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  • 1. Thing Broker: A Twitter for Things Ricardo A. P. Almeida, Michael Blackstock, Rodger Lea, Roberto Calderon, Antonio F. Prado, Hélio Crestana Guardia
  • 2. Outline   Introduction   Related Work   Thing Broker   Early Applications   Conclusions and Future Work
  • 3. Web of Things   Leverages the Web to support the Internet of Things vision and connect islands of things   Relies on standard web protocols to name, access, find and use things (HTTP and RESTful interfaces)   Can expand the notion of things: not only smart objects with embedded computing capabilities, but any uniquely identifiable person, place or thing, even services
  • 4. Challenges & Motivation   Huge variety of applications & constraints:   Resource sharing and interaction between devices (mobile, public displays)   Aggregation and visualization of data from users, mobile phones and situated sensors   Access to smart meter monitoring data   Real Time Communication (emergency response)   Context aware applications
  • 5. Research Question   What are the basic abstractions and fundamental platform features needed to support a wide range of WoT applications?   Key Contributions   Flexible thing/event abstractions   Twitter-like model for thing relationships   Initial implementation and early prototype applications
  • 6. Background   Evolution of MAGIC Broker 2   Channels as containers for events and state to represent things   Needed flexible thing relationships and event aggregation   Related to other hubs, but not just just for sensor data   WoTKit   Xively   Open Sen.se   Thing Speak   Spacebrew – connect publishers to subscribers   Inspired by Twitter’s simplicity and power
  • 7. Thing Broker   Key abstractions: thing and events
  • 8. Thing Broker   Relationships based on the Twitter communication abstraction: Follow/Unfollow   Web-based object referencing – things have URLs   Web-based object access - HTTP   Publish/subscribe based communication: push and pull- based event delivery
  • 9. Modeling Things and Relationships thing- phone thing- user thing- lamp thing- tv follows follows follows follows
  • 10. ThingBroker Phone AppTV App Smart Home Server Model Deployment
  • 11. Thing Broker
  • 12. Thing Broker in action ! !! Collaborative Picture Galley
  • 13. Thing Broker in action Digital Message Board ! !
  • 14. Thing Broker in action ! !! Collaborative Picture Galley
  • 15. Thing Broker in action Meeting Notifier for a Healthcare Scenario ! !
  • 16. Thing Broker in action Meeting Notifier for a Healthcare Scenario ! !
  • 17. Conclusions   Thing Broker abstractions and communications model provides a uniform interface to different Web of Things entities   Using a single thing abstraction allows all sorts of objects, from physical sensors to high-level services to be modeled by an application   The following/follows relationship model provides an abstraction for publish/subscribe style asynchronous communication between things
  • 18. Conclusions   Having both push and pull is useful for receiving real time and historical events   Based on application development and experiments to date, the Thing Broker is a simple, and flexible, yet powerful platform for application development
  • 19. Future Work   Further investigation about authentication and encryption is required   Support for the mobility of things as well as the production and consumption of continuous data flows must be addressed   Adding thing discovery and persistent thing queries
  • 20. Thank You =) Source Code: https://github.com/ubc-magic/thingbroker Documentation: https://github.com/ubc-magic/thingbroker/ wiki/Thing-Broker-API
  • 21. References [1] Blackstock, M., Kaviani, N., Lea, R. and Friday, A. MAGIC Broker 2: An Open and Extensible Platform for the Internet of Things. Internet of Things 2010 International Conference (IoT 2010), 1–8. [2] Blackstock, M. and Lea, R. IoT Mashups with the WoTKit. 3rd International Conference on The Internet of Things (IOT 2012), 159 –166. [3] Gubbi, J., Buyya, R., Slaven, M. and Marimuthu, P. Internet of Things (IoT): A vision, architectural elements, and future directions. http:// dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.future.2013.01.010.. [4] Guinard, D. A Web of Things Application Architecture. PhD Thesis. ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 2011. http://www.webofthings.org/dom/ thesis.pdf. [5] Open Sen.se Feel, Act, Make sense, Feel, Act, Make sense. http:// open.sen.se/ [6] Ponnekanti, S.R., Johanson, B., Kiciman, E. and Fox, A. “Portability, Extensibility and Robustness in iROS,” IEEE PerCom, 2003, p. 11. [7] The Internet of Things – ThingSpeak. https://thingspeak.com/. [8] Xively - The Internet of Things is Open for Business” https:// www.xively.com