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Fear of The Unknown Phobia Will Cripple Your Business and Keep You Broke
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Fear of The Unknown Phobia Will Cripple Your Business and Keep You Broke


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I'll take you through a journey of my life and my fear of the unknown phobia and maybe it will help you to overcome or at least identify it in your own life. Fear of the unknown phobia will cripple …

I'll take you through a journey of my life and my fear of the unknown phobia and maybe it will help you to overcome or at least identify it in your own life. Fear of the unknown phobia will cripple your ability to live a fulfilling and pursuing your dreams and goals. Don't let fear of the unknown phobia hold you back any longer. Read More:

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  • 1. January 28th, 2013 Published by: MikedFear of The UnknownPhobia Will Cripple YourBusiness and Keep YouBrokeFear of The Unknown Phobia what I had the best is calledWill Cripple Your Business and “Agoraphobia”.Keep You Broke Agoraphobia is the fear of being in an unfamiliar environment and having anxiety attacks when he or she perceives that they have little control over the situation. Agoraphobia is sometimes compounded by a fear of social embarrassment that can cause panic attacks. Lock arms with me and defeat this fear. My Fear of the Unknown PhobiaREAD MORE HERE Started EarlyFear of the unknown phobia will I don’t remember how old I was but Idestroy doyour life. remember 2 things happening to meThere isn’t an actual phobia called fear when Iof the unknown but the one that fits 1
  • 2. January 28th, 2013 Published by: Mikedwas younger that might have stillaffected mein my older years.I have no proof but I think my fear oftheunknown phobia might have startedhere.The SpeechI think I was in middle school whenthishappened, but everyone in the schoolhad I had this thing memorized forwards anda chance to win these silver plated back. I knew every single detail andcoins. couldThere was a whole box of them. recite it word by word with my eyesI had an awesome speech all set to go closed.on the So the day comes when I have to giveKomodo dragon. my The Komodo dragon is this big- speech and I could just see those silver ass lizard. coins Not your typical little ones. They can grow being all mine. I step up to the podium and look out to be as long as 10 ft. over the crowd and froze solid. Not a word came out. I forgot the whole speech. I was so embarrassed that I never wanted to do anything like that ever again. Learn to write about your fears and make money doing it. The Play 2
  • 3. January 28th, 2013 Published by: MikedWhen I was around 11 years old we Fear of the Unknown Phobia aswould an Adultspend part of our summers at church Back in the 90′s I was in Amway andboot one of the things they teach is coldcamp. contacting.Funny thing about those camps that I That is where you go out and meet totaldon’t strangers at Wal-Mart or wherever andthink the parents ever knew was it hadevery you get to know them all little better thenchurch whore there and well let’s justsay it exchange business cards.wasn’t a very wholesome experience.But it was a hell of a lot of fun and Ilearneda whole lot at a very early age.We were all broken into groups andhad tocome up with a play.Our play was something about asalesmanbeing murdered or something like that.My part in the play was to walk onstage,hear the gunfire and fall down and die.That was it. This terrified me.I walk out hear the gunfire and see all • Maybe they won’t like methose people and I froze. I was soembarrassed that I never wanted to do • Maybe they will hit me • Maybe they will get me kicked outthat again. of the store Do you see a pattern there? • Maybe they will get aggressive in some way The one maybe that never entered my brain was… Maybe it would work. 3
  • 4. January 28th, 2013 Published by: MikedWriting about your fears is self-healing online relationships because I just We’ve carried so many habits, so didn’t many excuses, so many bullshit lies to give ourselves an excuse to want to be around people anymore. not do what we need to do … Rob Last year though something changed. Fore I was tired of working for someoneI ended up quitting Amway and else’scontinued dreams and I wanted to pursue myto work but always in the back of my own.mind If you would like to pursue your own I’d love to work with you. Work With MikeI knew there was more to life than justliving I got involved in another MLM because a friend was in it but then came that fearfor my boss’s dreams.Fear of the Unknown Phobia again of talking to strangers.Continues I got online and started searching forI never went for a higher up position at online business and after joiningwork severalbecause I had no self-confidence. Iwas too that didn’t work I landed on the Empowerafraid to try anything new because I Network page.had that My fear of success though was still very real.fear of the unknown phobia haunting Fear of what if I write something thatme. no oneI can’t even swim in a muddy lakeanymore or likes. What if they hate my videos?play a video game where I can’t see It is always this “what if” factor thatwhat is under held me back.the water for fear something is going to What I have learned is who cares whatget me. “they” think.After my divorce I secluded myself to How I Overcame Fear of thestay Unknown Phobiainside and play online games and have I had something wonderful happen to me 4
  • 5. January 28th, 2013 Published by: Mikedat the last Empower event. I did It broke a barrier I haven’t been able tosomething break for years.that horrified me. See you may or may not have everI read this on heard • Face your fear; dare! of the Empower Network and you might • Believe that fear primarily exists in see it as some scam to take your money. the mind. I can assure you it is not but more • If you dare, fear dissolves. importantly • Overcoming fear would result to what this business is about is releasing self-confidence. that fire deep down inside that you have let yourAin’t it the truth? fearsI walked on broken glass and when itwas cover the real you.over I broke down and cried. We are all about releasing your inner badass, as we call it, and bringing out the person you really are deep down inside that you are afraid to let others see. I am thankful I found this business because without it I would still be locked in fear. Come join us and let’s find out whatSince that event I have been able to thismake awesome business can do for you.videos with confidence. Thank you for reading….Talk to total strangers, put myself outthere I created a video for this SEE VIDEOfor whatever might be and stand tallaboutwho I am and what I am doing. 5