Eating out summit june 2012 v2


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Cultural Management

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Eating out summit june 2012 v2

  1. 1. Le Pain Quotidien:Cross-border Cultural Success Michael Aldridge
  2. 2. Culture What is Culture? the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society:Source: Oxford English Dictionary Brand 2
  3. 3. Behaviour & LifestyleCulture is a society’s personality 1. The influence of culture on consumer behaviour As the sum total of learned beliefs, values and customs. 2. Its influence on behaviour is usually taken for granted Because its the right thing to do, which dictates service. 3. Culture by comparison Creating a transporting experience. 4. Cultural lens What customers bring to the table. Brand 3
  4. 4. Hofstede Cultural DimensionsPower Distance (PDI)Individualism versus collectivism (IDV)Masculinity versus femininity (MAS)Uncertainty avoidance (UAI)Long-term versus short-term orientation (LTO)Indulgence versus Restraint (IVR) Brand 4
  5. 5. BelgiumOur Heritage Culture Brand 5
  6. 6. Belgium vs. FranceThe Francophone Culture Brand 6
  7. 7. Belgium vs. France vs. USA Brand 7
  8. 8. USA vs. UK Brand 8
  9. 9. USA vs. Japan vs. Russia Brand 9
  10. 10. Belgium vs. UAE vs. AustraliaFrom Heritage to New Worlds Brand 10
  11. 11. Culture on BehaviourHow behaviour is formed from Culture Personality traits Cognitive beliefs AttitudeSubjective Culture Behavioural Behaviour intention• Regional Practices• Religion• Ethnicity• Linguistic• National Values• Professional• Organisational• Group Social Norms Brand 11
  12. 12. Focus GroupsMethod1. Conducted two focus groups categorized by: • Brand aware, non-users: Target customer • Brand unaware, non-user: Control group2. Research was focused on a competitive set, not Le Pain Quotidien specific:Findings• Consumers are looking for honest, un-hyped communication and simple, gracious service• “Local” and community connection are more important to these consumers than “organic,” “efficient,” “European”• Better, more connected customer service, simplified offers Brand 12
  13. 13. Learn Purple Employee StudyPilot Audit A – Philadelphia – Mid-MayPilot Audit B – London –July 13-15 • 16 staff in 3 stores (high-performing Great Marlborough, mid-performing Wimbledon, low-performing Wardour) • Same questions as Philadelphia, but as focus groupsWorldwide Employee Survey - Late Summer 2012 • Produce bespoke online survey combining learnings from Pilots • Worldwide approx. 6000 employees in 6 languagesFinal Product • Present findings for cultural communications workshops in November Brand 13
  14. 14. Cross-border Cultural Supports • communication guidelines to determine tone ofBrand Voice all written materials • Concept Book / Press Review to provide an off-Concept Book the-shelf, introduction to the Brand and Company • Corporate Responsibility Charter to establish Corporate standards regarding the environment,Responsibility employees, and customers Customer • Online customer research program Surveys • Mystery shopper program • Global and Local Online • Integrate blog and customer forum • Facebook / Twitter store manager Brand 14
  15. 15. Cookery BookEnglish + 9 Foreign Language Editions Simultaneously Brand 15
  16. 16. Customer Research Frequency of Visits 100% Regular s 90% 80% 70% 60% >1 per week 50% 2-4 per month 40% 1 per monthCustomers 30% 1st visit 20%New 10% 0% NY LA DC Philly World ME Turkey BE UK FR Spain NL MX Average Customer Satisfaction 100% LA NY 90% DC 80% Philly World Average 70% 60% 50% Greeting Speed of Service Quality and Presentation & Value for money Cleanliness and friendliness of quality of F&B organization service Brand 16
  17. 17. Online PresenceFacebook • All Facebook pages merged in March • Administrators in each country target posts to their regions • Facilitate discussions – cross global cultures • Build talking points – on lifestyle issues across cultures • Likes increased from 7,200 pre-merge to 18,528 post-mergeTwitter • Regionally focused - example - US split in LA, PH, DC, NY • Tweets deliver a message in a friendly culture specific and regional tone of voice • Build community by tagging related cultural lifestyle groups and creating ambassadors in various regions Brand 17
  18. 18. Thank you Brand 18