Computer Degree Programs for Rewarding IT CareersTechnology has invaded almost every aspect of our lives – from businesses...
This is typically an Associate’s program and can be completed in two years’ time or even less ona flexible schedule from s...
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Computer degree programs for rewarding it careers


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Computer degree programs for rewarding it careers

  1. 1. Computer Degree Programs for Rewarding IT CareersTechnology has invaded almost every aspect of our lives – from businesses which depends on itto run their processes to education which uses it generously for finding new ways of impartingknowledge as well as increasing its reach.Those who want to enter into the exciting, ever-changing world and work closely with technologyshould consider a career in IT. There are different types of computer-related degrees andprograms which can train you in a specific area of Information Technology. Here’s a quick look atsome of the popular computer degree programs that you can consider to start your career in IT.Bachelor of Computer Science: This is one of the sought after computer degrees and anapparent choice for many individuals passionate about computers. But before you jump into it,you need to consider if you have the aptitude for this program. A BS in Computer Sciencerequires above average mathematical and analytical skills. As part of your program, you will belearning complex concepts ranging from algorithms and discreet mathematics to programminglanguages and networking principles. You can choose from a variety of exciting career optionslike software engineering, network architecture, database management, etc.A Bachelor of Computer Science degree typically takes about four years to complete, but somecolleges also offer it on a fast-track schedule. You can earn this degree on-campus or enroll foronline degree at an accredited institution.Computer Engineering: This is an engineering degree that combines elements of both computerscience and electrical engineering. This computer degree program is suited for individuals whowant to work on the hardware side of computers. Computer hardware engineers are responsiblefor designing, developing, testing, installing, and maintaining computer hardware. As a result, acomputer engineering degree imparts training in electronic engineering, software design andhardware-software integration. The types of courses it covers include computer architecture andorganization, digital electronics, circuit analysis, embedded systems, etc. A candidate’s scienceand math skills need to be strong for this degree as well.Computer Programming: This computer degree is the most pertinent choice for individuals whoare singularly focused on programming. A lot of aspiring programmers gravitate towards thisprogram because it combines the study of programming languages with courses on databases,networks, and Internet applications. This type of degree is available at the Associate’s, Bachelor’sas well as at the Master’s level. An Associate’s degree in Computer Programming is the preferredchoice for students looking for a quick entry into workforce as it can be earned in two years orless.An Associate’s of Science in Computer Programming degree qualifies graduates for entry-levelprogramming jobs. Programmers or developers, as they are sometimes referred to, are requiredto convert a software design into a logical series of instructions called code that will make acomputer perform a specific task. In addition to writing new programs, programmers also update,repair, and modify existing programs.Computer Technology and Networking: This is another computer degree program that hascaptured the interest of many students aspiring to become a computer technician. As a computertechnician or a support specialist, you help people to use their computers. You install softwareand tools on machines, fix problems when they arise, and are responsible for maintaining systemupkeep. A Computer Technology degree and a Computer Networking degree also trainsgraduates for the job of a network administrator who designs, installs and supports computersystems in an organization. However, it’s possible that you may have to work as a supportspecialist before you’re offered the role of a network or systems administrator.
  2. 2. This is typically an Associate’s program and can be completed in two years’ time or even less ona flexible schedule from some colleges. Graduates of this program are encouraged to completeadditional professional certifications to expand their knowledge and boost their job prospects.Computer Information Systems: This computer program is also available at the Associate’s,Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Depending on the type of degree you earn, you will be responsiblefor designing, building, and implementing technology in an organization in order to drive itsbusiness forward.A graduate degree in the field is more focused on the management of information systems in acompany. A Master’s degree will qualify you for the role of an information systems manager, whoplans and directs all IT-related activities in his or her firm. An Associate’s degree can helpgraduates obtain entry-level positions, while more responsible and superior roles are reserved forcandidates who have a Bachelor’s Degree in CIS.