable way, because it addressed every dimension of the challenges I was facing. My working relationships have improved, often in seemingly effortless ways. I am more relaxed about my very demanding job, and better at self-care, without sacrificing productivity. And the benefits continue to unfold, even though our regular sessions have ended. “   “Thank you for being accessible, encouraging, and smart. You are a master teacher, guide, and inspiration, and a walking example of what you teach. This was one of the best learning experiences ever, and I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to be more effective and satisfied in life and at work.” ReCenter Coaching Client
  16. 16. Communication Is (Almost) ReCenter Coaching Includes
  17. 17. Communication Is (Almost) #1: Insights Creative ways to see yourself, others, situations and the world.
  18. 18. Communication Is (Almost) #2: Power Tools Practical ways to use intense situations, persistent challenges and diverse people to transform your performance.
  19. 19. Communication Is (Almost) #3: Real-Time Strategies Applying everything you learn to immediately transform specific areas of your life.
  20. 20. Communication Is (Almost)
  21. 21. Communication Is (Almost) Insights + Power Tools + Real-time Strategies = Your Professional and Personal Transformation
  22. 22. Communication Is (Almost) Your Next Steps
  23. 23. ReCentering Student PerformanceCommunication Is (Almost) Contact us to discuss how we can guide and support your next levels of success, wellness and happiness.