Walking on broken glass video and overcoming my inner demons
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Walking on broken glass video and overcoming my inner demons






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Walking on broken glass video and overcoming my inner demons Document Transcript

  • 1. January 24th, 2013 Published by: MikedWalking on Broken GlassVideo and OvercomingMy Inner Demons Walking on Broken Glass Video and Overcoming My Inner Demons This past weekend at the Empower Network event I recorded my own walking on broken glass video.Walking on Broken GlassVideo and Overcoming MyInner DemonsWalking on Broken Glass Video and This past weekend at theOvercoming My Inner Demons Empower Network event I recorded my own walking on broken glass video.http://www.empowernetwork.com/miked24/walking-on-broken-glass-video/ I’ve been to many events but this was different. I used to be in Amway many years ago and loved the events but I was a professional event goer. Ever meet people like this? They don’t ever do anything in the business but you can depend on them to be at every event, hootin and holarin 1
  • 2. January 24th, 2013 Published by: Mikedat every speaker to walk on stage. have faith in myself.Yup, that was me. I would jump from idea to idea looking forOne of the differences between the golden button to push to where moneybuilding an offline business like would just fall into my lap without me havingAmway back in the day and an Online to get out of my comfort zone or do anything.business like the Empower Network I’d ask a million questions on “how to” butis you build all of it from Emails, Facebook would never do it because I was afraid. I wasn’t afraid of it not working because Iand other social sites. hadWhen you go to an event you can meet seen others doing it and working.all these people and its very powerful. I was afraid it wouldn’t work for me.Sometimes people think they don’t need the I was afraid of the unknown.events. So afraid in fact that I wouldn’t even try.People don’t know what they don’t know. So when you watch my walking on brokenWhat I mean by that is if you have never glass video you have to understand where Ibeen then how do you know you don’t was coming from.need to? For some a walking on broken glass video isThis was my second Empower Network no big deal.event. Maybe you have done it before or you thinkFirst one I was that professional event goer what is the big deal.again but didn’t absorb what I needed to. Facing My Inner DemonsI was just excited to go.Walking on Broken Glass VideoMight NotHave Happened.Its important to understand a view thingsbefore you watch my walking on brokenglass video.Building up to this event I didn’t plancorrectlyand did not have the money to go.I was frustrated with my business, frustratedwith myself. Original Source of Picture: CptnDerp @ Deviant ArtI wouldn’t do video’s because I was so afraidof what others would think of me. Before we started Rob Fore said if we had diabetes or didn’t feel well and aI wouldn’t blog consistently because I didn’t 2
  • 3. January 24th, 2013 Published by: Mikedfew other things we couldn’t do this. Seriously pause for a minute.Then someone asks me if I was going to When are you going to start living yourdo this and I said no I have diabetes and dreams and not your bosses?I am not feeling well. When?I flat out lied. Are you waiting on the lottery? If not thenJust like all the lies I have ever told myself when?as to why I can’t do….. name it. Now you might think this is all drama B.S.I had an excuse for it. You made a video of you walking on brokenWhy wasn’t I taking my business more glass what is the big deal?serious? To me it was everything. • Afraid of failing I finally sat there and ran out of excuses and • Afraid of success said screw it. • Afraid of what others would think of me Took my shoes and socks off and did it. • Afraid of losing control When I was done I broke into tears. • Afraid of the unknown That same night, the next day and the next making videos was easy.Pick one! Talking to people was easy.They all lead to the same conclusion. Being myself was easy.Fear of the unknown was a personal Come have a break through as well. Checkdemon of mine. out my blog.If i did a video what would they Setup to The Walking on Brokenthink of me, for example? GlassSo I am sitting there coming Videoup with every excuse in the book At the event all the leaders had break out sessions with their groups and the groupas to why I shouldn’t do this and I am in is Rob Fore’s.trying to find a way out. We did a few things during this breakoutI could have stuck with the lie. that were very powerful but for me whatBut I sat there and thought, am Igoing to wussy out like I have all my you are about to see on my walking onlife and live with the regrets of what broken glass video broke me down to tears. So Rob Fore had asked the hotel if he couldmight have been, AGAIN? do walking on fire and was told no.If I didn’t get over my fear and do this So we did walking on broken glass.it would haunt me. When he dropped the glass and it shatteredWhat do most people think about while on the floor it made a horrific noise.they are laying on their death bed? 3
  • 4. January 24th, 2013 Published by: MikedThen if that wasn’t bad enough Rob hada metal fork he used to rake over the glasswhich made an even worse sound.Before starting Rob Fore said if anyonehas diabetes or is sick and a few otherthings, then don’t do this.Their were about 40 people in that roomand 95% did this and made their ownwalking on broken glass video.So I won’t delay any longer.Walking on Broken Glass Video 4